also O'BRIEN / CURREN / CAVANAGH surnames

August 26, 2002:

The following records from St. Michael's RC Church at Corkery are posted in 
response to an inquiry from Roberta O'Brien:

Cavanagh, Edward son of	Cavanagh, Edward and 	Carey, Eliza	farmer	
married on 11/22/1871	
Curran, Mary daughter of Curran, James & O'Brien, Julia	
Sponsors: Ryan, Patrick & Curran, Sarah	 (sister of bride)


Cavanagh, Anne	
daughter of Cavanagh, Michael and	Neil, Mary	
born7/18/1848, Godparents: Kennedy, Patrick & Manion, Mary
Cavanagh, Bridget	
daughter of Cavanagh, Edward and Curran, Mary	
born 11/24/1883	
Godparents: Maher, Daniel & Ryan, Julia	

Cavanagh, Catherine *			
born 6/15/1847	
* Bapt & rec into Catholic Church (parents not listed)

Cavanagh, Edw. Joseph	
son of Cavanagh, Edward	and Curran, Mary	
born 3/13/1875	
Godparents: Ryan, Patrick & O'Brien, Mrs. Elizabeth	

Cavanagh, James	
son of Cavanagh, Edward	and Curran, Mary	
born 1/25/1874	
Godparents: Buckley, Thomas & Curran, Bessy	

Cavanagh, John	
son of Cavanagh, Matthew and  Cunningham, Mary	
born 7/4/1845	1
Godparents: Hickey, John & Curran, Ann
Cavanagh, John Andrew	
son of Cavanagh, Edward	and Curran, Mary	
born 11/30/1872	
Godparents: Cavanagh, William & Curran, Sarah

Cavanagh, Julia Anne	
daughter of Cavanagh, William and	Curran, Mary	
born 8/19/1885	
Godparents: Buckley, Timothy & O'Keefe, Ellen
Cavanagh, Mary Eliz.	
daughter of Cavanagh, Edward and Curran, Mary	
born 3/15/1880
Godparents: Ryan, Patrick & Ryan, Honoria

Cavanagh,Sylvester Martin	
son of Cavanagh, Edward	and Curran, Mary	
born 10/7/1886	
Godparents: Sullivan, Lawrence & Coughlin, Marie (Mrs. Lawrence Sullivan)

Draper, Rubin Samuel	
son of Draper, Rubin James and Curran, Sarah	
born 10/8/1886
Godparents: McLellan, John Alexander & Curran, Catherine (Mrs. McLellan)

Note: Osgoode Township was also a hotbed of Kavanagh (Edward married to a FOX), 
Curran, and O'Brien families.
They all lived within a stone's throw of each other on the Manotick Station Road.

... Al
July 12, 2012: Hi Al, As you can tell I have a good friend in Casey and she has helped greatly in my searches. It took awhile to find the connection to the Cavanaugh family. This was a name with a story that was told to me by my Dad and Aunt and I really wanted to know it's roots. First here is the connection to the O'Brien / Curren / Cavanaugh families. If you have any information regarding Timothy's wife Mary I would appreciate knowing. Timothy and Mary have a daughter Mary O'Brien who marries James S. Buckley and they have 8 children. As far as my research indicates, all children were born in Upper Canada or Carleton County, carphist.htm, Ontario. prior to immigrating to Minnesota. The youngest of the eight children is Rachael Buckley and she is my Great Grandmother. She marries Michael D. McDonough from Sligo, Ireland. He is considerably older then her. He marries in his early 60's. They have seven children. One of them is my grandfather, Michael McDonough. He marries Mary Ann McNelis. They are both born in Minnesota. They have 8 children - 2 born in Duluth, 2 born in Kirriemuir, Alberta, and 4 are born in Calgary, Alberta. My Dad was James McDonough, first child born in Kirriemuir. Michael and Mary Ann immigrate to Canada and naturalize 1913-1915. The Currens and Cavanaugh's are cousins of mine. Timothy and John Curren chummed and worked on the railroad with Timothy Buckley, Rachael's brother. The story that I heard growing up was that maybe once a year a black limo would arrive at the house in Alberta, no matter where they lived, and my grandmother, Mary Ann, would be dressed in her finest and slip into the car and be gone for a good part of the day and then return, never speaking about what she did or where she went. This always happened when my grandfather was not at home and the name Cavanaugh was what my Dad and Aunt remembered. My grandfaher and great grandfather McDonough worked on the railroad and farmed. My great grandfather, Cornelius "Con" McNelis who came from County Donegal, Ireland with his five brothers, worked the railroad, and his wife Mary Ann nee Robertson (born near Perth, Ontario, ran and owned a boarding house. They were moneyed. My daughter and I took a road trip last summer and drove the full State of Minnesota. We stood beside the monuments that are the last resting places of the McNelis and Buckley family. We met living relatives in the Sauk Centre and Bloomington, Minnesota areas. It was a fabulous trip. I have found information and children of Edward Cavanaugh and Mary Elizabeth Curren, John Curran and Mary Ann White. Not much on Bridget, Catharine, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Timothy Curren. Any help to fill in the gaps on the Curren/Cavanaugh families would be much appreciated. Let me know what information you would like from me. ... Mauvereen

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