Canadian News - Newspaper in London, England, 19th Century

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The Canadian News was published in London, England in the mid-19th century.  
There were a few Births, Deaths, and Marriages listed.
Names are as they appear in the paper, dates given are the actual event date, and all 
take place in Ottawa, unless otherwise stated.
June 14, Died, at Gloucester, William JOHNSTON, aged 62, carpenter.
June 19, died, Joseph COOMBS, aged 71, Major in the 4th Battalion Carleton 
Militia.  Arrived in Canada with a company of Royal Sappers & Miners in 1827.
July 6, born to Mrs. J.B. DILLON, a son.
July 7, married, by the Rev. S.S. Strong, Charles WEBBER of the Bank of British 
North America, Montreal, to Mary Frances, eldest daughter of the late Martin MCCARTHY 
of St. John's, Newfoundland.
Aug 13, died, in Aylmer, Margaret Gemmill, aged 10 1/2 months, youngest child of J.J. RONEY, 
Inspector of Schools.
Aug 15, married, at New Liverpool, Thomas ROBERTS, of Ottawa, to Mary JONES, of Bangor, 
North Wales, niece of Mr. Z. WILLIAMS of Quebec.
Oct 7, married at Edgarplace, Brockville, by the Rev. G.H.  Davis, Samuel HOWELL, 
merchant, Ottawa, to Ann, youngest daughter of John ROSS, Sr., formerly of 
Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.
Oct 14, married, by the Rev. S.S. Strong, John Bower LEWIS, Barrister, Attorney & 
Mayor of the City of Ottawa, to Elizabeth Susan, youngest daughter of H. WILSON, Gloucester.
Oct 17, married, by the Rev. William Cowan, Wesleyan Minister, Abraham PRATT, 
Teacher in Montreal, to Barbara, daughter of Thomas BROWNLEE, Goulbourn.
Feb 12, died, at Nepean, Eugene KENNEDY, aged 102 
Feb 16, married, by His Lordship the Bishop of Bytown, William O'MEARA, J.P., merchant, 
of Portage Du Fort, Canada East, to Mary Anne, daughter of John MCCARTHY, merchant of Ottawa City, 
Canada West
March 6, married, at Merrickville, by the Rev. R. Brewster, Duncan SINCLAIR, of Ottawa, 
to Maria, eldest daughter of S.H. MIRICK. / MERRICK ?
April 13, married, at Aylmer, Aurelia Sophia, only daughter of Mr. Justice W.K. MCCORD, 
to Antoine POLETTE, of Three Rivers, Q.C. & M.P.P.
April 16, died, at Quebec, Owen MCKENNA, aged 65
May 15, died, at St. Thomas,  B. TIERNEY, aged 77, a native of Bray, 
near Dublin, Ireland.
August 16, died, at Caconna, Godfrey Phipps, son of G.P. BAKER of Ottawa.
December 9, died, at Nepean, George SPARKS, aged 54, a native of County Wexford, Ireland.
January 14, died, at Hamilton, Ontario, Angus Roy MCDONELL, aged 81, late of Fitzroy Harbor, 
Ottawa River.
February, married, at Fitzroy Harbor, Thomas FRASER, to Margaret Herbertson, only surviving 
daughter of William SOMERVILLE, late of Dunblane, Scotland.
February 20, died, at Lochiel, Canada West,  Christy, aged 28, daughter of Captain Duncan MCGILLIVRAY.
May 19, married, at Quebec, William DICKSON, of Pakenham, to Lillie, daughter of the late Rev. James DRUMMOND.
July 19, died, at Montreal, James LOWRY / LOWERY, aged 27, of County Down, Ireland.
Oct 18, died, Prussia William LEMON, aged 68, a native of Belfast, Ireland.
Oct 20, married, Major DONALDSON, Staff Officer of Pensioners, to Helen, 2nd daughter of the 
late Capt. Alex. DONALDSON of Her Majesty's 30th Foot, Edinburgh, Scotland.
Feb 15, died at Bronda, in the Province of Onde, India, Lieutenant Charles MCKAY, aged 23, 
3rd son of the late Thomas McKay of New Edinburgh.
March 16, died, at Quebec, Ann DORSEY / DARCY ?, aged 63, relict of the late John TIMMONS / TIMMINS, 
a native of Tipperary, Ireland.
May 23, married, at Montreal, John LAURIE / LOWERY ? to Jane, youngest daughter of the late 
Mr. G. THOMPSON, Ottawa.
June 7, married, William GOURLAY, to Jane Maria, eldest daughter of the late J.A. HUMPHREY, 
formerly of Dublin, Ireland.
July 13, born, a son to Mrs. James PLUNKET / PLUNKETT
August 3, married, at Montreal, on board the "John Bell", the Rev. D.E. MONTGOMERY, 
of the Free Church of South Gower, to Jane, eldest daughter of Captain Richard RENNIE, 
Fifeshire Royal Artillery, Glasgow, Scotland.
August 23, married, at St. Catharine's, James MCCAUGHEY, to Margaret Chapman Breakey, 
2nd daughter of the late Reverend H. FERRIS of Fethard, County Tipperary, Ireland.
Nov 21, married, at Quebec, Benjamin BONCEUR, of Ottawa, to Mrs. ROBITAILLE.
May 12, married,   Washington, youngest son of the late Edward Long FOX, M.D., of Brislington, 
near Bristol, England, to Mary Desmond, eldest daughter of William Foster COFFIN of Ottawa.
July 19, married, John SCOTT, of Montreal, to Lucy Ann, 3rd daughter of Mr. J.A. HUMPHREYS, 
formerly of Dublin, Ireland.
July 20, died, Oliver, aged 26, son of the late Mr. T. SWETTENHAM, of 
Newport Road, Burstein, Stafford, England.
Sept 20, died, Terence O'BRIEN, aged 66, a native of Limerick, Ireland.
Oct 16, died, at Quebec, Mr. P.J. MARA, aged 38(?), formerly of Waterford, Ireland.
Oct 25, died, Isaac PROUD, aged 24
Nov 16, died, Alfred Thomas, youngest son of John O'REILLY.
Dec 2, died, at Buckingham, John F. ACKERT, aged 38
Feb 27, died, Richard AUSTIN, aged 68, a native of Skipton, Yorkshire, England.
Feb 28, married, G.W. SMITH, to Jennie, 2nd daughter of Robert ANGUS.
March 1, died, Mary, aged 42(?), relict of the late Archibald FOSTER.
July 23, married, at Quebec, John SINGLETON of Ottawa, to Mary Scarth VAUX of Normanton, Yorkshire, England.
Sept 7, born, a daughter to the wife of George GLACKMEYER.
Sept 7, married, Thomas MCCREADY / READY ?, to Mary, daughter of Andrew LEANNY / LEAMY ?
Sept 20, died, Charles DEVELIN / DEVLIN, stone mason, from a fall while working on the Parliament Buildings.  
Leaves a widow and 3 children.
Oct 1, born, a son to the wife of Rev. Charles FOREST.
Oct 4, died, William CHERRY, aged 42.
Oct 13, born, a daughter to Mrs. D. CHISHOLM.
Oct 24, born, a daughter to Mrs. J.R. DUKE.
Oct 27, died, Mrs P. DALY / DALEY ?, aged 64, formerly of Gammonsfield, County Tipperary, Ireland.
Nov 1, married, L.W. FORD of London, England, to Louisa, 3rd daughter of Robert MORRISON.
Nov 1, died, at Quebec, Ann Brazel, aged 84, relict of the late John TIERNAY / TIERNEY, a native of 
Templemore, County Tipperary, Ireland.
Nov 2, born, in Montreal, a son to Mrs. J. MCKENNA
Nov 6, married, David SCOTT, to Margaret Jane, youngest daughter of the late Dr. CRAWFORD.
Nov 15, died, in Montreal, Patrick FOGARTY, aged 66, a native of Thurles, County Tipperary, Ireland.
Nov 24, born, twins to Mrs. Henry BINGHAM
Nov 29, born, a son to Mrs. J.T. PENNOCK
Dec 3, born, a daughter to Mrs. George OFFARD
Dec 6, born, a son to the wife of Capt. John FREIGH of the No. 1 Rifles.
Dec 10, died, Mrs. Ann FRANKLIN, aged 56 years.
Dec 11, died, Mrs. John David BAIRD
Dec 22, born, a daughter to Mrs. C.H. HILL
Dec 29, born, a son to Mrs. Pearson HARRIS.
Dec 31, married, John A. MARQUIS of the Ontario Bank of Bowmanville, to Miss 
Catherine MATHIESON / MATHESON ? of Ottawa.


Jan 20, married, at St. Andrew's, J.G. BELL of Ottawa, to Rachel Ann, daughter of Colonel DE HERTEL.

Jan 21, born, a son to Mrs. Thomas C. CLARKE.

Jan 21, married, in Quebec City, John McCullough H. SYLVESTER, to Mary Ann, 
daughter of James MCKENNA.

Feb 11, married, in Montreal, Daniel O'CONNOR, to Anna Maria, daughter of M. O'MARA.

Apr 20, died, in Quebec City, Matthew M. aged 33, son of the late Michael WHITE of Clonmel, 
County Tipperary, Ireland.

May 11, born, a son to Mrs. Henry O. BURRITT.

May 11, born, a son to Mrs. William BELL

May 16, born, a son to Mrs. John LITTLE.

June 2, married, James WOODROW, to Jessie Haig, daughter of Mr. James MCEWEN.

June 10, died, The Reverend J.A. LAUZIER.

June 11, born, a daughter to Mrs. Augustus LAVER.

June 24, born, a son to Mrs. Peter MCAULEY.

June 24, married, Alfred Grey FOREST, to Agnes Smollett, daughter of A.J. RUSSELL.

August 2, born, a son to the wife of Rev. William SCOTT.

Sept 25, died, David H. CASS, aged 39.


Jan 10, born, twin sons to Mrs. William PAGNELL / BAGNELL ?.

Feb, died, at Aylmer, Margaret GREIG, aged 78, widow of the late Mr. Joseph FENWICK.

April 14, married, Karl Marjon FEHR, to Rose Delima ROSSIGNOLLE / ROSSIGNOL.

May 10, died, in Montreal, Mrs. M. O'MEARA.

July 1, born, a son to the wife of Rev George COCHRAN.

July 9, died, William H. REYNOLDS, aged 34

August 10, died, Alonzo LEE, aged 49

August 23, born, at Nepean, a son to Mrs. John SMITH, Jr.

Oct, 20, died, in Montreal, Mrs. Mary O'MEARA, aged 70.

Nov 1, died, Thomas MCDONALD, aged 28

Nov 3, married, Jesse ARMSTRONG, to Margaret REILLY.


March 14, born, a son to the wife of Rev. William SCOTT

April 23, born, a son to Mrs. N.W. BETHUNE.

April 23, born, a son to Mrs. William MACKAY.

June 21, died, Donald MCGILLIVRAY, in his 74th year, a native of Inverness, Scotland.   
Deceased entered the British Army (42nd Highlanders) in 1812, under Colonel Gordon, and 
took part in the Battle of Waterloo.

August 7, born, a son to Mrs. William H. ORR.

October 3, married, William McKay WRIGHT, to Mary SKEAD.

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