Caledonia Township, Ontario, Canada
Including the villages of Caledonia Springs, Fenaghvale and Caledonia Flats
Prescott County, Ontario, History and Genealogy

New March 30, 2011:

Caledonia Township, in Prescott County, Ontario, is located about half-way between the cities of
Montreal and Ottawa. It was settled beginning in the 1830's by pioneers from Ireland, Scotsmen spilling 
over from Glengarry Township and later by hundreds of French families who came from the over-crowded
farms and seigneuries across the Ottawa River in Quebec.

Similar to Carlsbad Springs in Russell Township, it attracted many annual
visitors to the healing powers of the spring water at Caledonia Springs. This village was on the
railway line between Montreal and Ottawa and was a tourist attraction in the 1800's. 
The other main village is Caledonia Flats.

Caledonia Springs Hotel, 1872 Photo Source: Library and Archives, Canada Photo Caledonia Springs Hotel, Ontario, Canada, in 1872
Eastern half of Caledonia Township in 1881 Map Source: McGill University Digital Atlas Project Map of the eastern half of Caledonia Township, Ontario, Canada
Names of settlers in Caledonia Township in 1881 Source: McGill University Digital County Atlas Project - Caledonia Township Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Bradley William Prescott Caledonia Farmer Ireland Cross James Prescott Caledonia Farmer Ireland Cross William Prescott Caledonia Caledonia, Canada Ross George Prescott Caledonia Farmer Ross Joseph Prescott Caledonia Farmer; Reeve Caledonia, Canada Sproule John Prescott Caledonia Farmer Ireland Terry Thomas Prescott Caledonia Farmer Ireland Woods John Prescott Caledonia Farmer; Councillor Ireland Donald Ross is researching his Robert Nixon and Catherine Anderson descendants. They came from County Tyrone, Ireland to Caledonia Township by the mid 1850's.

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