Carlsbad Springs
Russell Township, Ontario, Canada
originally called CATHARTIC for the healing powers of the natural springs

April 23, 2010: (map and text added)
Map Source: The Chronicle of Carlsbad Springs, by James Collins, page 18. Names: Forsythe, Tierney, Eastman, Hall, McDonald, Mer Bleu, Russell Road, Bear Brook. Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada, Map dated 1860
Text Source below: Where the Heck is Balaheck? - Unusual Place names from Eastern Ontario, by Michael Dawber, page 34. Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada, Origin of the name
July 9, 2003: Hi Al: I have just finished reading a delightful book that truly captures the life and times of Carlsbad Springs from the late 1860's until the 1920's. It tells wonderful tales of what those early pioneer days were like and the book also includes period pictures, poems and much more. The chronicle is entertaining, informative and inspiring as we learn to appreciate not only what these pioneers had to endure but also what they achieved. The Book is called THE CHRONICLES OF CARLSBAD SPRINGS and was originally written from 1915-1925 by James Collins (1879-1936). It was compiled from his original hand written manuscripts and self published by Kevin Collins (his nephew) who is a loyal contributor to this website. If you had relatives who were homesteading anywhere in Carleton County (or Russell) back then this book provide a vivid and poignant picture of their lives, their commitment to their farms and their fledging community. I highly recommend it and I would suggest you reach Kevin at for your copy. Congratulations Kevin! What a wonderful treasury of those pioneer days and the legacy they left us. Kevin's e-mail address is and his Collins famaily web site is at Best regards Jim McKenna

April 1, 2008:
Map of the Village of Cathartic (Carlsbad Springs), Ontario in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps

Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada Cathartic Village in 1879

The springs brought thousands of visitors to a grand resort at Carlsbad Springs. The springs were part of Bear Brook / Bearbrook which flows through the village. One of the springs is shown at the left on the map. S. Minions has 90 acres, north of the brook; H. McGoverin / McGovern, has 98 acres to the south. ... Al
March 7, 2010: Hey lads, my great grandmother was Hannah Johnson, an instrumental figure in the creation of Johnson's Hotel in Carlsbad Springs. She was a real pioneer woman, wore pants, worked alongside the men, and would have a drink or two as well. I spent many a summer at the hotel, bringing clients from the train station and showing them to their rooms. Many fond memories. If there is anything you can tell me about Hannah it would be greatly appreciated. thx, Frank Johnson. ___________________________________________ Good morning, Mr. Johnson: Thanks for your e-mail and the story of your ancestors and their connection to Johnson's Hotel in Carlsbad Springs. Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to our page at as a contact for other researchers? Also, a picture of the hotel would be a nice addition to our web page, if you have one. I remember going to a hotel in Carlsbad Springs on Saturday afternoons in the 1960's to watch Ottawa Rough Rider home games on TV. The city of Ottawa was blacked out, but the Hotel had a high antenna and gould pull in the games from the Kingston or Montreal stations. Thanks again for this. ... Al ______________________________ Hey Al, yes you can add that mail to the site.I also am looking for a photo of the springs, but the place you watched the RR was not Johnson's, but about 1 mile east of it. thx. f johnson.
March 13, 2010: Carlsbad Springs Hotel, Ontario, Canada, in 1968
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Photo Source below: The Chronicle of Carlsbad Springs, by James Collins, page 92. Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada, Church of St. Lawrence in 1919

New October 11, 2010: Photos by, October 10, 2010 Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada, French Sign Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada, English Plaque Keywords: Eastman, Boyd
Bear Brook , Bearbrook at Carlsbad Springs, Ontario, Canada
Keywords: Bear Brook, Plantagenet

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