Michel CHARTIER and Esther LAROSE
St. Roch de L'Achigan, Quebec, to Aylmer, Quebec
also Joseph Louis LEBEL

September 5, 2008:  

I am looking for information on the Joseph Louis Lebel who is mentioned on your website. 
I have a great grandmother who was named Marie Lavinia or Levina who married a John (Jean 
Zephirin) Chartier in Aylmer, Quebec,  May 31, 1883.

All the Chartier's before him moved to the Aylmer area.  The father of John was Firmin Zepherin 
Chartier married to a Julia Lyons 1859 / July 26. Before him there was Michel Chartier and 
Esther Larose, they were all born in St. Roch de L'Achigan, Quebec (about 40 kilometres / 25
miles north of Montreal).

Going back to Joseph Louis Lebel I have him listed as married to a Sophie Marineau dit 
Austen from Louiseville, Que. I have children of Joseph Louis Lebel listed as Marguerite 
b. 1838 d 1838 2 months old. Joseph Lebel who married Stephanie Martel and both are buried 
at St. Paul's Cemetary in Aylmer. Marie Levina b. 1857 m. to John Chartier, and Narcisse 
died 1854 St.Paul d'Aylmer. Joseph Louis Lebel died in 1895 Aylmer at age 89 yet I can't 
seem to find anything on these families.
Perhaps you can help me. 
Thank You 
... Vivien

Good morning, Ms. Chartier:

Thanks for your e-mail regarding old Aylmer families.

I had a look through the Drouin records for Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in 
Ottawa and found three references to the surname Chartier, all between 1850 
and 1855. Here they are, in case they may be related to your Chartier 

3 March 1851
Baptism of Marie Aurelie, born 25 February of the marriage of Francois 
Gravelle and Aurelie Chartier of Bytown
Witnesses: John Barry & Vitalline Chartier

10 September 1852
Baptism of Marie Exildas, born yesterday of the marriage of Jaddus Aube and 
Mathilde Deschambault
Witnesses: Antoine Rathier & Delphine Chartier

10 December 1854
Baptism of Marie Domitille, born the day before yesterday of the marriage of 
Cyrille Chartier and Leocadie Rockbrune (Laroque / Larocque)
Witnesses: Chrysostome Leger & Henriette Desabrets / Desbarets

... Al

Back to Vivien:

Marie Aurelie who married Francois Gravelle was the daughter of Michel Chartier and 
Esther Larose (my gggrandparents). Aurelie is buried with Francois Gravelle at the 
St. Paul's RC cemetary. I haven't seen her parents names listed there though. I have 
seen my ggrandfather's stone it is marked J.B.Chartier family.

... Vivien
September 6, 2008: And thanks to Frank Watters for the following: Good morning Vivien; Here is the wedding and the parents of Joseph Louis Lebel and Sophie Auten / Hausten Marineau, with their parents: Joseph Louis Lebel, was born 30 July 1810 in Louiseville, Qc., son of Francois Lebel and Catherine Dubé. married Marie-Sophie Austen-Marineau, d/o Michel Austen and Marie Lesage in Louiseville (St-Antoine-de-la-Rivière-du-Loup) on 3 August, 1835. Joseph-Louis was married under the name Louis Lebel, but was baptised under the names Louis Seran or Jeran (never heard of either of that last name) and died in Aylmer 10 Fegruary, 1895. Funeral on 12 February, 1895 in the presence of Pierre Lamirande and Paul Leon. At his wedding with Marineau, Louis' mother was recorded as Marguerite Dubé, but her given name as seen at his baptism, at her wedding and at the baptisms of all of Louis' siblings was Marie Catherine. Sophie Marineau died in Aylmer on 6 July, 1857 and was buried on 8 July, 1857 in the presence of Joseph Bell (sic) and John Darby. That Lebel family is sometimes found under the name BEL, or BELL in some church records. Family from Rivière-Ouelle but moved to Louiseville about 1808 along with some Dubé's and other Lebel's. Hope this helps ... Frank Watters
New September 7, 2008: and from Sue (thank you!) Louiseville, Quebec, church records: Francois Lebel (abt 1766 - 22 Aug 1835), farmer, married Cahterine Dube (abt 1867 - 19 Dec 1813) and had the following "known" children: Emilie (abt 1803 - 1841), married in 1829 Charles St. Yves Victoire married in 1815 Joseph Page Charlotte marred in 1820 Isaac ....? dit Beaulieu Jean Baptiste 24 Jan 1807 Stanislaus Sep 1808 Louis Seran 30 July 1810 Josephte (girl) 30 July 1812 - 15 Aug 1812 After Catherine Dube's 1813 death, Francois married Marguerite Dubord Dit Clermond 25 Aug 1817 (after Francois' death in 1835, she married Francois Lambert in 1837) Louis Lebell married Sophie Haustin dite Marineau (as it is spelled) in Louiseville 3 August 1835. At the same time as their marriage, they acknowledge that 2-year old Julie was their daughter. NOTE: It is always listed as Hostin / Haustin / Autin dit Marineau, not the other way around. In the 1851 Hull, Ottawa, Quebec census are: Louis Labelle, 36 Sophie, 36 Julie, 18 Joseph, 5 Montbelle, 2 (girl) Francois, 48 (brother of Louis? cousin?) (he died 1855 at age 60 in Aylmer - age recorded in church register) There are no records of births in Louiseville for the above family after 1846 and there are no records on-line for Hull for 1846 to the later 1800's, so the births of Joseph, 'Montbelle", Marie Levina and Narcisse may have been in Hull and registered in a church there. Louis died in Aylmer in Feb of 1895 and Sophie died 6 July 1857 in Aylmer Son Joseph is in the 1881, 1891 and 1901 Aylmer censuses (in the first 2 his wife is listed as Fammy/Fannie and in the 3rd as Stephanie. Note: I suspect that the mother's name in Louis' marriage record mixed up his mother's and stepmother's names, as he was young when his biological mother died (I think that's him born in 1810. He never goes by the name Joseph in any of the records, alway Louis. I think Antoine Labelle / Lebel / etc. was a brother to Francois. Antoine's first wife was Marie Anne Dube (I bet a sister of Francois' first wife Catherine Dube) Hope this helps, ... Sue P.S. I forgot to add the children I did find for Louis and Sophie, all born in Louiseville Marguerite 1838 - 1838 Sophie 3 ct 1840 - 21 Feb 1841 Marie Fralange (?) 25 March 1842 - 29 April 1842 Caroline 8 July 1843 Louis 3 July 1856 - 16 July 1846 No further record of Caroline, but as she is not with her family in the 1851 census, I suspect she may have died in Hull where I can find no records. ... Sue

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