Sydney George CHECKLAND, PhD, from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
to Glasgow, Scotland and Birmingham, England

New November 28, 2013:

Photo Source: University of Glasgow Story Sydney G. Checkland, Economic Historian from Ottawa, Canada to Scotland and England
Hmmm ... Here's a co-incidence: The book which I am currently reading is called The Poor Law Report of 1834, edited by S.G. Checkland and his wife Olive Checkland. The 1834 Poor Law in England was passed as an attempt to bring peace to the large number of English farm labourers. The powers that be were concerned about widespread social unrest, riots and even possibly revolution in England if steps were not taken to improve the economic conditions of the working class poor. This important legislation became the basis of English, Irish and Scottish social policy until it was replaced in 1905. This era was the time of the major emigration schemes of the 1800's which resulted in so many new immigrants coming to our region in Canada. It turns out that Sidney G. Checkland was born in Ottawa in 1916. According to the 1911 census of Canada, his parents lived on Somerset Street in Ottawa and his father was listed as a "Reporter". S.G. Checkland probably inherited a love of writing and researching from his parents. He lived in a working class neighbourhood and earned a BComm. before emigrating in 1938. He received a a PhD. in Economic History. He was on the leading edge of his field and taught at both the University of Glasgow and the University of Birmingham; both were major industrial hotspots in the British Isles. A reversal of the usual migration path between the British Isles and Canada. His work is on the left and he would have been influenced by the Keynesian economics which was permeating the western world beginning about the mid 1930's. This was the time when the Department of Finance in Ottawa was visited by John Maynard Keynes and was turned on its head in regards to economic policy. It lead to the large government debt and the overpowering growth of the Civil Service in Ottawa and Canada. ... Al

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