Michael BYRNES / BURNS and Welthy BURTCH
Ireland to Buckingham, Quebec and Cumberland, Ontario, Canada

New April 23, 2011:

Hi , My name is Eileen and the family below is part of mine!
I am on the hunt for the parents of Michael J Byrnes born abt 1792 in either Quebec or Ireland.
Welthy (and that is her name) was his wife. John J(oseph) was a son of his (1840-1928) Michael J. was dead by this census. 
Michael is listed as Byrnes and Burns (3 baptisms in Buckingham 14 February, 1841)
I am not sure if Lewis and Michael are related.  Have you discovered anything?
Kanata, Ontario

Note: The following is quoted from our Lewis Burns web page:

"Al, I noticed a Georgina Byrnes listed just about that Minogue line in the Spratt tree, 
and just checked out her marriage, which showed a John J. Byrnes as her father.
I thought he'd be a son of Lewis, so I looked in 1881:

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion 
 John J. BYRNES   M   Male   Irish   48   Q    Farmer   C. Presbyterian  
 Mary BYRNES   M   Female   Scottish   44   Q       C. Presbyterian  
 Georgena BYRNES      Female   Irish   14   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Michael J. BYRNES      Male   Irish   13   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 John ... BYRNES      Male   Irish   11   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Maria BYRNES      Female   Irish   9   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Catherine BYRNES      Female   Irish   6   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Ida BYRNES      Female   Irish   2   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Alexander BYRNES      Male   Irish   7   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Welthy BYRNES   W   Female   Irish   75   Q       C. Presbyterian  

Source Information:
  Census Place Cumberland, Russell, Ontario 
  Family History Library Film   1375865 
  NA Film Number   C-13229 
  District   104 
  Sub-district   C 
  Division   1 
  Page Number   49 
  Household Number   190+ 

But no, he's not: The widow Welthy (or whatever her name really is) Burtch was m. to 
Michael Byrnes, and they were baptizing their kids in Buckingham, too. So, 
maybe a brother of Lewis's?"

Thanks for writing, Eileen. Iíd really like to know if Michael and Lewis were related, but like so much on this 
family all I have is conjecture. Here it is, for what itís worth. 

Michael gave his birthplace as Ireland in the 1861 census, and Iíd bet on Co. Wicklow as his place of birth because 
there was a fair concentration of Wicklow-born bodies who settled in the Cumberland area. Byrne is a Wicklow name, too Ė 
loads of them there Ė but Michael is a common first name, so it would be difficult to place him without some other 
indicators. Unfortunately, there arenít many existing church records for the late 1700s, when he was born. 

Lewis, on the other hand, is a fairly rare name. And I have found that name in use in the RC church records for 
Clonmore parish, County Wicklow. 

In 1836, there was a Louis Byrne and Mary Dugan baptizing a daughter, Anne, in Ballynultagh. And the name was still in
use there in 1876 when a Michael and Mary Byrne had their son, Lewis, baptized, also in Ballynultagh. In 1828, a Lewis 
Byrne and Margaret Kelly were sponsors for the baptism of a Fleming child in Killinure. (In the adjoining parish of 
Tomacork, a Lewis Byrne and Mary Byrne were sponsors for a Kelly child in Coolattin.) 

I have the Fitzwilliam rentals records, and they show a Lewis Byrne living in Ballynultagh in 1839, but sadly no age 
or other details are given. 

None of this is much help to you with Michael, I know. But Lewis appears on the 1861 census page just before Michael, 
and thereís a Watchorn family at the bottom of that page and at the top of Michaelís page is a Henry Watchorn and family; 
Iíve seen that name in the Fitzwilliam records in a nearby townland to Ballynultagh. Thereís also a Loughlin / OíLoughlin 
family, who may be a family evicted (also from near Ballynultagh) that Iíve been looking for. 

Hope this is of some use to you, Eileen. Iíve attached a map of Ballynultagh, etc. in Wicklow. Ballynultagh is about the middle of the map. 

... Anne Burgess

more from Eileen:

Thanks for getting back to me. 

Yes Michael is a common name and I am having alot of trouble.  I am also working of my 91 year old mother's memories of 
what her Dad told her. My Mum's maiden name is Byrnes, her Dad was Henry Judson, his dad, Henry, his dad, Michael J.

Michael J was Protestant. Henry, his son was a fanatic Baptist which is why HJ left home at an early age. I find the 
Protestant helps and hinders finding records in Quebec.

By 1861, they had moved across the Ottawa River and were living in Cumberland, Ontario.

My mum was told by her father that the first of their Byrnes was a Lieutenant who came over with Wolfe in one of the British 
regiments of foot.

Several family trees give Michael J's birthplace as N Ireland, but I feel that may not be true - it may be North America 
somewhere. Our gut feeling is that his father emigrated to NA (or stayed in) and the family was born here. 

I have a handle on Michael J's children and where they and their offspring ended up, but am having so much trouble 
going the other way.   Who knows?

... Eileen

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