Pioneer families in the Ottawa, Canada, area

March 2, 2010:                        
THOMAS HAMILTON BURROUGHS Son of James Bartholomew BURROUGHS (1 Aug 1806 - 16 Mar 1888) and Margaret BOOTH (11 Apr 1813 - 11 Apr 1879) Burroughs, Thomas Hamilton, 1837-1864 He was born 17 Feb 1837 in Huntley Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada moved to Mercer County, Pennsylvania, USA, sometime between 1861 and 1864 m. on ?29 Dec 1864, Mary Margaret "Maggie" KOCHER (1847 - 1920) and died 20 Dec 1920 in Mannington District, Marion County, West Virginia, USA
Hi, fellow researchers - I was totally in 7th heaven to have received all of the wonderful information that you sent to me. And, Al, I do not at all mind if you put any information of mine on your web page. I am apologizing in advance for the three family record sheets I am attaching of the Robert Booth, John B. Burroughs and the James Bartholomew families, for their being typed on the forms that I use. I do not have my information entered on any computer programs, such as Family Tree Marker, but I do have lots of information stored as documents under my various family files. For starters, I believe you will gain some information from this forms. I have searched the Canadian census records, (1851 through 1881), and some marriage and death records. I certainly found lots of different spellings for the Burroughs, such as Burrows, Borris, Borroughs, and Burrougs. (Do note that Isabella Burroughs married John Leach Griffith, and Mark Burroughs married Catherine Griffith) Also, please feel free to forward these to the other researchers if you wish. I have only addressed this to the two of you that I have heard from. ... Freda Saiger Note: There is more detail from Freda and a detailed response from Rory Griffith on the Griffith Family web page, dated February 2010.
April 11, 2012: Hi, I saw your posts on the Bytown or Bust site (http://www.bytown.net/burroughsandbooth.htm). I am also related to the Burroughs / Booth clan. These families were close: not only did James Bartholomew Burroughs marry Margaret Booth. James' brother George Burroughs (1803-1879) married Margaret's sister Ann Booth (1806-1882) as well! Here is the tombstone of John Burroughs, father of James and George, in the Hazeldean Methodist / Scharf Cemetery in Carleton (Ottawa) County, Ontario, on Hazeldean Road, in Kanata. Source: http://canadianheadstones.com/on/view.php?id=41636. John is my great x 4 grandfather. The headstone of George and Ann, my great x 3 grandparents, is found at the Huntley United Cemetery, Carp, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada -- now part of the City of Ottawa. http://www.gravemarkers.ca/ontario/eastont/ottawest/huntley/huntunit/page0002.htm Other members of the Burroughs family are buried there as well. Cheers, Pete Farmer California, USA

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