William CARR and Margaret LARRETT
also STYLES from County Carlow, Ireland
and William HARRIS from England
all to Fitzroy Township, Ontario, Canada

Dear Mr. Lewis,
I don't see the CARR family of Fitzroy Township mentioned. My husband's 
great great grandfather, William Carr, was born abt. 1800 in County Tipperary, 
Ireland & came with his wife, Margaret Larrett, to Fitzroy, (maybe around 
1835), & had some 16 children there. Many are in the Epworth Cemetery 
on the Fitzroy - Torbolton townline.
If you don't have this information, I can fill you in. Maybe their surname 
wasn't originally Carr, but something Gaelic; O'Carragh has been suggested. 
And they were Protestants too. Let me know if I can help add to your 
historical site. Thanks.
Mary Harris         

Dear Mr. Lewis, Yes, there sure are plenty Carrs! But most of them were girls & the boys who married seem to have lines that died out. I haven't managed to find anyone living with the Carr name yet, but there must still be some somewhere! These searches are never really over, so I'll keep looking. The list that follows is just a small sample of the information that I have, & must give credit to a very kind & dedicated fellow researcher, Evelyn McShane, out in Sask. who gave me the bulk of the info. She is seeking connections to the LARRETTs, so you might want to include that name too in your files. I can ask her if she wishes to have her e-mail address included with her info. I'm sure she would. And yes, please include my e-mail address along with my CARR info. & I would be more than happy to correspond with anyone who is interested in that name. 1. WILLIAM CARR was born about 1800 in County Tipperary, Ireland & died January 26, 1896 in Fitzroy Twp., Carleton County. He is buried in the Epworth Cemetery on the old Fitzroy-Torbolton townline, along with his wife, Margaret. Many of his descendants are buried there too. 2. MARGARET LARRETT was born about 1814 in County Tipperary, Ireland & died November 27, 1882 in Fitzroy Twp. & is buried with her husband, William in the Epworth Cemetery. Children of William Carr & Margaret Larrett are: i. Elizabeth b. about 1834, Ireland ii. Mary Ann b. about 1835, Fitzroy Township iii. Grace b. about 1837, Fitzroy iv. Anne b. about 1840, Fitzroy v. Joseph b. January 22, 1838, Fitzroy vi. William John b. June, 1842, Fitzroy vii. Margaret b. about 1844, Fitzroy viii. John A. b. June 24, 1849, Fitzroy ix. Ellen b. about 1850, Fitzroy x. Maria Ellen b. March 18, 1851, Fitzroy xi. Susan Jane b. March 1852, Fitzroy xii. Charlotte Ann b. 1858, Fitzroy xiii. Rebecca Ann b. about 1856, Fitzroy xiv. Selina Francis b. 1860, Fitzroy xv. James Thomas b. about 1863, Fitzroy xvi. Henry b. 1865, Fitzroy That should keep you busy for a while. (I'm sure it kept Mrs. Carr pretty busy!) Let me know whatever else you need to know. Mary
Dear Al, I have been given permission, by Evelyn McShane, to give you her e-mail address so that parties interested in the Larrett family from County Tipperary, Ireland may exchange information with her. You will find it at the bottom of this message. Also, Evelyn has compiled a lot of information on the Styles family of Fitzroy Twp., who came originally from County Carlow. The Styles are quite interwoven with the Larretts, Carrs & Pierces of Fitzroy too. Evelyn or I would be glad to hear from anyone researching these people. Mary Harris
July 7, 2002: This is an e-mail from Wendy Parent and Colleen Murdison (nee Larrett). We are attempting to locate a family history for Emma Elizabeth Larrett (nee Flood) born 1884 in Beachburg Ontario. She was married to John Peter Larrett born 1885 Eauclaire, Ontario. These people would be our grandparents. Our father was Roy Larrett the last child of the above mentioned people. We are trying to trace a family history especially on our Grandmother's side. We are becoming frustrated in our search. Do you have any information that could help us or any suggestions where we could find information. Are any of you distant cousins? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Wendy/Colleen ============= Wendy and Colleen: It's possible that the following "Phebe Larriet", living with the John Brown family in 1881 is Phoebe Larrett who may be related to your Larrett family. Here's the 1881 census information for Westmeath County, Renfrew North: Source: FHL Film 1375870 NAC C-13234 Dist 114 SubDist K Div 2 Page 29 Family 119 Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion John BROWN M M 40 English Ontario Farmer Church of England Sarah BROWN F M 25 Scottish Ontario Church of England Harriett BROWN F 5 English Ontario Church of England Phebe LARIETT F 3 English Ontario Church of England ... Al
November 30, 2003: Hi Al, Some time ago, I sent you some info. on the CARR family of Fitzroy Twp., Carleton County. The links to e-mail myself or Evelyn McShane have now changed. I am to be reached at scotincanada@gmail.com You will find Evelyn at e.mcshane@sasktel.net now. Thanks! Mary Harris (new addresses incorporated below ... Al)
February 2, 2015: Hi Al: It's been a while, but we have been in touch before. I just wanted to update you on some of my findings about the origins of the HARRIS family of Fitzroy Township. William HARRIS (1826 - 1886) was a mystery for a long time. We knew he was a stone mason from England and that he just popped up in Fitzroy when he married Maria Ann PIERCE in 1874 at the age of 48 years. Where was he all this time? His marriage registration gave his parents as James HARRIS and Mary SPICER. I traced a couple by that name, with a son William born in 1826, to Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, England but I was not quite convinced yet. Then I found the 1844 passenger list for the "St. Ann" carrying "Buckingham's poor" into Quebec. Aboard was an 18 year old stone mason named William HARRIS. Still not sure about all of this, I had my husband take a Y DNA test and yes indeed, his HARRIS line does come from Buckinghamshire! So where was William HARRIS for 30 missing years? I think in Quebec. William and Maria's son, William John HARRIS (1879 - 1952), had a little cabin in the hamlet of Grove Creek, Quebec. These were not wealthy folks and this was long before having a cottage was popular, so my thinking is that this was William HARRIS' original homestead. I believe bachelor William worked away at his trade for many years until one day he found himself doing a job on the Ontario side and met a young lady, married her and stayed. I also believe William came to Canada alone as I don't see any trace of relatives on this side of the water. William and Maria had twins William Henry and Hannah in 1874. William Henry died in infancy but Hannah lived to marry Henry SMITH and had a large family. Sarah Jane was born in 1876 and married Michael WHELAN and they had 2 daughters. James born in 1877 married Emma SMITH and they had a large family. William John born in 1879 married Frances CARR (cousin to Emma SMITH) and they had 5 children. I believe all the male lines have run out now with the exception of my husband and I who have 4 sons! ... Mary Harris

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