Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada
including the village of Carp

now part of the City of Ottawa
History and Genealogy

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
May 29, 2012:

We were in Carp yesterday and stopped in at Christ Church (Anglican) Church and Cemetery just south of the village.
The Anglicans in this area were originally served by missionaries from the Philemon Wright settlement at Hull, Quebec,
and later by the minister on the Pinhey Estate in neighbouring March Township. Assistance in
building this church was provided by Colonel Arthur Lloyd. Reverend James Godfrey was installed here in 1853.

There are many pioneer families represented in this cemetery: Rivington, Armstrong, Powell and Cavanagh, to name a few.
We'll be returning to get photographs of some of the tombstones and a picture of the Orange Lodge building across the road.

Christ Church, Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada Christ Church Anglican at near Carp, Ontario, Canada Cairn at Christ Church, Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada
November 30, 2010: The Origins and Early History of Carp Village, by Bruce Elliott, ISBN 0-9689158-1-7 published by the Huntley Township Historical Society. Available at the Kanata / Beaverbrook Branch of the Ottawa Public Library. __________________________________ February 4, 2004: Hi Al: Here is a new publication for those whose ancestors were in Huntley Township. As you can see the index posted here includes surnames from the book. It is available from the Huntley Historical society. Linda _______________________________ In the 1800's there were many connections between the villages of Richmond, Stittsville, Hazeldean and Carp. One of my uncles was from the Tenth Line of Goulbourn, central to all of these villages. His family had come from County Cavan to Goulbourn Township. He played hockey for the 1923 Stittsville team and gave me a picture of that team. The names of the players include Wilson, Cathcart, Argue and Bradley (several of each). He and I used to troll for lake trout for days on end in the 1950's and 1960's and it was the best history lesson a boy could have. The Stittsville hockey team travelled to Carp by horse-drawn sleigh to play against the Rivington / Richardson teams. They had buffalo robes and torch lamps for the trip. Sorry for the digression, but those were good memories! For, the history of Carp written by Dr. Bruce Elliott, see

March 30, 2008:
Map of the Village of Carp, Ontario in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Village of Carp in 1879
Landowners are named Kidd, Lyttle and Cavanagh / Cavanaugh.
September 13, 2008: The following map shows some of the nineteenth century farms in the area close to Carp: Source: Extract from Map of Huntley Township in 1879 Edward Armstrong, Reeve of Huntley Township in 1878 Village of Carp in 1879 Edward Armstrong, Reeve of Huntley Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1878 T. Wilson has a tannery. Other farm owners are Peever, McQuoid / McQuaid, Cavanagh, James Johnston, Dolan, Kidd, Rivington, Caldwell and Henry McBride.
December 21, 2009: HI Al: Just a bit of follow-up on the Bradley family & publications by the Huntley Township Historical Society. There are 5 references to Bradley families in their publications 'Pioneer families series, Vol. 1 contains Jacob Bradley & Nancy Little; William Brown Bradley & Catherine Clements, Francis Henry Cunningham & Florence Emily Bradley; Samuel Tetlock Bradley & Margaret Alexander. Vol 3 contains Abraham Wilson & Georgiana Bradley. Here is the link for all names published in the Pioneer series: These pamphlets can be purchased from the Huntley Township Historical Society. ... Linda Falls

March 2, 2010: Burroughs and Booth Families in early Huntley Hi, fellow researchers - I was totally in 7th heaven to have received all of the wonderful information that you sent to me. And, Al, I do not at all mind if you put any information of mine on your web page. I am apologizing in advance for the three family record sheets I am attaching of the Robert Booth, John B. Burroughs and the James Bartholomew families, for their being typed on the forms that I use. I do not have my information entered on any computer programs, such as Family Tree Marker, but I do have lots of information stored as documents under my various family files. For starters, I believe you will gain some information from this forms. I have searched the Canadian census records, (1851 through 1881), and some marriage and death records. I certainly found lots of different spellings for the Burroughs, such as Burrows, Borris, Borroughs, and Burrougs. (Do note that Isabella Burroughs married John Leach Griffith, and Mark Burroughs married Catherine Griffith). Also, please feel free to forward these to the other researchers if you wish. I have only addressed this to the two of you that I have heard from. ... Freda Saiger Note: There is more detail from Freda and a detailed response from Rory Griffith on the Griffith Family web page, dated February 2010, and a wonderful photograph of Thomas Hamilton Burroughs on our new Burroughs and Booth page. ... Al
June 8, 2020: John Carruthers and Margaret McRae Scotland to Burritt's Rapids, Carp, Horton Township and Ottawa Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following. There is a lot of historical information contained in this newspaper article. Keywords in this article: Cathcart, Captain William Bradley, Holmes Corners, Gow, Brown, Mulligan, Richardson, Graham, Morris, Boucher, Barton, Mooney, Mrs. Robert Wilson, Argue, Sutherland, Warwick, Andrews, Reid, Brown, McVeigh, Woods, Baldwin, Lansberry, Armstrong, Young, Humphries. I believe that Mrs. Robbie Wilson was married to Christiana Richardson. Mrs. James Cowan of Huntley Township and Ottawa, Canada
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