Churches and their Ministers in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, in 1867 and 1874

February 22, 2003:
Thanks to Sue for the following:

For anyone not from the Ottawa area, this may help sort out in what church your 
ancestors practised their religion.  Marriage notices usually gave the name of 
the Minister officiating, but not the church or denomination.
New February 13, 2013:
ST JOSEPH'S  -   J. F. Guiliard  (Sandy Hill, English)
CATHEDRAL NOTRE DAME -  D. Dandurand (Lowertown, Sussex St., bilingual)
METHODIST EPISCOPAL (York & Dalhousie) - S.G. Stone
WESLEYAN METHODIST (Metcalfe St) - J. Douse
KIRK OF SCOTLAND (Wellington St) - Dr. Spence & Mr. McLardy (Asst) -- St. Andrew's
FREE CHURCH (Presbyterian), Daly St.- T. Wardrope & Mr. Moore
BAPTIST CHURCH (Queen St.) - D. McPhail
CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH (Albert St) - Joseph Elliot
METHODIST EPISCOPAL, LeBreton Flats - E.S. Howard
ST. ALBAN'S PARISH (Daly St) - Dr. Jones & T.D. Phillips (Asst) - Anglican
CHAPEL OF EASE (Sussex St) - J.S. Lauder & Rev. Nesbit / Nesbitt (curate)
CHRIST CHURCH (Episcopal / Anglican), Sparks St. - J.S. Lauder & Rev. Nesbit (Curate)
**Also St. Andrew's Church (Roman Catholic) and the Church of England 
(New Edinburgh) - no ministers' names given.

March 20, 2003:
List of CHURCH SERVICES in the May, 1874 Ottawa Free Press
Again, thanks to Sue for the following: St. Alban's on Daly St. (Anglican) Church of England (over Woodland's Block) Reformed Episcopal church (services held in court House): the Reverend J. McCormack, Pastor. Catholic Apostolic Church on Albert St. Wesleyan church on Metcalfe St.: Rev. W.J. Hunter Wesleyan Church on King St.: Rev. W.J. Hunter Wesleyan Service, Temperance Hall, Pooley's Bridge: Rev. Dr. Mark. Baptist Church on Queen St: Rev. A.A. Cameron. French Evangelical Services: Rev. Marc Ami. Congregational Church, City Hall Square: Rev. J.G. Sanderson. Chaudiere Methodist Episcopal: Rev. J. Young and Rev. W. A. Philips. Methodist Episcopal Church on York St.: Rev. W. Philips and Rev R.M. Pope.

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