Bernard CASSIDY and Margaret GORMAN

September 16, 2008:

Hello Al,
I have stumbled across your Bytown or Bust site. It is excellent and has helped me enormously 
in my own family research. 
However, I am now stumped on a few relations. I'm related to Cassidy, Corkery, Rooney, Hayes, 
Lynchke, Kennedy and probably more in the area! I am trying to stretch back on my gggrandparents. 

I have Thomas Cassidy b. 1821 Ireland, his parents were Bernard Cassidy and Margaret Gorman. 
I am wondering when he came over and if he came with relatives. I suspect according to the 
1851 census, that he was a farmer and at the time was living with a sister Catherine and his 
mother Margaret, whom was widowed by that time. Thomas married Margaret Burns b. 1844 
Ireland, whose parents are listed as James Burns and Catherine Delaney. 
Thomas and Margarett are buried at St. Pat's Fallowfield. I would like to to get more 
information on their 2 families. I was wondering if you have any contacts through your website 
that might be helpful. I do have information as well that I would be more than willing to 

Please feel free to use my email as I have done lots on Thomas Cassidy. I have a hard time 
picturing him as an only child! So I am sure their are more out there. And I know even less 
about Margaret Gorman. Any assistance would be appreciated.
yours truly,
... Amanda 

from St. Philip's at Richmond, not far from Fallowfield:
6 August 1860
After the publication of one bann, marriage of Thomas Cassidy, farmer and son of age of 
Bernard Cassidy (deceased) and Margaret Gorman of this parish, and Margaret Burns, daughter 
of age of James Burns (deceased) and Catherine Delaney of this parish. 
Present: Thomas Houlahan and Ann Houlahan
Source: Drouin Records at
October 11, 2008: Thanks to Sue for the following ! James Byrnes and Catherine Delaney are in the 1851 Bytown East census, living in a one storey log home. Keep in mind that the ages given are the ages they will be NEXT birthday. Surnamed Byrnes and showing that ALL were born in Ireland James, 48 Catherine, 50 Margaret, 18 Eliza, 16 Ellen, 14 John, 12 James, 3 As James will be 3 in (presumably) 1852 and if he was born in Ireland as indicated, then this family emigrated sometime between 1849 and 1851. What I found on the children of Thomas Cassidy and Margaret Byrnes (Burns) is the following (from church records, censuses and Ontario BMDs. Thomas Cassidy died 19 Sep 1900 at 76 years (in the 1851 census he is listed as being 20, so 1831, so birthyear who knows?) Margaret Burns Cassidy died 3 June 1905, born abt 1844. Their children were: 1) Bernard, born abt 1862, married 14 June 1898 Mary Kelly (who died in 1901) 2) Thomas John, born 16 April 1863 (baptism at St. Patrick's) 3) Edward Francis, born 29 apr 1865 (bapt at St. Philip's) married 13 June 1891 Mary Brennan. Edward died in March of 1939. 4) Patrick, born abt 1868, married 1 Jan 1896 Elizabeth Lynch 5) James, born 1 Sep 1869 6) Andrew, born 6 Jan 1873, married11 June 1905, Annie Kathleen Stapleton 7) Margaret, born 28 april 1875, married 17 June 1903, Timothy Galvin 8) Alice, born 22 Feb 1879, married 20 Jan 1903, Thomas Hennesy 9) Michael Joseph, born 27 april 1881, married 28 Oct 1914, Ellen Honorah Bridgeman / Bridgman 10) Mary Ann, born 2 March 1884, married 3 Sep 1907, Thomas O'Brien. Thomas and Margaret (Burns) Cassidy are in the 1881 and 1891 Nepean, Carleton censuses. Widow Margaret is in the 1901 Wright, Quebec census with children: widower Edward whose wife Mary Kelly died just before the census was taken, and single children Michael, Margaret, Mary Ann, Andrew and Thomas - all the birthdates in this census are different than the recorded ones (which are obviously the accurate ones). Margaret gives her birthdate as 25 Dec 1845 and she says that she emigrated in 1849 (which would coincide with what was guessed at from the 1851 census). Hope this helps out a bit, ... Sue
New November 20, 2008: Hi Al, I thought I would send you what I know for the moment on the Cassidy Clan. I just sent what I know of the first generation for the moment. I'm not sure the best way to transmit the information, but I thought I'd send an attachment and maybe you could add it to the page. If its not the correct format please let me know. I will follow up with the second generation. thank you ... Amanda Owen Bernard Cassidy b. Ireland d? & Margaret Gorman b. Ireland, 1791 d? Ontario 1. Hugh Cassidy, b. 10 Aug 1830, Ireland, d. 25 Sept 1911 Buckingham, Quebec Married 9 Sept 1858 Prescott, Ontario, to Mary Wylie b.9 Sept 1837, Prescott, Ontario d.15 July 1917 Ottawa, Ont. Children: All born in Buckingham, Quebec, except for Hugh Bernard 2. John 1861 2. Andrew 1862 2. Terence 1865 2. Hugh Bernard 1867 born in the USA, died 8 March 1940 Quebec 2. James Robert 1870 2. Margaret 1873 2. Mary 1875 2. Sarah 1877 2. Joseph Francis 1879 1. Thomas Cassidy, b. 1831 Ireland, d. 19 Sept 1900 Fallowfield, Ontario Married 6 Aug 1860 Richmond, Ontario, to Margaret Burns/Byrnes b. 1834 Ireland, d. 3 Jun 1905 Carleton, Ontario. Children: All born in Bells Corners/ Fallowfield 2. Bernard 1861 2. Thomas John 1863, d. 16 Feb 1925, Ottawa 2. Ellen 1863, d. 1891 buried Fallowfield 2. Edward Francis 1865, d. 28 Mar 1939, Ottawa 2. Patrick Roderick 1867, d. 10 Dec 1935, Cambells Bay, Quebec 2. James Julius 1869, d. 12 April 1938, Ottawa 2. Andrew 1873, d. 31 Mar 1961 2. Margaret 1875 2. Alice Catherine 1879 2. Michael Joseph 1881 2. Mary Ann 1884 1. Francis Cassidy, b. 1832 Ireland, died before 1881 census, Married 22 Oct 1855, to Mary Ann Doran, b. 1837 Ireland, d. ? Children: All born in Buckingham, Quebec, but moved to Ottawa by the 1891 Census as Francis had died. 2. Margaret 1856 2. Catherine 1859 2. Francis 1861, d. 6 April 1924, Ottawa 2. Bernard 1862 2. Mary Ann 1862 2. Edward Joseph 1866, d. 7 Jan 1915, Ottawa 2. Alice 1868 2. Agnes 1870 2. Margaret 1872 2. Frances 1874 (There is also a daughter 1.Catherine Cassidy, but I have no information on her as of yet) ... Amanda ___________________________ also posted on November 20, 2008. Thanks to Anne Burgess. Hi Al, For your Bernard Cassidy/Margaret Gorman family. I have a few pages of the index to Clonmore parish records, Co. Wicklow, and I found the bapt. of a Bridget Byrne, b. in Aghowle on 17 Jul 1842 to James Byrne and Catherine Delaney, the parents of Margaret Burns Cassidy in the B or B entry below. Bridget must have died young. The rest of the family is on the attached FW emigration record; they were in the Bytown census for 1851. We can now add the mother's name to our chart: BYRNE, James and DELANEY, Catherine Ballyraheen Bytown (Ottawa, ON) Here's the marriage record for Margaret Burns/Byrne, from Bytown or Bust: "from St. Philip's at Richmond, not far from Fallowfield: 6 August 1860 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Thomas Cassidy, farmer and son of age of Bernard Cassidy (deceased) and Margaret Gorman of this parish, and Margaret Burns, daughter of age of James Burns (deceased) and Catherine Delaney of this parish. Present: Thomas Houlahan and Ann Houlahan Source: Drouin Records at" Here is the Fitzwilliam emigration record for James Byrne and Catherine Delaney: Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group ID: 102 Parish Mullinacuff Year Listed: 1851 Surname Byrne Reference No. 25 Group Members: James 50, Catherine 50, Margaret 18, Eliza 15, Ellen 13, John 10, James 3. Betty Byrne 20 - The word 'chest' appears after her name, indicating that she brought her own. Voyage Townland Ship Pilgrim As spelt in the Emigration Departure New Ross. May 1st. Ballyraghine / Ballyraheen Arrival Quebec. Source: Surplus People by Jim Rees, companion CD ... Anne Burgess

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