The CARNWITH family
from Ireland to Perth, Ontario (mid 1820's) and to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

May 6, 2002:
Hi Al,

I am currently researching 3 Carnwith families.  The
Carnwith name has been corrupted into numerous spelling variations.  I have
seen it Canwith, Canwaith, Cornwith, Camwith, Carnwath, and more. 
(also Cornworth ... Al)

The Carnwith family originally emigrated from Ireland around mid 1820s to Perth, 
Lanark County.  The three families are:
John Canwith and his wife Sarah, children Mary Ann, Eliza, Margaret, Sarah,
Harriett, and William Stuart.
William and his wife Mary Thorton (Thornton ?)and their children Cath, Ann, Margaret,
James, Lizzie, John, Martha Jane, and William.
Charles Canwith and his wife Susan Devlin.

By 1871 William Canwith was deceased and his widow, Mary Thorton and the
rest of the family,  moved to Ottawa (it appears from census records that she
joined her eldest son James - James did not appear in the 1861 with the rest
of the family).

Any help with this family would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.

Anne Reynolds
Mount Albert, Ontario
December 17, 2011: Hello Al. My Name is Paul Harris. I have a unusual hobby of collecting Zippo lighters. I recently bought a lighter with the signature of Bill Carnwith on it. The lighter was made in 1949 an was most likely sent to Zippo from a Canadian city Close to Niagara Falls to have the signature engraved by them .
1949 Zippo Lighter belonging to Bill Carnwith
The name is unusual and I like to research all of my collectibles. Just wanting to know if you may know of anyone with that name, and or any ancestors of Mr. Carnwith. Regards, Paul Harris _____________________________ See Paul's web site at ... Al
January 9, 2013: Hello all. My name is John Thornton. I am a direct decendant of Mary Thornton's brother, John. My cousin, Ben, may have also contacted you with some information, or he may have gotten the information from you. The Thorntons emigrated from County Kilkenny, Ireland to Perth in 1825. Through his research Ben discovered that Mary and William had 12 children. Also that Mary was named after her Mother (my great (x4) Grandmother) and that William was from Scotland and was a Brewer by profession. Whether or not this information is accurate, I cannot say for sure. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Again, I'm not sure if you have this information already but thought I'd relay it to you. Mary THORNTON & William CARNWITH - 12 children 1. Frances CARNWITH b. 1839 2. James CARNWITH b.? Baptised 1840, Perth 3. Elizabeth CARNWITH b.Oct.15,1842, Perth 4. Catherine Isabella McCallum CARNWITH b. Nov. 26, 1844 5. Ann Rae CARNWITH b. Nov.16, 1845/6 6. Margaret CARNWITH b.1848 7. William CARNWITH b.July 14,1849 8. Mary Elizabeth CARNWITH b. Feb.1, 1852 mar. May 17, 1867 to William Ramsay McKENZIE 9. John CARNWITH b. May 2, 1854 10. William Spalding CARNWITH b. Nov.23, 1856 d. Dec. 8, 1857, Perth, Ontario, of whooping cough 11. Martha Jane CARNWITH b. May 12,1859 at Clayton Village (in Lanark Township) 12. William Drew CARNWITH b. July 16, 1861 at Clayton ... John Thornton

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