Canadian Forestry Corps
Persons Recruited from the Ottawa, Canada area

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
September 22, 2011:

The Ottawa and Gatineau Valleys, situated at one of the centres of the lumbering industry 
in Canada, was a natural recruitment area for members of the Canadian Forestry Corps during both 
WW1 and WW2.

Bob Briggs is researching the men of the Canadian Forestry Corps. The following photo shows 
Number 1 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps, in Scotland in 1941. No. 1 Company was made up 
mostly of men from the Ottawa area.

Bob is looking to identify the men in the photograph below. If you were a member of the
Canadian Forestry Corps (or are descended from one). we want to hear from you. You can 
compare notes with Bob and help him with his research and you can also record the 
individual stories of an important group of men from the Ottawa Valley.

Company No. 1, Canadian Forestry Corps, in Scotland in 1941
Company No. 1, Canadian Forestry Corps in Scotland in 1941
In the above photograph it is difficult to distinguish individuals. Here are some photos of men who Bob has recognized. He has extracted the individual photos from the group photo. Kenneth Henderson from the Gracefield, Quebec, area. (Buried at St. James Anglican Cemetery in Gracefield)
Left Photo: Kenneth Henderson in the middle. Right Photo: Kenneth Henderson and Oliver Clouthier and four friends. Oliver Clouthier came from Petawawa, an important forestry centre in Renfrew County. Kenneth Henderson, Canadian Forestry Corps in World War 2 Kenneth Henderson and Oliver Clouthier, Canadian Forestry Corps in World War 2
Stan Flynn was from the Gatineau Valley. Major Bonnar was my hockey coach in the 1950's ... Al Lewis Oliver Clouthier Major Robert Bonnar Stan Flynn Oliver Clouthier, Canadian Forestry Corps in World War 2 Major Robert Bonnar, Canadian Forestry Corps in World War 2 Stan Flynn, Canadian Forestry Corps in World War 2
Yesterday, we set up a new web page for native Canadians from Maniwaki (River Desert) who served in the Canadian Forestry Corps.
September 23, 2011: Hi Al I was interested to see the pages on the Foresters in WW1 and WW11 In my one of my many lunches with my cousin Ruby Moorhead (1902-2008) she said that at the end of WW1, her father John Stephen Moorhead (1869 - 1959) was recruited by the military . He was given the rank of Sergeant, to organize and supervise the crews cleaning up the Black Forest after the war. She said he chose men from his own crews in the Gatineau and they went overseas with him. Ruby did not know the names or at least she did not mention names. As a lumberman he set up logging camps every year in the Gatineau, Ruby talked about Riviere Desert, Quebec. "Jack" John Stephen Moorhead was married to "Lizzie" Lydia Elizabeth Brooks from Low QC. They were married in Riviere Desert, Que. (Presbyterian Records) Name: MOORHEAD, JOHN STEVEN Regimental number(s): 2157301 Date of Birth: 04/09/1870 ................................................................................... I've attached a photo of Uncle Jack John Stephen Moorhead in his uniform. and his Attestation Paper dated 4 Jan. 1917 John Stephen Moorhead, Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1 He was 48 years of age. According to his baptismal record his birthday was 1869 not 1870. Ruby was aged 15 at the time. Anglican Diocesan Archives Reg # p 144 Baptism - Moorhead John Steven, son of Samuel Moorehead and of Isabella Moorehead, his wife, was born in Alleyne on the fourth of September Anno Domini Eighteen Hundred and Sixty-nine and was baptized by me on the twentieth of August A.D. Eighteen Hundred and Seventy-one Wm Robt Brown Priest Isabella Morehead Samuel X Moorehead Sponsors: Noble Carruthers
September 24, 2011: Thanks to Allen Craig for the following information: Hi All, There is an excellent history of the Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1 entitled The Canadian Forestry Corps Its Inception and Growth available online free here This history written in 1919 is a distillation of the historical records of the Corps collected in 1917, 1918, and 1919 by Lt J. B. Davies the Corps historian. The historical records themselves provide a huge amount of detail about the various forestry companies stationed in England, Scotland, France and Belgium; these records can be viewed online by going to the Library and Archives, Canada, War Diaries of the First World War database and searching on "Forestry" . Hope this is of some interest. Regards, Allen Craig
September 29, 2011: Thanks to Bob Briggs for the following list of names from a SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE, 4 APRIL, 1940 Canadian Forestry Corps. Maj. Robert BONNAR. Maj. Duncan Archibald MACPHAIL, M.B.E. Capt. Robert Kenneth ALLEN. Capt. George Me Alpine THOMAS. Capt. John Thomas WESTMAN. Lt. Oliver CLOUTHIER. £21002 W.O. I (S.M.) George William UPTON. 1,50184 W.O. II (C.S.M.) Stuart THOMSON. 048029 S/Sergt. George Milton McCREADY. H562i6 Sergt. John William Joseph Francois HEBERT. H563io Sergt. Frederick James McKAY. 617166 Sergt. Melville John POST. £62662 Sergt. Donald Maxwell SMITH. 1*53372 Sergt. William STARCHUK.
October 1, 2011: Even though my main interest is the WW2 CFC at this time my great grandfather was in the CFC in WW1 Here is something of interest to you folks in Ottawa from Canadian Forestry Corps, C.E.F. The Canadian Forestry Corps had particularly close associations with the Ottawa Valley. Many of the men came from that region; three of the corps' five senior officers, (Major-General Alexander McDougall, Brigadier-General John White, Colonel Gerald White) had been valley timber merchants and contractors before the war. Corps operations were compared favourably to the best mills in the Ottawa area. Cheers ... Bob Briggs
October 2, 2011:
Source: Hurling Down the Pine by John W. Hughson and Courtney C.J. Bond, page 56 Lumberermen Join the Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1
Thanks for the posting and the extra info from the book Al, lots of work eh. Here are 2 more photos of a Charles Thomas Doughty of the 9th from the Ottawa area, Maniwaki. He, like a lot of the soldiers, brought a Scottish war bride home. The first photo shows Charles Thomas Dougherty, taken with his two brothers (James in the middle & Richard) before he left for overseas. Charles is in uniform. All the brothers served overseas, James in the Air Force & Richard in the Army, Algonquin regiment.
Charles Thomas Doughty in the Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1 Doughty Brothers from Maniwaki, Quebec, WW2
... Bob
October 4, 2011: Hi Al, William Joseph Gagnon was also from Maniwaki, Quebec. he was with the No.3 Coy Canadian Forestry Corps. His story can be found at The Memory Project. Daniel Joseph Whiteduck was from the River Desert Band at Maniwaki, Quebec. He too was with the No. 3 Coy Canadian Forestry Corp. William Joseph Gagnon and Daniel Joseph Whiteduck Wedding, 1942, William Joseph Gagnon
William Joseph Gagnon and Joseph Whiteduck in the Canadian Forestry Corps in WW2 William Joseph Gagnon, wedding 1942
No. 3 Coy was from Quebec City. Cheers, Al Bob Briggs
January 6, 2012: Jim Miller is researching his Dad's (Alfred Robert James Miller) service in the Canadian Forestry Corps in WW2.
January 8, 2012: Thanks to Bob Briggs for the following information regarding Peter Malcolmson MORLEY.
This will record the death by cancer of Peter Morley on January 27, 1993. He had just completed 80 years of a full and interesting life. He was born in England and educated at Marlborough College there, University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry, (B.Sc.F. 1936) and McGill University in Montreal where he took a Master of Science degree in 1938. For two years he worked for the Forest Insects Division of the Department of Agriculture in Ottawa. Enlisting in the Army in 1940, he spent the war years with the Canadian Forestry Corps in Canada, Scotland, and in Northwest Europe. He was mentioned in despatches and was discharged with the rank of Major. For fourteen years after the war, he worked for Canadian International Paper Company in Gatineau, Quebec as a supervisor and manager. From 1960 till retirement in 1978, he worked for Consolidated Bathurst in Pembroke, Ontario as a Manager and in Montreal head office as manager of corporate development for wood products and special projects. ... more information at
February 6, 2012: Another great photograph from Bob: Hi Al I have been researching another Canadian Forestry Corps company that originated out of Ottawa I have included a few photos and some notes - does anyone recognize any of the men in the picture? ... Bob Briggs
No. 8 Company, Canadian Forestry Corps Canadian Mobilization Point - Ottawa, Ont Mobilization Date - 17 Jul 1940 Arrived in Scotland - 1 Mar 1941 Ceased Operations in Scotland - 7 Oct 1943 Camps Occupied in Scotland - Cawdor South (Inchyettle), Cawdor, Nairn-Shire Photograph taken at the Cartier Square Drill Hall, Ottawa Canadian Forestry Corps, #8, before leaving Ottawa, Canada for Scotland, in 1941
April 16, 2012: Hi Al Spotted this when reading The Carp Review 9 Aug. 1917. I don't know whether or not it fits with your section on the Foresters, but thought I'd pass it on. I don't have any information on this man (Walter Bracey) or his family. ... Diane
Private Walter Bracey Walter Bracey, Canadian Forestry Corps, visits relatives at Carp, Ontario, Canada, in 1917
Here is the Walter Bracey family in the 1911 census for Huntley Township. Source 18 131 Bracey Walter J M Head M Sep 1882 28 19 131 Bracey Elizabeth F Wife M Sep 1886 24 20 131 Bracey Clarabell F Daughter S Feb 1906 5 21 131 Bracey Florence F Daughter S Mar 1908 3
October 27, 2012: Here is a link to the work by Bob Briggs regarding the Canadian Forestry Corps.
New August 14, 2022: Thanks to Pauline Johns for the following information about her grandfather, Paul (Napoleon Charles) Sabourin:
Paul (Napoleon Charles) Sabourin. Canadian Forestry Corps in WW1
Allan Lewis, you can post his name and photo. Paul (Napoleon Charles) Sabourin (1897-1959) had originally signed up when he was still 17 in 1915 and when he was 18 in 1916 he joined the A company 139th Battalion for a few months but was discharged in Canada as being medically unfit. He had a hernia. He then joined the Railway and Forestry Unit in 1917 and went to England, embarking 27-11-1917 on the HMC Metagama in Halifax He served in the 132 Coy at Carlisle. He returned to Canada on the Caronia in 1919. His parents ran a hotel in East Templeton. On the latter attestation form he lists his employment as cook.
Posted by Pauline to the Facebook Group Renfrew County Genealogy, Ontario, Canada
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