John CARROLL and Elizabeth BYRNE
Ballynultagh, County Wicklow, Ireland to Bytown / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1852

January 9, 2009:

Anne has discovered another family who came from Ballynultagh with the many immigrants 
who came from the Fitzwilliam Estate in County Wicklow between 1847 and 1856. 

It took a bit of fiddling with the spelling of Carroll to nail this one down, Al:
CARROLL, John and BYRNE, Elizabeth; Michael; Joanna; James 
from Ballynultagh, County Wicklow, Ireland to Bytown (Ottawa, ON).
What was interesting was that Michael Carroll married Helen/Ellen Byrne, another FW body, 
d/o Michael Byrne and Julia Darcy. 
Lots of Byrnes in the mix: James Carroll married Roseanne Presley, daughter of  
Thomas Presley / Prestley and Catherine Byrne, and according to that Ancestry piece I sent yesterday, 
Thomas and Catherine were also from County Wicklow.
... Anne Burgess
New April 13, 2014: Hello Anne, I have just found your "Bytown or Bust" website! You have found the answer to my much long asked question, where my Carroll ancestors came from in Ireland. The answer the Fitzwilliam Estates in Co Wicklow. John Carroll and Elizabeth Burns and Thomas Presley and Catherine Burns are my 2x Great grandparents. I wonder if you know of people who share this ancestry, that I might connect and share with? Thank you for input into Bytown or Bust. Deborah Carroll _____________________________ Hello Deborah, Iím so glad that Bytown or Bust note was helpful to you. I remember the rejoicing here when someone gave me a clue to my own familyís birthplace (Parkmore on the FW Estate). Iíve attached a map of some of the townlands in the Estate; Ballynultagh is about the middle of the page; and Iíve attached as well a copy of the emigration notice for your family. I may have some baptismal records for the Carroll children Ė Iíll dig through the paperwork here to see what I can come up with. I donít know of anyone researching the Prestleys, but why donít you send a note asking that to Al Lewis (he owns Bytown or Bust) and he will post it, and surely someone will respond. Heís at Good luckÖAnne ________________________________ Hi again, Deborah: I must have had at one time access to the index to Clonmore parish records, and I found these baptisms for your family (but sadly no sponsors listed). The interesting thing is that the Carroll family was living in Killinure at that time, not Ballynultagh, so Iíve attached the other half of that map. Killinure is west of Ballynultagh (the squares = 1 mile). 1820-11-10 Bap. Judith (= Johanna or Julia) d/o John Carroll and Elizabeth Byrne Killinure 1827-12-08 Bap. John s/o John Carroll and Elizabeth Byrne Killinure 1835-07-24 Bap. Anne d/o John Carroll and Elizabeth Byrne Killinure 1823-03-12 Bap. Mary d/o John Carroll and Elizabeth Byrne Killinure Hope this is helpful. ... Anne __________________________ Hello Al, Many thanks for your response. Please add my name to researchers on your web site. I do not have much Carroll info, but intend to join ancestry to find more. Could you post my name as a searcher for common branches of the Carroll, Burns, Presley, Hickey, Gibson, Walsh and Maloney families. I can do as my health permits. I hope your cold improves soon. Deborah __________________________ Deborah has sent along transcripts showing the baptisms of the children named above. The following excerpt from one of the documents is a wonderful example of the origin and emigration of one of the families who came from the Fitzwilliam Estate to Ottawa in 1852. ... Al
John Carroll and Elizabeth Byrnes / Burns, 1852
and here are a couple of records from Notre Dame Cathedral on Sussex Drive in downtown Ottawa, Canada. (Source: Drouin Records at 20 Feb 1855 After dispensing with banns, marriage of Bernard Donough of Bytown, adult son of Peter Donough and Sara Donnelly, to Johanna Carroll of Bytown, adult daughter of John Carroll and Elizabeth Byrne / Burns James Carroll & Mary Keough 24 May 1855 After dispensing with banns, marriage of Michael Carroll of Bytown, adult son of John Carroll and Elizabeth Burns, to Helena Byrne of Bytown, adult daughter of Michael Byrne and Julia Dorsey / Darcy Joseph Bastien & John Kearns ... Al

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