Daniel CALEY (KEALEY) and Catherine COLLINS
also James BRISLIN / BRESLIN, ML# 225 on the McCabe List

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

Daniel CALEY, who may have been from the Isle of Man (Isle of PERSON today? ... Al), 
and his bride Catherine C. COLLINS, origin unknown, were both born c. 1817.  Their 
first child, Mary Anne, was born in 1840 in "Upper Canada."  Joanna 
(b. 1843), Anna (b. 1844), and Catherine (b. 1846), were born in "Ontario."  
The next five children, Thomas, Daniel, Elizabeth Jane, Sarah Jane, and Martha 
(b. between 1847 and 1855) were born in "Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada."  
By 1857 the family was in Wisconsin, USA, where they lived through the Civil War.  
The mother and several of her children are buried there in a Roman Catholic 
 Does anyone know anything about this family when they lived in Carleton?
I checked with several Roman Catholic churches in the area, but I could find
no connections.  I'm hoping that a Canada connection would help me trace
where they came from.  Any help would be much appreciated.


This surname was sometimes spelled KILEY / KYLIE / KEILLY in some of the old records
here. There are records of a couple of births in the late 1840's and a (maybe)
death of a 21 year old in 1869. 
I'll send you the names on the weekend. This Collins family probably came from 
County Cork.

... Al
From Jan Gorman: 

In response to CJGetchell's query:
    You have fallen into the same trap as I did when I first started research 
in this area of Ontario. "Carleton Place" is not in Carleton County.  It is a 
charming smallish town in Lanark County....not that far from the County line, 
    Probably the earliest Catholic Church in the area was St. John the 
Baptist of Perth.  Records for that church begin in 1823 and have been 
microfilmed by the LDS and are available through any FHC.  The earliest 
priest there was a true circuit rider and his parishioners were scattered 
throughout Lanark County, parts of Carleton County, and parts of Leeds and 
Grenville Counties.  See also Perth Marriages.
    A pair of book(let)s have been published by the Leeds and Grenville 
Genealogy Society and they contain extracts from the diaries, notes and 
comments of that earliest priest (Rev. John MacDonald) at St. John's.  There 
are Collins and Cally families mentioned in one of these book(let)s. 
    Happy Hunting
    Jan Gorman

Jan and Jean:

This is a good example of why it's challenging to research these early Irish

If you stand in Carleton Place (the town in Lanark County, Beckwith Township) 
and throw a stone, it could land in either of two Counties (Lanark
or Carleton) or in several townships - Beckwith, Ramsay, Huntley,
Marlborough, or Goulbourn.

Also, many families, the "Cayley" family for example, had different children
baptized in different parishes. Jean states that there were 5 children born
in Carleton Place. I believe the family lived close to the Town of Almonte,
about 5 miles North of Carleton Place, in Ramsay Township. Two of the children 
were baptized at St. Michael's, Corkery, Huntley Township in the late 1840's.

The other three were probably baptized at St. Mary's, either in Almonte or
in Carleton Place. There is (I think) a common RC cemetery at Almonte for
both of these parishes.

To further confuse things, the spelling varies over time. A lot of our Irish
ancestors could not spell and the priests often wrote down the phonetic
spelling of the name. I believe that "Cayley" is the 19th century Irish
pronunciation for KEALEY.

(as in "come on over for a cup of tay, Mrs. Cayley").

The spelling for the 2 Cayley children baptized at St. Michaels is Kyley and
Kielly, both pronounced KEELY in English, but pronounced KAYLY in 19th
century Canadian Irish/English.

Here are the 2 children baptized at St. Mikes:

1.  Kielly, Daniel son of Kielly,  Daniel  and Collins, Catherine born
Godparents: Brinnan, John (Brennan?)& Whelan, Ellenor

2. Kyley, Catherine, daughter of  Kyley, Daniel and Collins, Catherine born
8/17/1846 10/4/1846
Godparents: Collins, Daniel & Collins, Ann

Also, speaking of itinerant preachers (Father Macdonald from Perth):
Notre Dame Cathedral in Ottawa also sent out missionary priests. These records start
in 1827 and many of the early records show marriages from Perth, Renfrew,
Marlborough, etc.

... Al 
    Thanks for the information - and further explanation - on Carleton Place 
and the Cayley family.
    Tis been quite a while since I last corresponded with you on my research 
in the area.  You posted information on my Purdy line from Goulbourn Township 
on your site.  
    Last year, while in the area, I learned that the priest from Perth had 
served the earliest folks in Goulbourn and Marlborough Townships before the 
establishment of St. Philip's in Richmond. Over the past several months, I 
have gone through those church records (and others) looking for connections 
to my early Gormans !  Found lots of Gormans in the area, but cannot connect 
too many together !  
    My g'grandparents were James Gorman m to Margaret Brislin / Brislan / Breslin (c 1844) and 
Thomas Gorman m to Mary Purdy (c 1849).  Still missing records of their 
marriages.  The two Gormans should be brothers. Logic tells me Thomas and 
Mary's should be in St. Philip's Richmond (Not there) and James and 
Margaret's should be at St. John's Perth (not there) Nor at Merrickville nor 
Smith's Falls. Actually, more likely at St. Clare's in Dwyer Hill. ... Al
    However, I do think I found my Margaret Brislin family. James in 1829 ML# 225
McCabe List, in 1828-9 Militia List, child Mary born in Wolford in 1830; dau 
Judy married in 1833; family in Montague Township in 1836; he died in 1864 in 
Merrickville.  Brislin is not that common a name. (also spelled BRESLIN.
see another example above, BRINNAN = BRENNAN)
    Do you have any ideas on where I can look next ???
    Am heading to Ontario at the end of this month, but will probably do more 
touristing than research on this trip.  "The Purdy cousins" - those of us 
researching different Purdys of Carleton County - will be meeting on 7 July 
in Carleton Place. 
    Jan Gorman

Thank you for the information you sent!  There are a number of 
us who have been researching this line for a long time and have not made any 
progress in donkey's years.  My husband is descended from the Daniel who was 
baptized at St. Michael's.  I will forward you msg. on to the other 
researchers and we will get busy ferreting out more information.  (I think 
your e-mail also explains why some of the records in Wisconsin were under 
the name "Rielly.")  Thank you so much for providing what may well be the crack 
in our brick wall.

Peace, Jean

From Jean on July 14, 2001: Dear Al, Noodling around on the computer, I found your web site and your correspondence with various people regarding the Peter Robinson Settlers, including several Collins families. My Daniel Caley / Kealey / Kelly) was married to a Catherine Collins, and I am wondering if she could have been the Katherine, age 7, who arrived on the Stakesby in 1823 with her father Con and other family members. I know the family went to Goulbourn Twp and came from Glanmile, County Cork. Can you think of any way I could discover who this Katherine married? The Daniel Caley/Kealy and Catherine Collins of our family line used six of the names that were used in Collins family that arrived on the Stakesby in 1823! Their children's sponsors at baptism included Arthur, Daniel, and Ann Collins. I am eager to know if there is any connection. Are you able to help me? Jean
Before I forget: John Brown was working on the Lockstation at Long Island in 1831. On July 31 of that year he married Mary Ann Collins from Goulbourn. The marriage took place at Notre Dame Church in Bytown. There were a couple of Browns (single men, William and James) who also came in 1823 on the Stakesby ... Al
February 17, 2002: Dear Al, Blessings on Marilyn Cottrell for her work in getting the Richmond, Ontario, marriages on line. One of our family researchers recently spotted the long-sought-after marriage between Daniel Keily and Catherine Collins at St. Philip's Church in 1835. Now I want to write to the church for more details, but I'm afraid I can't find an address for St. Philip's on line. Is there anyone who could help me with this detail? I would be most grateful. Peace, Jean ========== Here's the address (minus the postal code): St. Philip's Roman Catholic Church 127 Burke Street Richmond, Ontario Telephone: (613) 838-2314 ... Al
July 25, 2002: Here's some in-depth research on James BRISLIN from Jan Gorman: Dear Al, Its been "ages" since I first wrote to you wondering if you were interested in names that appear on the McCabe List, but who settled outside the immediate Ottawa area. Finally I got this together and you are welcome to share with Dr. Elliott. On the McCabe List we have # 225 a James Brislin from Tipperary, Drum Parish, Borrisoleigh Townland household 2 males; 4 females; total of 6 He was apparently able to sign his name on the petition. However, from what I've been able to piece together, in 1829, a James Brislin had a household of 2 sons, 2 daughters, his wife and himself. That would make a total of six, but it should have read 3 males and 3 females. Children's names would have been Judith/Johanna, Edward, John and Margaret. In my searches, I have found the Brislin/Brislan (other spellings) relatively uncommon. Other mentions of the Brislin/Brislan name I have found include: 1) Under list of Militia men enrolled at Bytown and the Hogs back &c in County of Carleton : we have a Bruslane, James age 34 [Is this my James ? this would have him born in 1794 -- a few years younger than tombstone indicates] [oops, forgot to cite the source - and that book is packed away in anticipation of a change of residence -- the source is that book of militias edited by three folks, including Dr. Elliott] 2) On 23 September 1830, a Mary, born in Wolford of the lawful marriage of James Brislin and Margaret Aigin, was baptized at St. John the Baptist, Perth 3) On 27 January 1833, Michael Lanion, son of Martin Lanion and Mary Collaon, and Judy Brislan, daughter of James Brislin and Margaret Aigan were married. [no indication was given as to where these folks lived] St. John the Baptist Perth church records. 5) On 19 June 1842, James Brislin of township of Montague, widower of the late Margaret Egan, married Catherine Donohue, also of Montague, widow of the late Dominick Case of the County of Cork. [Records of St. John the Baptist Church, Perth, Lanark Co., Ontario LDS film 1298996] 6) In Rev. MacDonald's (priest at St John's Perth) diarys and records we find Listing of parishioners 1823-30: Con 5 Lot 4 Montague Brislin, James Listing of parishioners 1831-36: Montague Con 5 Lot 4 James Brislin, his wife died about November 1834; Michael Lanion, married to Judy Brislin, Archibald McConnell 1836 Census on Con 5 Lot 4 in Montague: James Briaslin; children: Edward 17; John 10; Margaret 11; and James 2 [this is the only mention of this James I've found] [Diarys published by Leeds and Grenville Genealogy. I am too lazy to type out full titles ISBN-0-920-300-50-2 and ISBN 0-921133-05-7] 7) Records of the Leeds and Grenville Probate Court of 1864 show James Brislan, a carpenter and joiner, died without a will in Merrickville. His son John petitioned the court to serve as executor of James' estate. The elder son Edward and wife Catherine had to renounce their rights to serve as executor. James' children are listed as Johanna, living in state of Indiana in U.S., Edward living in Lanark County; Margaret in Goulbourne; John in Merrickville; Mary Ann in Merrickville. [Information from LDS microfilm of the records] [No married names for the women were given. Margaret was, I think, actually living in Marlborough Township with her husband James Gorman; I have come across another instance where Judy and Johanna have been interchanged as names] In his death record, my grandfather Edward's parents are given as Margaret Brislan and James Gorman; one brother of his also had these parents listed in his marriage record (in US); another brother's death certificate gave the mother's name as Margaret Brisland. 8) 1841 Census (as shown on Granny's Genealogy Garden Online) we have a "James Bristin" [this could be a legitimate misspell or mistranscription] 9) A James Brislan is buried in R.C. Cemetary in Merrickville. Tombstone says he was 73, making him born circa 1791 in Ireland. Tombstone was still standing and in reasonable good condition in 2001. 10) Research in Ireland by the Excel Heritage Centre in Tipperary Town, Ireland found a marriage of James Brislane and Margaret Egan on 12 February 1816 in the Drom parish registers. They also found the baptism of Judith Breslin on 19 Feb 1817 in the Drom parish. The Centre did not find baptisms of others, but pointed out that if the family had moved only a short distance, the records would be in another diocese, and the Centre did not have access to those records. I believe all of these mentions are the same man == in spite of the variations in spelling. Re James Brislan's children: 1) I have no further information on Judith/Johanna who was allegedly in Indiana at time of father's death; 2) Edward, the elder son, married and had a large family, farmed in Lanark County and I think some of his children emigrated across the St. Lawrence to NY' Can't remember the wife's name at this time and that is also in packed records; 3) John and his wife Sophia lived in Merrickville with a large family -- some of their children also went to U.S. One got to upstate NY; another to Massachusetts; 4) I lost track of Margaret married to James Gorman, found in 1871 census only -- five of their children emigrated, via different routes and at different times, to the Red River Valley of Minnesota / North Dakota. I think another daughter was widowed at a relatively young age, and lived in Ottawa and worked as a seamstress, dying in the early 1940s -- at least that is the case if the person I tracked in city directories is the right person. Jan Gorman
July 28, 2002: Al, Thank you for the offer, but I did get a picture of James Brislan's gravestone last summer. Actually a couple of them. The cemetary at Merrickville is outside of town just a bit. you go up the main street away from the canal and just at edge of town turn left onto a highway and go less than a mile. Of course, you don't expect that I remember the highway number, do you ?? hehe The older graves are well to the back of the cemetary. The Leeds and Grenville OGS branch has published a booklet of burials at this cemetary-- my copy is, of course, packed away. Maybe a library nearby has a copy. Just remembered, I do have the info on descendants of James Brislan/Margaret Egan: Son Edward Brislan was married to Margaret Costello. Children included Mary Ann (1844), Johanna (1849) m John McConnell in 1867, John (1851), Elizabeth (1853), and James (1855). I think there were more from census, but I have only entered church data in this data base. John Brislan m Sophia Sabrante (Sabraw/Sabreau and other spellings) in January of 1848. Note: This surname is the French-Canadian name SABOURIN ... Al Children included James (Oct of 1848), Augustus Alexander (1850), Rosana (1854), Fidelis (1863), Charles Basil (1865), Mary Magdalene (1867), Everistus and Florence (twins) (1869), and Lucy Jane (I have her married to John Payie in 1873). Yes, there was this gap in the film of the church records ! And some years were out of order. Margaret Brislan or Breslin / James Gorman's children included Simon (b 1845 baptized Kemptville Mission) Thomas (?), John (1851), Margaret (1853), Michael (1855), James (1857), Edward (b 1860 -baptized St. Philips, Richmond) and Catherine/Kate. Except where I put where they were baptized, these names and dates have come from a family Bible (that belonged to Michael and his wife)/census records/obituaries of the men. I haven't found this marriage or the baptisms of the other children. Mary Ann Brislan (born in Wolford 1830) married William Driscoll in 1851. Their children include Margret Ann (1852), Richard (1853), Patrick William (1856), Mary (1866), and Edward Ambrose (1868). Notice that gap in dates again. Undoubtedly there were more between 1856 and 1866.. The Kemptville Mission church apparently served both communities for some period of time. Some of the entries are "at Merrickville" or "at Kemptville" Circa 1880 (from my memory) or so, the church at Merrickville has its own records. The John and Edward Brislan families all attended this church. Don't know if I told you or not, but I had transcribed lots of records from various churches and had them all in a "misc Canadians" file on my puter. Last fall, puter failed and I hadn't backed up that file. All 700 plus names gone !! I still have all the data in notebooks, but haven't restored all the files yet. Jan Gorman
August 27, 2003: Hello, My name is John Brislan and my father was William J. Brislan, originally from Watertown, NY My father's father was Joseph Edward Brislan. I had been told (or thought I had) that my grandfather's family immigrated from Ireland via Canada. After ready some of what you posted these may be of the same family. Can you send me any other information you might have regarding the Brislan family and where they might have settled in the US? I would appreciate it greatly. My father passed away about 6 years ago and his brothers (Glenn, Joseph) and sister (Margaret) have also passed, but I would like to find out as much as I can on the family. Thank you, John
September 27, 2003: Hello, I just returned from the Registry Office in Prescott where I obtained a copy of my great grandfather's will. His name was Edward McReynolds, living in Merrickville, Ontario. He names his 3 daughters: Mary Brislan, Margaret Brislan and Kate McReynolds. Would you happen to know the names of the Brislan men that married these two ladies? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Ann McReynolds-Blakeney _____________________ also posted on September 27, 2003: Ann, Sorry, but I don't have that info. I would be willing to bet their marriages are in the St. Ann's church records from Merrickville; Or, if before those records began, they would appear in records of Holy Cross of Kemptville.... also referred to as the Kemptville mission. What was the date range for Edward McReynolds ? year born? died ? I'll jot this in my records and keep an eye out for you. You've just given me another reminder to get back to work on this genealogy. I haven't done much for over a year now. Jan Gorman
December 27, 2003: In a message dated 12/18/2003 11:53:03 AM Central Standard Time, gormanmd@agr.gc.ca writes: Do you know of a James Gorman who married a Mary Elizabeth "Mabel" Gilligan - Sabourin. They had 4 children, Maynard, Wesley, Emmet and Ruth? _______________ As of this time I have no information on this couple or their children. Do you have an approximate date range for children's births? places where they might have been born ? This information might be helpful in narrowing down our choices. I have some "stray" James Gormans here in the United States and don't know who their wives were (if any) These James were cousins here. Take care. JanGorm1
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