Charles CHRISTIAN and Mary Ann TIERNEY
Ireland to Nepean Township, Ontario, Canada

May 15, 2003:

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I have a Charles Christian in my family tree who was from Nepean.  He was
born in 1843, a son of John Christian (1811-1900) and Sarah McConvey.  He
married Mary Ann Tierney of Nepean in 1868.  They had one child that I know
of, a daughter, Sarah Amelia, in 1870.  Mary Ann died in 1897 and is buried
at St. Patricks.  Widower Charles can be found in the 1901 By Ward Census,
lodging with his sister-in-law and her husband, John and Catherine Whelan,
who have a hotel in Bytown.

I have nothing else on this family, so if these are somehow related to your
Christians, I would appreciate any information you can provide.

18 Feb 1849, Notre Dame
Baptism of Henry, born 3 February of the marriage of John McCormick and Bridget McGee
(of South Gloucester ... Al)
Witnesses: John Christian & Catherine McCarthy
Source: Ellen Paul's records of Notre Dame Church, 1825-1855.
1881 Census Place:	Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375867  NAC C-13231  Dist 108  SubDist A  Div 2  Page 39  Family 180
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
John CHRISTIAN JR.	M	M	34	Irish	Ontario
	Occ:	Farmer	Religion:	Catholic	
Catherine CHRISTIAN	F	M	29	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic	
John CHRISTIAN	M		5	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic	
Sarah M. CHRISTIAN	F		3	Irish	Ontario
			Religion:	Catholic	
Michael O'DONNELL	M		25	Irish	Ontario
	Occ:	Harness Maker	Religion:	Catholic	
Charles LUCY	M	W	60	French	Ontario
	Occ:	Laborer	Religion:	Catholic
1881 Census Place:	Nepean, Carleton, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375867  NAC C-13231  Dist 108  SubDist A  Div 2  Page 39  Family 179
	Sex	Marr	Age	Origin	Birthplace
John CHRISTIAN	M	M	69	Irish	Ireland
	Occ:	Hotel Keeper	Religion:	Catholic	
Sarah CHRISTIAN	F	M	69	Irish	Ireland
			Religion:	Catholic	
Ellen WILSON	F		8	Irish	Ontario
	Occ:	Student	Religion:	Catholic
May 16, 2003: From Sue: 1881 By Ward Census Charles Christian (entered on the census as "Chrishan") Mary Ann, wife Mary Margaret, daughter Sarah Emily, daughter Celina, daughter John Christian (1811 - Dec 10, 1900) was born in Ireland and married Sarah McConvey (1811 - Jan 13, 1891) in Ireland sometime in the 1830's. Their first child, Margaret, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland in November of 1837. John and Sarah with daughter Margaret, came to Canada in 1840. Their three children were: 1) Margaret Christian (b. Nov, 1837) married Dominick Fox in 1859, son of Peter Fox and Anna Clarke. Margaret and Peter had 9 children, 6 of whom reached adulthood. 2) Charles Christian (Nov 14, 1843-1915) married Mary Ann Tierney in 1868, 6th child (4th daughter) of John Tierney and Ann Murray. After Mary Ann's death in 1897, Charles married Catherine Cullen. Charles and Mary Ann had 4 daughters, 2 of whom reached adulthood. Charles and Catherine had 2 daughters, both of whom reached adulthood. 3) John Christian Jr.(born 1847) married Catherine Shirley, a daughter of Paul Shirley and Catherine McNamara. John and Catherine had 2 children, both of whom reached adulthood.
May 4, 2008: Dear Sue and Al Catherine Cullen was my great-grandaunt. She married Charles Christian on June 30, 1903 at St. Brigid’s Parish. He was 60 years and she was 38 and a spinster. She was the second daughter of Bernard Cullen and Mary Ann Kennedy of East Templeton, Quebec. Charles died October 30, 1915 and is buried in Notre Dame Cemetery. His death certificate states that he died of heart failure, but was also suffering the effects of a cerebral haemorrhage. He was living at 33 Clarence Street at the time of his death. Catherine died of a skull fracture on Feb 7 1938 and she was buried in Notre Dame on Feb 10 1938. At the time of her death, Catherine was living at 185 Lady Grey Drive in Ottawa. I only have one daughter for them – Kathleen – but no information. I would appreciate any additional information you might have. Thanks. Mark Cullen
October 20, 2009: Charles Christian and Catherine Cullen had 2 daughters, both baptized at St. Bridget's. 1) Mary Margaret Catherine Christian was born 4 June 1904 and baptized 5 June 1904 (she later went by Kathleen). She married Ernest Colquitt Bedford who was born about 1909 at Douglas on the Isle of Man. He and his brother George emigrated in 1927 on board the ship "Montclare". Ernest died 31 Jan 1963 at age 54 and his death is noted in the Notre Dame register, survived by Mrs. Kathleen Mary. Ernest was a son of Harry Bedford. 2) Theresa Ann Christian was born 10 Jan 1907 and baptized 12 Jan (she went by "Tessie".) She married Charles William Lawrence Spencer 12 June 1933 at St. Bridget's. He was a son of Albert Spencer (born abt 1887) and Elizabeth O'Byrne (born abt 1892) who were married in Ottawa 18 Jan 1911. *** Note that St. Bridget's has her born and baptized 1906 and this entry is between two January 1907 entries and with the page also headed 1907. I believe that the Parish Priest just made a mistake on the year as we all do when it's a new year. ... Sue
New February 23, 2010: My name is Pat (Patricia) LaHaise. My Mom was the daughter of Charles Christian & Catherine Cullen - Charles 2nd marriage. My Mom was born June 10, 1909 not 1907 & died Dec. 1, 1969. Catherine Cullen was injured in a car accident in Dec. 1937 & died as a result of the accident. My Mom said that she was in a taxi coming home from our house & was hit by a drunk driver but no action was taken. How times have changed! I am curious as to how we all are related & where you live now. I lived for 2 years in Montreal but returned to Ottawa in 1956. I have spent a lot of time doing Family tree but haven't touched it in a couple of years as I have most of the info I wanted of my direct line past. I do have a lot of Christian contacts - in fact, we do get together every couple of years. I also had been in touch with Martin Cullen who sent me a Family tree record of the Cullens but I did see that he passed away in 2004. So if you people do receive this I'd really be pleased if you would contact me. I am at . I picked up your names & info from I have a Spencer cousin who came across this & sent it on to me. I am hoping to hear from you in the near future. ... Pat LaHaise
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