Charles CHAPMAN - Died in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1864
also the surnames CAMPBELL and BUCK

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

October 29, 2011:

I attach a scan of a letter I wrote on behalf of my (then) 91 year old mother, seeking information about an old 
family connection. I will send some in additional e-mails, as in order to get readable copies I had to use 
higher resolution. 

Should you have any interest I can try to get legible copies or photos of these items mentioned in the attached 
Letter regarding Mr. Charles Chapman
There is also a scan of a typewritten copy of the Text of the Charles Chapman death Death Notice from the Union newspaper Dated Oct 10, 1864. I have the actual clipping but it is very fragile.
Death Notice, 1864, for Mr. Charles Chapman Surnames: Campbell, Buck, Colonel Turner, Lee, Yielding / Yeilding, Major Douglas, Colonel Moore and G.B. Lyon Fellows
I have searched both Sandy Hill and Beechwood cemetery records with no success, I only find the reference to a Chapman burial (a member of the family of Jerard Chapman), that occurred 20 years later. I also have an address of J.L. Campbell, Ashburnam Hill, Ottawa. (Ashburnham Hill is roughly at the corner of Bronson and Laurier Avenues). Have a number of Passenger and immigration lists for a Chapman travelling from London to New York between 1823-1855 and ages seem to indicate likely a family member. More research to do. Now working on thank you for any input. My Grandmother was Alice Chapman, and has Campbell and Buck Ancestors. Alice Chapman, married Arthur Whittaker they were my maternal grandparents. They came to Canada (Hamilton, Ont) in 1908 with my mother aged 4, and one of the mothers, (hope to research passenger lists to establish which) who became ill wanted to die in England so they took here back and WW 1 started so they did not return until 1919. I recall being told as a child that the ancestors went back the the Black Prince, have to research that too, my British history does not give me his name. The documents were later given to Alice or my mother, with a note saying they had been mailed back to England from Canada. I have a Metal covered trunk with Gromm Label, Denver, Sensation Taylor patent with a hip style top, & Currier and Ives print in the cover that I was told had travelled the West - Canada / USA, not sure." had several shipping labels on it Cunard etc. Has Chapman on it But has label inside with Whittaker on label "not wanted" so was stowed not cabin luggage. Guess we all wish we got interested when the people who knew were still around. They did not have things like I have no objection to your putting up a new web page. I wonder if Agar is the same Yielding or related to the one listed as a Pallbearer. The menu spoken of in the letter, mentions the event being at the Russell Hotel, formerly Campbell hotel, that material was sent back to England along with the invitation to the laying of the cornerstone of the Parliament Buildings was sent back to England to one of my Campbell ancestors.
Invitation to laying of the Cornerstone of the Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, Canada, 1860
It would be interesting to discover the connections. I don't think the Alice and Charles in Jerard Chapmans tree are the same. Alice was born in London, I believe was brought to Canada briefly as a child 5??, then returned married, and my mother was born in 1904 also in London. However the family obviously had some connections over here, although I have never heard of my grandfather being anywhere but Hamilton, and then Knowlton, Quebec, where he purchased a Tea room as a result of visiting a Canadian Soldier who had returned from the war, brought over his bride whom he met when my grandmother had entertained him while he was in England. She was a pianist, taught music at Trinity College, Her grand piano which I remember, but never heard her play due to her severe arthritis had crossed the Atlantic 5 times. which I have never figured out (to hamilton 1908 back 1912, returned to Hamilton 1919, then to Knowlton, where it was eventually donated to the local Legion. Will have to search the passenger lists prior to 1904 under her maiden name and that of her parents. She was may have been an only child, as was my mother, due to her birth having been life threatening for both mother and child. Looking forward to hearing more from you. I do have a number of old pictures and a couple of paintings of ancestors. One is of Alice Chapman's father Tom. another is a charcoal of my mother's grandmother (research needed to establish which) signed Hughes 1899. It was in an old frame and deteriorating so I had it nicely done for conservation . Can send you a photo of it. A note of interest my grandfather Whittaker was connected to the "Whittaker Coal" family England. Have info and pics with regard to that, they also had connections to Covent Garden Market. I have sent a copy of our correspondence to a relative in England, related to my maternal grandfather who contacted me through, and with whom I have been exchanging info pictures etc. As I do not have an international account I cannot search the U.K. Information, so hope he may be able to come up with additional information on his end on my maternal ancestors over there. Thanks for your interest. Sheila ... Sheila Beaudoin.
New November 2, 2011: Fortunately got a good scan of the old bent tintype Still working on confirmation, but the back of it says in my mother's writing "Grandpa Chapman in the foreground " which would indicate Thomas Chapman born May 12, 1834(5-6?) Married to Hannah (Rebecca?) Thomas Collins born 1836. I have called it Ottawa Station, (formerly Ottawa Union Station, now the Federal Government Conference Center) as my mother thought that was where it was, likely prior to the name changing from ByTown, but it could have been anywhere on his travels. I hope that someone somewhere may recognize the building characteristics. As shown the image seems to be reversed as the sign on the building above partly blocked by the tree has "---RAL RAILWAY on it" - Grand Central Railway?
Sheila: I have made a mirror image shown below. I'm not sure that this is the train station in Ottawa though ... Al Union Station in Ottawa, Canada ?
I have done a mirror image which I can send you if you wish, but this is likely a little better quality. I also have a painting and a charcoal which I will photgraph or scan according to their size. One I believe is Tom Chapman, the Other, dsigned Hughes 1899, likely Hannah Collins, wearing a mourning broach which I have, and as I remember, my mother told me she was given by her father when her mother passed away. Will try and confirm using various dates / links. I will attempt to add them and their forbears to the family tree. as I have time. I just located some notes I made with my late mother's input, (damaged in the flood previously mentioned) that are also tied to some few pieces of family silver spoons, engraved with initiials as various generations added pieces of the same style, which were passed down as souvenirs. list of names: Charles Chapman who died in Ottawa 1864, he was married to Eliza Sophia Campbell 1810-186? John Donald Campbell 1778-1860, wife Sophia Buck? 1787-1868 John Donald Campbell wife Helen Kennedy Sophia Sarah Buck where a connection to the Clan Argyll is indicated. On the Collins Side Thomas Collins (WM/ TW??) wife Hannah? Rebecca Redaway Alice Whittaker had a sister Kate who died aged 2. ... Sheila
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