County Meath, Ireland -- 99th Regiment of Foot
to Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada

January 2, 2012:

Thanks to Jane Cronin for this wonderful document!
... Al

Hi all

My grandmother was Kathleen Kavanagh , daughter of William Kavanagh on my mother's (Margaret Lennon) side. I have been doing some 
research into family history, although my efforts are sporadic. I have been in touch with Larry Cavanagh in the past and he was 
kind enough to offer whatever information he had. I received a copy of a military record for Peter Cavanagh as a Christmas present 
from my daughter and am forwarding it to you in the event you may not have seen this before.

It does give Peter Cavanagh's parish as Horiston (?) which I had known before. I have had no luck in locating this parish and wonder 
if the spelling is off. Any thoughts?

Would Peter have collected his pay in Quebec City and thus met Elizabeth Jefferies there?

My daughter is working in Dublin until the end of March and could offer some assistance depending on her work schedule. To date though, 
the best sources have been British documents.

Happy New Year!

Jane Cronin 
Document Source: Discharge Papers of Private Peter Cavanagh, 99th Regiment of Foot
Good afternoon, Mrs. Cronin: What a terrific document. It was a great Christmas present for you and your family! Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail and a copy of this document to our web page on Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Jefferies? Please let me know. Iíll also add your e-mail to the list of Peter Cavanagh researchers at the bottom of the page. Iím forwarding a copy of your e-mail to Mr. Jim Stanzell, long-time researcher of the soldiers of the 99th Regiment in Goulbourn and a member of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. He will be able to answer your questions. Hi Jim. Thanks again for this Ė itís a good start to the new year. Happy New Year to all. ... Al Lewis
March 9, 2005: Hello Al, I would like to start off by saying what a great resource your web site is. Thank you for the work you and all you contributors have done. My ancestor (Peter Cavanagh) came to Goulbourn with the 99th and settled here. I have tracked down quite a bit of information on him through the various census and both St. Phillip's and St. Clare's church records. What I have found though is that there is a large gap in the records. Between the 1822 census and the 1837 records of St. Phillip's I can find nothing. Do you know of any records for this 15 year gap? Where did RC's in the area get married before 1837? Are there records from this location? I thank you again for this great resource and I hope to hear back from you soon, Larry Cavanagh ___________________ also posted on March 8, 2005: Hi Larry: Here are a couple of early records from Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa: Prior to 1836, many of the early Catholic marriages, baptisms and deaths were recorded there. 13 Jan 1833 Baptism of Maria Cavanaugh, daughter to Peter Cavanaugh (99th) & Elizabeth Jeffries Godparents: Michael Brady & Margaret Gray 29 Aug 1834 Goulbourn Baptism of Peter, son of Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Jeffery Godparents: John Larkin & Ellen Sloan These are just two records. There are many other Cavanaghs in the early records, and from other churches, some of whom may be related to the original Peter Cavanagh.
May 9, 2007: Al, I tried sending this a while back, but I was having some problems with my computer and I don't think it went through. (see next e-mail). I apologize if you received this twice. I was very excited to discover the information on Elizabeth Jeffries as we had wrongly assigned a different wife to Peter Kavanagh. Please add me to your lists for the Kavanagh, Jeffries, Mears, Carson / Corrison, Devine and Barton lists along with my contact information. If you can refer me to anyone else researching these lines as well, I would appreciate it. SuAnne Devine-Drawz _______________________ Here is SuAnne's original e-mail: Hi Al and Larry, I just found your posting of March, 2005 and was very excited! I believe that the baptism you listed of Maria Cavanaugh is my grt grt grandmother. We have always known her as Mary Ann. I hadn't been able to find her baptism at Richmond, altho there were several siblings there. I did however find her record of marriage to Simon Mears. That record listed her parents as Peter Kavanaugh and Elizabeth Jeffries. This matches the information sent to me from Marilynn Cottrelll from this website. However Maria/Mary Ann was missing from her list of their children, possibly because of the different churches. Family history had previously listed his wife as Ann Powers. The records at St. Phillips church list a marriage between Peter Cavanaugh and Elizabeth Jeffers on 24 August, 1837. You mentioned a St. Clare's church records, can you tell me what town / township that is? I'm still missing several links from other families. I would be grateful if you could share what you know about Peter and Elizabeth, their families, and background. I only knew his name and the information left by a distant cousin was confusing. There was nothing about the 99th, where they were from , what they did, or how they got to Ontario. Did they live in Richmond or Fallowfield or ??? I live in North Dakota, USA, so my research has all been done thru the internet and I appeciate your sharing. Simon Mears and Mary Kavanugh moved to the Grand Forks area of ND about 1890 with their children. She lived to the old age of 78, dying in 1910 while living in Knox, ND. I know that there are several families with the name Cavanaugh/Kavanaugh still living in the region today. Whether or not they are related, I'm not sure. It's possible some of her family migrated here with the Mears and Devines. My line is 1) Peter Cavanaugh & Elizabeth Jeffries/Jeffers 2) Mary Ann Kavanaugh & Simon Mears 3) Elizabeth Mears & John Devine 4) Thomas Devine & Florence Burkett 5) (last 2 generations deleted ... Al) 6) Thanks again for your help, I'd be glad to contribute whatever information I have that can help. I really appreciate all the work you have put into this site! SuAnnne Devine-Drawz ______________________________ According to the book, For King and Canada, by A. Barry Roberts, Peter Cavanagh was born in County Meath, Ireland. He joined the 99th Regiment of foot in 1812 at age 26. His land grant was in Concession 6, Lot 13 East, in Goulbourn Township. (see 1879 map, below) ... Al
March 4, 2012: Hi Friends, I was searching internet for my great-grandfather, Peter Cavanagh and I came upon all the research you'd found. First of all, St. Clare's Church (if it's the one I know) is located in Dwyer Hill, Ontario. It was built around 1918 or so and my grandfather, Sylvester Jerome Cavanagh and grandmother, Mary Irene Timmins, were the first people married there (1919) to the best of my knowledge. I do know about St. Philip's. My ancestors had a farm in Munster, not far from Richmond. (See location of Peter Cavanagh's farm on the 1879 map below).
Map Source: McGill University Digital Maps, Goulbourn Township in 1879 The Jock River is shown on the western side of the village. Peter Cavanagh's farm is in the north-east corner of the map. Munster Hamlet Map, Goulbourn Township, Ontario, Canada, 1879
There is every likelihood we are related. I'm pretty much lost at the Peter Cavanagh who died ca. 1928. He had a number of children, Sylvester, Frank, Dan and more and I'm not sure when he was married but in light of all the Peters you've come up with, could it be that he is traceable to your Peter Cavanagh from Meath? If so, you would be filling in a tremendous gap for me. I'm lost at this person, my great-grandfather. Any thoughts? I can check for you. I should add that if Peter is a common ancestor to us, then you have a little nobility in your relatives, as my father, Jerome P. Cavanagh, was Mayor of Detroit, Michigan from 1962-1970, his brother, Michael F. Cavanagh, is currently a justice on the Michigan Supreme Court, I am on the court of Appeals and we have other family members in politics. The "Cavanaghs", one could say, are Michigan's version of the "Kennedy's". Appreciate any insight. I do know that my gr-grandfather is buried in St. Philip's churchyard. There are Cavanagh / Kavanaghs buried in St. Clare's also. Below is a photo of Walter Cavanagh, taken in Carleton Place in 1865.
Walter Cavanagh in 1865, photo taken in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
All the best, Mark _________________________ Hi Al, I don't have any problem with you adding my name. I'm not sure how much I can help but I will have to say that I REALLY appreciate this one. As far as the Regiment Peter was from, do you know anything about that type of thing, especially relative to him? For fighting, I assume he got the land? Where did he fight? Interestingly, the land that my grandmother Timmins lived on was "Crown Land" and was given to her family around 1820 or so. I don't know much more about it but I have to say that you have piqued my interest! THis if the first time in my life I've gotten past my great grandfather. What a small world! What a coincidence that I was just fiddling around on the computer today. Again, thank you so very much! Mark Cavanagh ______________________________ According to the book For King and Country, page 238, Peter Cavanagh was aged 32 in 1818 (born in 1786) and he was granted 100 acres, Concession 6, Lot 13 East. From Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa: 13 Jan 1833 Baptism of Maria Cavanaugh, daughter to Peter Cavanaugh (99th) & Elizabeth Jeffries Michael Brady & Margaret Gray 29 Aug 1834 Goulbourn Baptism of Peter, son of Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Jeffery John Larkin & Ellen Sloan From St. Philip's Church registers, Richmond, Ontario: Source is the DROUIN records at 24 August 1837 Marriage of Peter Cavanagh to Elizabeth Jefferys. Witnesses: Hugh Brunnuck and Elizabeth Brunnock / Brannack? 30 September 1845 Married by me, the undersigned priest of Montreal, Walter Cavanagh to Mary Larkin. The witnesses were Bernard Larkin & Ann Cavanagh, all of Goulbourn. Walter Cavanagh marriage in 1845 1 November 1846 Baptism of Peter, born 19 October, same year, legitimate son of Walter Cavanagh and of Mary Larkin. The sponsors were Patrick Larkin and Bridget Cavanagh. 15 January 1855 Marriage of William Cavanagh, son of Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Jeffers & Catharine Kells, daughter of Joseph Kells and Joanna Kells, both of Goulbourn. The witnesses were William Dwyer and Elizabeth Cavanagh. another Peter, this one the son of William Cavanagh 3 December 1855 Baptism of Peter, born 2 November last. Name of parents: William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were James Maguire and Bridget Cavanagh. and James: 28 June 1857 Baptism of James, born 8th inst. of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catherine Kells. The sponsors were Patrick Brady and Mary Kelly. 7 August 1859 Baptism of Elizabeth, born 20 June last of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were Patrick Dwyer and Elizabeth Brady. 7 August 1859 Baptism of Mary, born 21 July last of the lawful marriage of Walter Cavanagh and Mary Larkin. The sponsors were Peter Cavanagh and Margaret Myers / Mears? 19 May 1860 Reception of the abjuration and conditional baptism of Margaret Himpill, daughter of John Himpill / Hemphill? and Ann Evoy (deceased) in the presence of William Himpill and Peter Cavanagh. (Margaret was Protestant and became Catholic prior to marrying Peter Cavanagh) 22 May 1860 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Peter Cavanagh, son of age of Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Jeffers of this Parish, and Margaret Hemphill, also of this parish, daughter of age of John Himpill (Empy ?) and Ann Evoy (deceased). Present; James Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Cavanagh who cannot sign their names. 26 May 1861 Baptism of Walter, born 17 March last of the lawful marriage of Peter Cavanagh, farmer, and Margaret Empey / Hemphill. The sponsors were John Grant and Catharine Cavanagh (alias Kells). Walter was born on St. Patrick's Day, 1861! Walter Cavanagh birth May 1861 14 July 1861 Baptism of Joanna, born 15 June last of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were James Mulligan and Elizabeth Cavanagh. 19 July 1863 Baptism of William, born 24 June last of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were Peter and Margaret Cavanagh. 17 June 1866 Baptism of Joseph, born 26 May last of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were Timothy Kelleher and Catharine Kelleher. 1 November 1868 Baptism of Walter, born 13 October last of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kelsey. The sponsors were Peter Cavanagh and Elizabeth Brunnagh. 19 February 1871 Baptism of Patrick John, born 3 inst. of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were Edward Myers / Mears? and Catharine McDonnell. 21 March 1871 Burial in the cemetery of Goulbourn of Elizabeth (Jefferys) Cavanagh, aged 65 yrs. in the presence of Walter, William and Peter Cavanagh and many others. 10 August 1874 Baptism of Alfred Michael, born 20 June last of the lawful marriage of William Cavanagh and Catharine Kells. The sponsors were James Brennagh and Mary Douris 15 July 1874 Burial in the cemetery of Goulbourn of Catharine Kells, beloved wife of William Cavanagh in the presence of Walter and Peter Cavanagh, Patrick Brady and many others. 12 February 1877 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Peter Cavanagh, son of age of Walter Cavanagh and Mary Larkin (deceased), and Ann McCarthy, daughter of age of Daniel McCarthy and Margaret Dooley of Nepean. Witnesses: John Larkin and Ellen McCarthy. 8 May 1892 Baptism of Joseph Sylvester, born 13 April 1892 of the lawful marriage of Peter Cavanagh, farmer, and Ann McCarthy. The sponsors were Michael Larkin and Mary Ann Cavanagh. Here is Joseph Sylvester, son of Peter Cavanagh and Ann McCarthy in the 1901 Census, aged 8, born April 13, 1892 (church record, above) Also shown here is a 14 year old son, Dan, notated as being a "farmer's son" (oldest son expected to inherit his father's farm). "Peter F." in the family is listed as "Frank" in the next (1911) Census. Sylvester Cavanagh, 1911 Census and here is Sylvester, son of Peter Cavanagh (with a "K") and Ann McCarthy in the 1911 Census, aged 19, born April 1892 (church record, above). Daniel, now aged 24, is listed as a Single Man, Head of Family. Sylvester is now 19 and is enumerated just as Sylvester, not Joseph Sylvester. Sylvester Cavanagh, 1911 Census Two deaths in 1905: (Recorded at St. Clare's Church, Dwyer Hill -- were these two men brothers?) 1905 10 January Burial of William Cavanagh, aged 79 yrs., (born in 1826), who died the 8th inst., widower of Catherine Kelsey. Present: James Cavanagh and Peter Cavanagh. 20 January Burial of Walter Cavanagh, aged 81 yrs., (born in 1824), who died 18 January, widower of Mary Larkin. Present: John Larkin and William Cavanagh. ... Al ________________________________ Hi Mark: I have a very good book here about the 99th / 100th Regiment of Foot. They were involved in the War of 1812 and there were battles at various points along the Ontario / USA border. After the war, the regiment disbanded at Montreal, Quebec, 120 miles east of Ottawa. At that time, the soldiers were offered land grants in Upper Canada and most of them took up land in the area of Richmond, Ontario in 1818. Richmond is now part of the expanded City of Ottawa. Those disbanded soldiers who came here in 1818 were the first group settlement in Ottawa and formed the nucleus of civilization at the time in this area. There are thousands of their descendants in the Ottawa area, today. There is some information about their organization and military life at the page . Also, there is a terrific book called For King and Canada, written by A. Barry Roberts, which details the settlers who took up land grants in Goulbourn Township (the Richmond area). When going through the St. Philipís records this morning, I noticed that there were a lot of Timmins names included there, starting about 1837. Was your grandmotherís family also in the Ottawa area in the 1800ís? Before 1818, the Richmond area was basically wilderness and most of the land belonged to the British Crown, so itís possible that your Timmins ancestors did get a Crown Land grant here. Let me know, and Iíll check into it. ... Al
Hi Al, Here are a few photos (not posted, yet) I have of my dad when he was Mayor of Detroit. You'll probably recognize everyone but a few. The one below the Newsweek photo is of dad and The Supremes. The one below that, is of dad and George Romney, father of Mitt, when George was Michigan's governor. Dad was Sylvester Cavanagh's son. Sylvester was the son of Peter Cavanagh and Ann McCarthy. I am trying to figure out the chronology you sent me, beginning with Peter Cavanagh and Ellen Jeffreys. How would you fill it in from there to Sylvester? I have a photo of Walter Cavanagh ca. 1865 but I am fuzzy about where he was relative to the original Peter and relative to my grandfather. If you have it figured out in descending fashion, would you mind sending your thoughts to me? There are too many Walters and Peters in there to get them straight. Happy Sunday, Al. Mark
New July 31, 2014: Thank you, Al. I did actually e-mail this group earlier this year but never heard back. Until now ;-) My father has also written a document about his family - it is less a formal genealogy than a narrative of his roots with family tree references including birth and death dates, etc. Is your site a place where such a document should be made available as a .pdf file? Yes, you may add my e-mail to the Peter Cavanagh web page. Though Iím not as knowledgeable as my father (now 90 yrs)., I can answer some questions. Thank you for your work. Regards, ... Mary Cavanagh _______________________ Hi Mary: By all means, I'd like to post your father's work on our web site. That is what we all use it for -- to have a repository where future generations will be able to learn about our family histories. A .pdf file will be fine. Just send it along as an e-mail attachment. I am also a volunteer with the Library of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society. A possibility would be to print your document and add it to our library. Then the document would appear in the online catalogue which is searchable at . Thanks again for this. ... Al

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