CARROLL Sisters from Killinure, County Wicklow, Ireland to Canada in 1853
Bridget and Dolly, and possibly Mary and Ann

New November 17, 2009:

Hi Al,
I have found these two Carroll sisters, below, in Camden at first, and but then Dolly moved to Raleigh in Kent County. It's likely that the other sisters, 
Mary and Ann, (below) also came to Camden, but they'd all have been marriageable age and since there were a lot of Carrolls in Camden, it's been 
hard to find them.

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  226 Parish     Aghowle 
           Year Listed:   1853 
   Surname   Carroll 
          Reference No.     4 
   Group Members: 
   Mary 28. Sisters: Ann 26, Bridget 21, Dolly 16. 
   Voyage       Townland 
  Ship  Harmony      As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure  New Ross      Killinure 
   Arrival           Official 
   Other Information    Holding 
   Chest/Graves in side column.
Source: Surplus People by Jim Rees and it's companion CD

... Anne

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