Margaret BYRNE and sons Patrick and John
From County Wicklow, Ireland to Bytown / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1852

New January 26, 2009:

Hi Al,
Since I have these Clonmore records, I've been coming at the families on the CD sometimes 
by accident.
Attached is the emigration notice for Margaret Byrne; the children's Clonmore baptisms 
show the parents of this Ballyraghine family to be Owen Byrne and Margaret Byrne.
And also attached are the Ottawa marriage records (same page) for Patrick and John Byrne, 
sons of Owen and Margaret Byrne. (We discussed these two earlier, I think, but I hope I 
haven't already given you the conclusion below!)
If these two sons were in Bytown, then the rest of the family must have arrived in 1852 as 
well, too late for the 1851 census. So I believe we now have another FW family for our chart.
I'll see if I can find some of the others, and then I'll send you the listing for the chart.

I've gone through the Drouin records for Ottawa without finding the rest of the family, so 
I'll go with Margaret, John and Patrick for the moment. Their marriage records are below, 
and the ones for Patrick are interesting:
St. Patrick's Church: 
Marriage of Patrick Burns, 25, s/o Owen Burns and Margaret Burns, to Mary Hayden, 26, 
d/o Thomas Hayden and Catherine Hayes
Wit: Lawrence Burns and Joanna Kennedy
Would this be one of your Lawrence Burns? (I think that this Lawrence and Joanna are from 
                                          Fallowfield / Jockvale ... Al)
Marriage of Patrick Burns, 36, husband of the late Mary Headen, to Mary Linnon, 33, d/o 
John Lennon and Ann Coghlan
Wit: Denis Burns and ---- Linnon
[A more complete record is given on Bytown or Bust, showing Denis Burns as "groom's third 
cousin," and Catherine Linnon as "the bride's sister."]
Marriage of John Burns, 33, s/o Owen Burns and Margaret Burns, to Maria O'Connor, d/o 
Francis O'Connor and Ann Nolan
Wit: Margaret Burns and Edward Mc-----
The emigration record for this family lists their residence as Ballyraheen, but the 
children's baptisms were in that list I sent you the other day, and they lived in 
Ballynultagh then. Not very important, as John says the two townlands were virtually the same.
... Anne Burgess


Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  103 Parish     Mullinacuff 
           Year Listed:   1852 
   Surname   Byrne 
          Reference No.     37 
   Group Members: 
   Margaret 50, Mary 26, Pat 24, Jno. 22, Bridget 20, Denis 17, Anne 15, William 12,
James 9. 
   Voyage       Townland 
  Ship  Lord Ashburton      As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure  New Ross      Ballyraghine 
   Arrival  Quebec. June 16th    Official 
   Other Information    Holding 
   Fifteen shillings per head allowed.
Chest/Graves inside column.

Source: Companion CD to the book Surplus People, by Jim Rees 

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