The Families of Moses and Andrew CLEAR / CLAIR

 June 16, 2002:

Two of the first emigrants families from Wexlow and Carlow were Moses Clear 
and 11 family members, and Andrew Clear with 8 family members. They were Catholic.
Do you know anyone who has done genealogical research on these families?
The oral history within the now "Clair" family is consistent with were, when 
and how, the first members of the Clear family arrived in Canada.

Unfortunately although I know they were Irish, arrived in Canada about 1820 
there is a major gap. Some of the members of this
family moved to New York sometime before 1846. Two children were born, Loren 
E. Clair in 1849 and Frank(lin) Clair in
app.1861. Their mother Jane was born in New York. Their father(name unknown) 
was born in Canada, was English speaking and
was said to be from Ottawa and Montreal.
After Frank Clair(son of the unknown Clair) married, then divorced his wife 
in the USA., he was said to have returned to Montreal after 1900, leaving 2 
children behind. These descendants are the one that would like to know more 
about their family history.
Interesting note-Frank Clair Stadium in Ottawa was named after a football 
coach of the 1950-1970's. Related? Grandson? Late life
To the point; is there any work done on the descendants of Moses and Andrew 
Are there any records of the people of Irish descent(names)living in 
Griffintown after 1900?
Where would a divorced catholic be buried(after 1900) if he lived in 
Thanks for any help you can give me! I realize this is probably a lot to ask 
with little solid information.
    Mary Moogk.

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