Emigration from County Carlow to the Ottawa area in the 1800's

February 11, 2006:

Anne Burgess has noticed that quite a few families in the Ottawa area came from
Borris, County Carlow, Ireland in the 1800's. She has sent in a link to the RC registers
for the Borris area of County Carlow from 1782 to 1853. Here it is: 


This register contains some of the names on the persons hoping to emigrate from
Counties Wexford, Wicklow and Carlow, many of whom did come to eastern Ontario and
western Quebec. Bruce Elliott has written a very interesting article regarding 
this list and how the 1798 Rebellion led to many families emigrating.

From Anne:
You're most welcome, Al--it was a surprise to me when Della Hendrick Dupuis 
found her the online baptism of her gggfather, Michael Hendrick (m. Margaret 
Balfe) and siblings in the 1790s in Borris parish. I didn't think family 
history was ever that easy! The Hendrick couple later lived in Kennystown, 
Co. Wicklow, and came to the Meech Creek settlement from there, c1846. They 
seemed to know the Dalys from Ireland, and Thomas Daly worked on the Canal.

Andrew Hunt (mother a Murphy), the ggfather of my cousin Elizabeth Stuart in 
Osgoode, was also baptized in Borris parish. He married a Mary Balfe in 
Brockville c1842, and settled in Kitley, south of Smiths Falls. The Hunts 
were connected to the Fenlons by marriage (lots of Fenlons in Borris).

William Kelly of the McCabe List came from Powerscourt, Kilkenny--about 5 miles 
from Borris. He was also connected to Fenlons, and I believe it's his family 
that settled in Osgoode. (Mr. Lorne Kelly has written The William Kelly Story).

You'd think there must be some Carlow link to local settlement, wouldn't 
you? I hope I gave you the link to the full Carlow IGP site: 

... Anne

John Kehoe / Keough, an early settler in Osgoode, also came from Borris, County Carlow,
as did Anthony Doyle, also in Osgoode.

Other folks from Carlow who settled in Osgoode and South Gloucester areas include 
Sylvester Doyle, John Blanchfield, Patrick Blanchfield, Thomas Corcoran, 
Flood, Kearns, Murphy, James Nolan, Edward Byrne (Burns), Shanahan, McGrath, Lyons and Ryan. 
Did these people all know 
each other back in the old country? All of these names appear in the Borris, County 
Carlow, registers.

Note: There were other pioneers in Osgoode and Gloucester with the above surnames
who did not come from Carlow.
... Al

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