and the surnames MOORHEAD and BEGLEY
also CARROTHERS in Middlesex County

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

May 25, 2001
Note: This message was originally posted to the CAN-ONT-CARLETON Mailing List. 

Hello List,

    My name is John Carruthers. I was born in Carp, son of Everett
Carruthers and Kathleen Boot. I am trying to find all the descendants of
Noble CARRUTHERS 1809-1883 and his wife Mary Ann ARMSTRONG. They are my

    My findings so far are on a web site at:"

Click here to visit my web site.

    Noble and Mary Ann arrived in Huntley Twp in the summer of 1836. They
were married in Ireland just before they came to Canada. Noble and Mary Ann
Armstrong had 10 children. Noble then married Judith Moorhead and had
another 9 children.

    My other great-great-grandparents from the Ottawa Valley are Stewart and
Eliza GIBSON; Dennis and Jane (CARTER) CAVANAGH; and Andrew and Rebecca

    I would welcome any additions or corrections to the Descendants of Noble
Carruthers as shown on my web site.
Hello Al,
    Yes please link up my web site about Noble Carruthers to your web site,
Bytown or Bust. Also show my e-mail address
    Let me know when you have made the change.
    One thing I would like to know is which Armstrongs of Huntley came from
County Fermanagh and when. I would like to be able to find out if my
gg-grandmother Mary Ann Armstrong, 1st wife of Noble Carruthers, was related
to any of the Armstrong families who settled on the 5th Line of Huntley in
the 1830s. Mary Ann was from the Townland of Shullauny (sp?), Parish of
Derryvullen, County Fermanagh. I was hoping that I might make a contact on
the Carleton County Mailing List but nothing so far. Maybe your site will
bring me luck.
Yours aye,
John Carruthers
Victoria BC

Hi Al, Thank you. I checked out the link and it works fine. Thanks also for the tips on the Carleton Co Mailing List. I have corresponded with Malcolm Sissons who is researching the John Carruthers/Margaret McRea connection. They are not related to my family that we know of. His John was from England. The other tip, Mary Ann Armstrong, could be connected but it would take some pretty serious work on the Armstrong tree to find a connection. Thanks again and keep in touch. Yours aye, John
March 19, 2003: Hi Al I have been trying to find out who Judith Moorhead's parents were?? Judith and Noble were witnesses to many family events (baptisms etc.) for my gr-grandparents Samuel Moorhead and Isabella Stitt who also lived in Danford Lake, QC and attended Holy Trinity Anglican Church. This may the answer Huntley Township 1851 census p 36 John Moorhead 55 Margaret 50 Judith 21 Mary 19 Martha 17 Steveson 15 John 13 A------(looks like Asydy>could be a phonetic form of Ossy?) 12 Susan 10 Jane 7 Margaret 3 Shanty flat roof 1 storey ....................................................................... Diane Moorhead
March 21, 2003: Hello Ken: I came across this website "Bytown or Bust" and came across some of your cemetery transcriptions for the AYLWIN TWP, PONTIAC, QUEBEC. I'm hoping you can help me out or give me some advice. I'm researching my CARRUTHERS/CARROTHERS from this area and in particular I'm trying to find out where my ggggrandfather "NOBLE CARRUTHERS is buried. I have information that he died in Aylwin Twp, Quebec, but so far am unable to confirm this. Interestestingly enough his first wife was MARYANN ARMSTRONG. Any Connection there? Have you come across this name in Aylwin Twp I appreciate any information or advice you have to offer. Lisa Abbasi ________________________________ Good morning Lisa; My name is Dave Smith and You query was passed on to me by Ken. I have roots in Aylwin and my son is presently renovating an old post office located on our "Litle" farm. There are Carruthers farms just down the road and one of the oldest properties still standing in Aylwin was a Carruthers Farm. I worked for the Ottawa Fire Service for many years and one of my co-workers was a Douglas Carruthers who was originally from Kazabazua which is the next village to Aylwin. on the Gatineau River. Doug and his wife Zelda are quite knowledgeable when it comes to the area you are researching and I will cc them on this e-mail. There is also quite a large Noble-Carruthers web site which I have highlighted below. Many of the sons and daughters of Aylwin stock left this area at the turn of the century and emigrated to the West in search of work and land. I'm sure that there are a great many relatives in this area that would love to correspond with you. I hope I have been of some help and you get all the answers you seek. Have a great day; DAS _____________________________ From Ken Armstrong: Hi everyone; I am afraid that everyone is getting the two Quebec Townships mixed-up. There is an Aylwin Township, Wright County (Ottawa County in 1881) just north of Kazabazua, Quebec and Alleyn Township in Pontiac County. Noble Carruthers moved from Huntley Township to Alleyn Township, Pontiac County sometime between 1862 and 1865. Most of his children are buried around Carp, Huntley Township area. I have not found the resting place for Noble Carruthers or his second wife Judith Moorhead, they both passed away in Alleyn Township, but they could be buried in or around the Carp area, failing that they might just be in the Danford Lake, Quebec area. Noble's first wife is supposed to be buried in Huntley Township, most probably Christ Church Cemetery in Huntley. Not to say that there were not Carruthers in Aylwin, in fact the Carruthers in Aylwin Township came from the same family, essentially they all pretty well came from Noble Carruthers. I visited several Carruthers in Aylwin back in the late 1970s,and had a great discussion with them. I have not made the connection between Noble's first wife Mary Ann Armstrong and my Armstrong's as of yet. There were a bagful of Armstrong's in the Ottawa Valley especially around the Carp area in the early 1800s. Have you visited Scott Naylor's website yet here is the link: Scott has taken digital photos of many of the cemeteries in the Ottawa and Pontiac area and posted them on his website for all to view. I have found many Carruthers on his website. By the way, the brothers/sisters and cousins of Noble Carruthers all seem to have settled in Westminster Township, Middlesex County (just outside London Ontario), and they all spell their surname as "Carrothers", but they are the same family. Ken Armstrong ______________________ Hi Ken & Dave: Thank you both so much for the information and for the websites you recommended. I have just started seriously researching this side of the family. Pretty well all the information I have found on this family was on John Carruthers website, but I am now trying to verify the information with all the various documents etc. I have all documents from Manitoba and am now researching Ontario/Quebec records. Ken, thanks for setting me straight on Aylwin and Alleyn. I thought they were one of the same just mispelled. According to John Carruthers website he has Noble and Maryann Carruthers coming e from Bracky, Co. Fermanagh, Ireland. Is this also where your Armstrong family comes from? In any case I will get in touch with John Carruthers to verify some of his sources. Doug & Zelda; I would be more than thrilled to correspond with you by email or telephone to find out a little history of the Carruthers in Quebec/Ontario as well as finding out how you are connected to Noble Carruthers. I am a gggg grandaughter of Noble Carruthers and Maryanne Armstrong. Dave, thank you for the census information on Noble Carruthers. Lisa Abbasi
posted on March 24, 2003: Hi Everyone; I am not directly connected to the Carruthers/Carrothers as of yet, I am only connected through the Carruthers/Begley connections, as William Begley married Elizabeth Armstrong, and Elizabeth was a sister to my grandfather, Archibald Armstrong, and a few Begleys married into the Carruthers family. I have attached the 1881 Census data for all of the Carruthers that I could find in the Ottawa Area, it includes Noble Carruthers, and all of his children that I could find. I have also included a separate Carrothers Census data, taken from several Census' from the Middlesex area, where all of the other Carrothers, sons and daughters of Bracky One, Bracky Two and Archi, were supposed to have settled, it is just a preliminary document, much more research required, I have all of the actual census data from 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 that I compiled this document from, I hope it provides you with some of the missing information that you are seeking. Ken Armstrong
also posted on March 24, 2003: Hi Everyone; I'm going to add a couple of fellow genealogists from the Kazabazua and Aylwin area to see what they can add to this. Ken, I am also related to the Begley's and would be interested to know if you have any information on a book of poems written by James Begley #1 or #2. Someone mentioned that they had seen a copy and I cannot find a copy of the book anywhere. He was a prolific writer of poems and a great singer according to family lore. I'm also looking for the roots of the Elizabeth Clyde who married James Begley Jr. It's getting interesting, have a good weekend DAS
March 29, 2003: (Thanks to David Smith for the following): Good morning Al; I received this information and thought it might be of some value to the Carruthers folks. Have a good day; DAS Hi David: I went in to the London OGS branch library yesterday. They had a small bit of info, but no Noble. Anyhow, I copied the one sheet of family info and here it is - even though the original was very faint. They clip all the obits every day, since 1981, and paste them on to pages in binders. There are 4 pages of this family name. Also, there were a bunch of letters back and forth to England, 36 pages typewritten, between Nathaniel and Joseph. This does not answer the questions posed last week, but this is all that was found. Pass it on if you like. Don
November 27, 2005: Susan Colbert is also researching the Carruthers family in the Danford Lake area. Thanks to Alexa Pritchard for the following: In Up to the North Woodland, by Henry C Heeney, I assembled info on George, Archie, his wife, and kids. Henry wrote: " Supporters The Carruthers men who lived and farmed in Balm-of-Gilead often would walk al the way down to worship in both the old and new church." According to Henry the Carruthers also lived in Aylwin. ... Alexa and thanks to Ken Armstrong for his info: Hi Alexa, Yes. a George Clifford Carruthers, b.1901 (son of Archie Carruthers from Nepean and Sarah Emeline Sparks, 2nd wife to Archie, his first wife was Elizabeth Molyneaux d. 1869) married Dora Elizabeth Begley b. 1903 ( daughter of William Begley and Rebecca Armstrong, daughter of Richard Armstrong and Elizabeth Draper, and sister to my Grandfather, Archibald Armstrong), they all lived in Aylwin, Wright County, Quebec. There were also many Carruthers in Aleyn Township, Pontiac County, Quebec at the same time, all came over from , Nepean, Huntley and March Townships, Carleton County, Ontario. Ken Armstrong
January 24, 2006: John: It was with great interest that I recently located your information regarding the ancestors of Noble Carruthers. It contained a reference to Mary Moorhead. My great-great grandmother was Mary Jane (Jenny) Moorhead, married to James Adam Armstrong of Braeside, Ontario. Given the proximity of Braeside to Sand Point, Ontario, where three of your Mary Moorhead's brothers are buried, and the fact that my Mary is buried there as well leads me to suspect a connection. Your website states that your Mary was born in 1871. The 1901 census of Ontario has my great-grandmother Mary aged 29, born June 25, 1871. I was wondering if in your investigation, if you might be able to confirm my suspicions that these two individuals are one and the same? Thank you, ... Jeff Brennan ______________________ Thanks to Diane for the following reply: Hi Jeff et al Here is what I have Ontario Archives GS 932 Reel #74 Registration # 010795 1892 SCHEDULE B MARRIAGES County of Renfrew Township of McNab 010795 His Name: John Adam Armstrong Age: 29 years Residence when married: Township of McNab Place of Birth: Clarendon Township, Quebec Bachelor or Widower: B (B or W) Rank or Profession farmer Name of Parents: Philip Armstrong Eliza Bell Her Name: Mary Jane Moorhead Age: 21 years Residence when married: Township of McNab Place of Birth: Township of Thorne, Pontiac, Quebec Spinster or Widow: S (S or W) Name of Parents: John Moorhead Margaret Seamans Name and Residence of Witnesses: Philemon Munroe, Braeside Maggie A. Moorhead. Lot 19 Con 10 McNab Date and place of Marriage: 29 June 1892 McNab Township Lot 19 Con 10 Religious Denomination of Bridegroom: Presbyterian Religious denomination of Bride: Presbyterian By Whom married: Rev. Hugh Taylor Lochwinnoch, McNab By Licence or Banns: L ................................................ John Moorhead received L31 11th Range Twp Aylwin, Pontiac Co, QC 1863 from James Moorhead's will. If this is the same John Moorhead, he was my gr-grandfather Samuel E. Moorhead's brother. ...................................... Household Record 1881 Canadian Census Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion John MOORHEAD M Male Irish 41 Ontario Farmer C. Presbyterian (b ca 1840) Margaret MOORHEAD M Female Irish 36 Quebec C. Presbyterian (b ca 1845) John MOORHEAD Male Irish 11 Quebec Going To School C. Presbyterian (bca 1870) Mary MOORHEAD Female Irish 10 Quebec C. Presbyterian (b ca 1871) Margaret MOORHEAD Female Irish 8 Quebec C. Presbyterian (b ca 1873) Stephen MOORHEAD Male Irish 6 Quebec C. Presbyterian (b ca 1875) Thomas MOORHEAD Male Irish 5 Quebec C. Presbyterian (b ca 1876) David MOORHEAD Male Irish 2 Quebec C. Presbyterian (b ca 1879) John WILKISON Male Irish 15 Quebec Going To School C. Presbyterian (B ca 1866) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source Information: Census Place Thorn, Pontiac, Quebec Family History Library Film 1375862 NA Film Number C-13226 District 98 Sub-district G Page Number 26 Household Number 98 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © 1999-2002 by Intellectual Reserve, Inc. All rights reserved. English approval: 3/1999 Use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these Conditions of Use (last updated: 3/22/1999). Privacy Policy (last updated: 10/12/2001). 27 v.2.5.0 ......................................................... 1901 Census Renfrew (South) 35 87 Moorhead John M Head M May 29 1839 61 36 87 Moorhead Margret F Wife S Jun 11 1845 55 37 87 Moorhead John Samuel M Son S Mar 22 1870 31 38 87 Moorhead Matilda E. F Daughter S Jun 2 1885 15 39 87 Moorhead James A. M Son S May 14 1889 11 ................................................ (Diane's note) I think Matilda is buried just to the left of the entrance to the Albert St. Cemetery, Arnprior, ON Sincerely ... Diane Moorhead
October 1, 2007: Hello, I was delighted to find your Site yesterday after searching for so long for the Father of John Alexander Begley b. 1840 In my research my husband -Stan Begley's grandfather was Jackson Holmes Begley b.1890 in Rosedale Manitoba. He is living in the 1901 census with his father William Begley in the house of his dead mothers' parents James and Mary Ann Ward. Jackson's b.cert states his mother as Janet Ward and his father as William b. 1864, Janet or sometimes Jannet died in 1897. Janet Margaret Ward and William Begley's marriage cert dated 31 Dec 1887 lists his parents as Rachel Begley and John Alexander Begley. I truly hope somehow I have found Johns father James b. 1797. I would be glad to pass the certs. I have onto you and hope we can clear up this discrepency somehow. Looking forward to your reply. Kindest regards ... Cathy Begley ___________________________
Thanks to Diane Moorhead for the following reply: Ontario Archives, Toronto, ON F 978 Microfilm Reel GS 522 Milverton, Perth County, Burns Presbyterian Church Baptismal Records 1861-1915 Date of Baptism:10 April 1864 Name of Baptized: Fanny Emily Stevenson Where born: Elma Father's name: John Stevenson Mother's Maiden Name: Mary Ann Alexander Date of Birth: 4 March 1864 Minister Baptizing: Wm Lowry .......................... Ontario Archives Marriage Register MS 932 Reel # 93 Registration # 11883 Groom: Ward, William Age 37 Born: Clifford Present Residence: Bachelor Occupation: Farmer Groom's Parents: Mary Ann Fearn__? James Bride: Stevenson, Francis Emily Age: 30 Born: Listowel Present Residence: Elma Twp Spinster Bride's parents: Mary Ann Alexander John Witnesses: Mrs. S.B. Stevenson, Listowel Mrs. S. J. Stevenson, Listowel Date and place of marriage: 2nd June 1897 Listowel, Religion of Groom: Methodist Religion of Bride: Presbyterian Presiding Clergy: Rev. Wm Cooper Banns or License: L ... Diane
January 6, 2008: Here's something very interesting. I've been re-reading the classic book, Irish Emigration and Canadian Settlement: Patterns, Links and Letters, by Cecil Houston and William J. Smyth, Toronto - University of Toronto Press, 1991 ISBN 080206910X (paperback) or 0802058299 (hard cover), HIST 3500 Course at Carleton University. This book references on many occasions, including some amazing emigrant letters, the family of a Nathaniel Carruthers. I think that Nathaniel Carrothers may be related to the Noble Carruthers who is the subject of this present web page. Look at the handwritten fan tree above and you will see several references to Nathaniel Carruthers. Both Nathaniel and Noble Carruthers came to Upper Canada from County Fermanagh in 1836. I'll look into this further. ... Al
September 24, 2011: Hi Al I was interested to see the pages on the Foresters in WW1 and WW11 In my one of my many lunches with my cousin Ruby Moorhead (1902-2008) she said that at the end of WW1, her father John Stephen Moorhead (1869 – 1959) was recruited by the military . He was given the rank of Sergeant, to organize and supervise the crews cleaning up the Black Forest after the war. She said he chose men from his own crews in the Gatineau and they went overseas with him. Ruby did not know the names or at least she did not mention names. As a lumberman he set up logging camps every year in the Gatineau, Ruby talked about Riviere Desert, Quebec. “Jack” John Stephen Moorhead was married to “Lizzie” Lydia Elizabeth Brooks from Low QC. They were married in Riviere Desert, Que. (Presbyterian Records) Name: MOORHEAD, JOHN STEVEN Regimental number(s): 2157301 Date of Birth: 04/09/1870 ................................................................................... I’ve attached a photo of Uncle Jack John Stephen Moorhead in his uniform. and his Attestation Paper dated 4 Jan. 1917 John Stephen Moorhead, Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1 He was 48 years of age. According to his baptismal record his birthday was 1869 not 1870. Ruby was aged 15 at the time. Anglican Diocesan Archives Reg # p 144 Baptism - Moorhead John Steven, son of Samuel Moorehead and of Isabella Moorehead, his wife, was born in Alleyne on the fourth of September Anno Domini Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-nine and was baptized by me on the twentieth of August A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy-one Wm Robt Brown Priest Isabella Morehead Samuel X Moorehead Sponsors: Noble Carruthers One of Ruby’s stories (Ruby Moorhead (1902-1908)). We’d been listening to the McGarrigles “Log Driving Man” Every winter her father John Stephen Moorhead, (1869-1959) would get a contract for logs and set up a Shanty, hiring the men, etc. in the spring before the log drive, they would invite the neighbours and families (an early block party!) and have shanty fare, baked beans and all would watch the log drive. Ruby said that one year, the logs would be going under a much needed new bridge, (I am afraid that she did not name the village or town) and everyone was worried that the logs would jam up at the bridge and take the bridge out. Uncle Jack could not swim, as Aunt Lizzie worried about him running on the logs, she did not allow him to buy those cleats or whatever the special boots were that those log driving men wore. The day of the above mentioned block party, everyone was there, the townsfolk, families and loggers. They started the drive, releasing the logs into the river. As feared, the logs jammed up at the new bridge. Everyone held their breath! ... Boom! ... There was Uncle Jack running on the logs, in his sock feet. He had thrown dynamite into the jam and was out there running on the logs. Watching him, Ruby was sure he had done this before and that he was used to running on the logs in his sock feet. ............................................................... Ottawa Citizen, Wednesday, February 15,1956. Article attached Photo of Uncle Jack Weaving is Fun John S. Moorhead, 88 year-old resident of Rideau Health and Occupational Centre at Billings Bridge, smilingly accepts the help of Miss Monique Guerin, Red Cross instructor, as he starts another weaving project. He has already woven 72 yards of curtain material as well as a number of smaller articles. .. Photo by Newton John Stephen Moorhead, 88 year old weaver in Ottawa Former Lumberjack now weaving Drapes. Seven pairs of hand-woven curtains hang at the windows of the dining room in the Rideau Health and Occupational center. They are the work of a mere "youngster" of 88 - John S. Moorhead, who until Oct. 26 1954, when ill health prompted him to take up residence at the center, was a mill owner and timber cruiser in the Gatineau and Upper Ottawa bush land! Operates Loom Mr.Moorhead was taught to operate a loom by Miss Monique Guerin who is in charge of the Red Cross arts and crafts department at the center. He wove 32 yards of material for the curtains at the rate of 40 inches a day. They are made of cotton, the weft is coral and the warp a very fine peach thread. If coral and peach sound like an odd combination the result, against the pale grey walls is lovely. The curtains were made by a seamstress at the center. Mr. Moorhead has also woven a number of woollen baby blankets in pastel combinations such as powder blue and lemon yellow. One of the has gone to a Canadian baby in Japan. He has also made several "punchwork" stuffed woollen animals for babies and tea cosies. Mr. Moorhead's weaving is just one part of the activities program at the center directed by R.J. Renaud in an effort to keep the patients happy and interested. Asked how a Gatineau sawmill owner and operator took up weaving Mr. Moorhead , who is a great josher, replied with a twinkle in his blue eyes: "They put me in here to exercise my legs at the loom." This week he started weaving neckties. Danford Lake Native Mr. Moorhead, 88, was born at Danford Lake. He went overseas in the first World War with the Canadian Forestry Corps. He was in northern France and then in charge of a mill in southern France, in a forest planted by Napoleon's order. He recalled the timber was a fine white pine, 31 inches across cut to 16-foot lengths. He is enormously proud of the fact that his company produced more board feet than any other operating there ___ 30,000 board feet a day. Mr. Moorhead returned to Canada July 11, 1919 with the rank of sergeant. He went into business for himself and remembers losing $30,000 the second year. Mr. Moorhead figures he saw his first loom about 70 years ago when women carded wool and spun the yarn themselves. He also remembers the occasion, if not the date, when troops were sent to Low to collect the taxes due. ... Diane Moorhead PS Here is a photo of Ruby Moorhead on her 105th Birthday. Ruby Moorhead, age 105
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