Lewis BURNS and Mary Ann WALLACE
County Wicklow, Ireland to Buckingham, Quebec, and Cumberland, Ontario

January 21, 2009:

Hi Al,
I found the attached marriage Buckingham record for Lewis Burns, s/o Patrick Burns of 
Clonmore Parish, County Wicklow, Ireland (a few good days of Clonmore people in Bytown!) 
to Mary Ann Wallace. The interesting part is that Lewis lived in Cumberland, ON.
Here's the marriage of his son, Lewis:
Name: Lewis Burns 
Birth Place: Cumberland  
Age: 33  
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1850  
Father Name: Lewis Burns 
Mother Name: Mary Ann Wallace Burns 
Spouse Name: Elizabeth Hamilton 
Spouse's Age: 34  
Spouse Estimated Birth Year: abt 1849  
Spouse Birth Place: Cumberland  
Spouse Father Name: James Hamilton 
Spouse Mother Name: Rebecca Carson 
Marriage Date: 31 Dec 1883 
Marriage Place: Russell  
Marriage County: Russell  
Family History Library Microfilm: MS932_44  

The 1851 census for Cumberland no longer exists, according to LAC. Here's what I got from 
Ancestry's World Tree:
Minogue / Seller Ancestors
Entries: 1669    Updated: 2008-10-14 14:11:03 UTC (Tue)    Contact: Kenneth Minogue  

1. John BURNS was born ABT 1842. He was the son of 2. Lewis BURNS and 3. Mary Ann WALLIS. 
He married Jane Ann HAND.  


Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2


2. Lewis BURNS was born ABT 1804 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and died 2 Jun 1868 in Cumberland, 
Ontario, Canada. He was buried in Dale's Cemetery, Cumberland, Ontario, Canada. 

3. Mary Ann WALLIS was born 25 Nov 1821 in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada, and died 19 Sep 
1921 in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada. She was buried in Dale's Cemetery, Cumberland, 
Ontario, Canada. She was the daughter of 6. John WALLIS and 7. Emily ST. MICHAEL. 
 Children of Mary Ann WALLIS and Lewis BURNS are: 1.   
 i. John BURNS was born ABT 1842. He married Jane Ann HAND.  
    ii. Sarah BURNS was born 11 Jul 1844 in Ontario, Canada, and died 7 Feb 1933 in 
	Cumberland, Ontario, Canada. She married James MINOGUE 1862, son of Edward MINOGUE 
	and Catherine MURPHY. He was born 1833 in Ireland, and died 25 Mar 1900 in Cumberland, 
	Ontario, Canada.  

(Note: In Osgoode Township, my Burns ancestors knew a Minogue family in the 1800's ... Al)

    iii. Emily BURNS was born 9 May 1846, and died 1918. She married William HARRISON 
	11 Mar 1872 in Ottawa, Ontario, son of John HARRISON and Sarah E. KEENAN. He was born 
	22 Feb 1851, and died AFT 1901.  
    iv. Lewis BURNS was born 1 Apr 1852 in Ontario. He married Eliza Jane HAMILTON. She 
	was born 1 Dec 1847 in Ontario, and died 29 Jul 1907.  
    v. William BURNS was born ABT 1857. 
    vi. Samuel BURNS was born ABT 1857.

6. John WALLIS was born in Essex, England.  

7. Emily ST. MICHAEL.  
 Child of Emily ST. MICHAEL and John WALLIS is: 
 3.   i. Mary Ann WALLIS was born 25 Nov 1821 in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada, and died 
 19 Sep 1921 in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada. She married Lewis BURNS. He was born ABT 
 1804 in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, and died 2 Jun 1868 in Cumberland, Ontario, Canada.

... Anne  Burgess
more from Anne:

Al, I noticed a Georgina Byrnes listed just about that Minogue line in the Spratt tree, 
and just checked out her marriage, which showed a John J. Byrnes as her father.
I thought he'd be a son of Lewis, so I looked in 1881:

 Name  Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion 
 John J. BYRNES   M   Male   Irish   48   Q    Farmer   C. Presbyterian  
 Mary BYRNES   M   Female   Scottish   44   Q       C. Presbyterian  
 Georgena BYRNES      Female   Irish   14   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Michael J. BYRNES      Male   Irish   13   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 John ... BYRNES      Male   Irish   11   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Maria BYRNES      Female   Irish   9   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Catherine BYRNES      Female   Irish   6   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Ida BYRNES      Female   Irish   2   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Alexander BYRNES      Male   Irish   7   O.       C. Presbyterian  
 Welthy BYRNES   W   Female   Irish   75   Q       C. Presbyterian  

Source Information:
  Census Place Cumberland, Russell, Ontario 
  Family History Library Film   1375865 
  NA Film Number   C-13229 
  District   104 
  Sub-district   C 
  Division   1 
  Page Number   49 
  Household Number   190+ 

But no, he's not: The widow Welthy (or whatever her name really is) Burtch was m. to 
Michael Byrnes, and they were baptizing their kids in Buckingham, Quebec too. So, 
maybe a brother of Lewis's?

Birth Record of Joseph Burns
Source: Drouin records for Notre Dame de Bon Secours at Buckingham, Quebec from ancestry.ca 
Was this church part of La Petite Nation seignory ? ... Al

By the way, Lewis's own baptism is too early for the Clonmore records I have, but the 
Byrnes were still naming a son Lewis (spelled that way) there in the 1870s - in Ballynultagh.
... Anne
Hi again, Anne:
My gggrrandfather, Lawrence Burns, and his sons had a tradition of working in the shanties 
north of Buckingham in the winters, probably continuously for about 45 years starting in 
the 1830's. My Great Grandfather, James Burns, married later to Anne Robb, was born near 
In going through some of my old papers, I found this baptism of Michael Burns, baptised 
in Buckingham in 1839. 
Birth record of Michael Burns

He was a brother of my GreatGrandfather, James Burns. One of the 
witnesses appears to be a Flynn. The best man seems to be a Corrigan, a well known and 
large Buckingham area family. In 1839, Lawrence Burns is described as a farmer at Hull. 
I believe the farm was at Ironsides in Hull County. At the same time, he had 200 acres in 
Gloucester Township, Bowesville Road area, which he had bought in 1835 from the Canada 
Company. By 1845 he was homesteading on the Manotick Station Road with his second wife, 
Bridget Jordan whose mother was a Corrigan.
Also, recorded at Notre Dame downtown is this record which you have:
18 Feb 1834
Buckingham, LC 
Baptism of James, son of Lawrence Burns and Mary Tompkins (County Wicklow)
(This family later joined St. Stephen’s Anglican Church in Buckingham)
Thomas Murphy & Mary Ward
John Cullen, M. Ap. 

and this one: 

6 Oct 1843
(My GGGrandparents ... Al)
Baptism of John, aged 5 mos., son of Lawrence Burns and Margaret Doyle of Chelsea, LC
Witnesses: John Darcy & Margaret Oyin (Gunn? Or Winn?)
B.J. Leclaire, P.
(John Burns disappeared at age 19 and was not heard from again - John: Call Home!)) 

Also, my GreatGrandmother, Anne Robb's, father was a lumber mill manager in the Gatineau Valley -- 
he was Scottish, Presbyterian, and this family later moved to a farm near Cumberland. 

Time for a dog walk and a clearing of the grey cells. 

... Al
January 8, 2010: I've been looking at the Wicklow families who settled in Cumberland, Al, and came upon that story on B or B of an Emily Burns, who was seduced by a young man in Bytown and her brother arranged (with a gun) for a speedy marriage: http://www.bytown.net/harrison.htm You had said that this Burns family might be yours. Well, Emily Burns was the daughter of Lewis Burns (of Clonmore parish, Co. Wicklow) and Mary Ann Wallace, living in Cumberland. Their children were baptized over in Buckingham, though, where we also found Lawrence Byrne m. Mary Tompkins. ... Anne
January 24, 2010: Hi Al: See reminiscences of Lewis Burns, and 2 friends from Wicklow. This article is from the Ottawa Citizen of July 12, 1932. ... Anne
April 28, 2011: It's possible that Lewis Burns was related to Michael Byrnes. Maybe a brother?
New February 19, 2013: Hello Al and Anne. I am avidly reading the various entries on bytown.net pertaining to the Byrne/Byrnes/Burns people. My paternal grandfather's grandfather was Louis Burns Sr. of Clonmore Parish, Co. Wicklow. My father Robert Burns and my husband and I are travelling to Ireland next month, and we will tour around the locality of Clonmore parish--the Ballyconnell & Shillelagh area. We have been in touch with the parish priest and he has offered to let us look at the parish registers but honestly, we feel we'd rather meet local people and soak up the environment than pore over old records. Be that as it may, I am still curious about Louis/Lewis's parents' names and whether he had siblings, etc. I wonder if I can learn as much about his family through the Internet as I might be able to glean in person in Ireland. As you may recall from earlier entries in bytown.net pertaining to Louis/Lewis Burns, he is said to have emigrated in 1835 which is earlier than the Fitzwilliam emigration. Would you be able to send me (or direct me to where I can find) the western portion of the map you posted on January 26, 2012 to your "Wicklow Emigrants" page that would show all of Clonmore Parish? Louis Burns was very specific that he came from Clonmore Parish in Co. Wicklow which narrows down the geographical area for us. Thank you for any and all advice or suggestions you can offer. Much appreciated. Laurie Burns Watson _____________________________ Thanks to Anne Burgess for the following reply: Thanks for writing, Laurie. How lucky you are to have that trip. When I was trying to track Lewis Byrne, I had the index to the Clonmore parish records, and was disappointed because they only cover baptisms from 1819 - too early for Lewis, I think. But...Lewis is a fairly rare name in Wicklow, and I did find 3 Clonmore baptisms involving a Lewis Byrne, all of them living in Ballynultagh. You might like to consider it as a possible home town for your Lewis; there were a good number of Rideau Canal workers who came from Ballynultagh. Here are the baptisms: 1833-10-25 Esther, d/o Louis Byrne and Anne Deegan, Ballynultagh 1836-06-12 Anne, d/o Lewis Byrne and Mary Dugan, Ballynultagh [maybe Anne Deegan mistranscribed?] 1876-09-17 Lewis, s/o Michael Byrne and Elizabeth Byrne, Ballynultagh I've attached both sides of the map because the Carnew side has Ballynultagh on it, about the middle, with the number 6 in it. If you haven't found a place to stay yet, you'd like John Hayden's Minmore Mews (just outside the village of Shillelagh) http://minmoremews.com/ My sisters and I have stayed there the last two times we were in Wicklow. I can't imagine staying anywhere else. Have a wonderful time, Laurie. I know you will. Anne ______________________________ and from Laurie: Hello Al. By all means, please do add me to the bytown.net page as you suggest. I'll be sure to let you know if I gain any knowledge about Lewis / Louis Burns's parents or siblings when I'm in Wicklow. In the meantime I'll collect some photos to send. I'm attaching one of my grandfather Martin Lewis Burns, 1889-1976. Martin served in WWI from 1914-1919. He was part of the first contingent of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He was a gunner and ended the war years with the rank of sergeant. He was the only surviving son of Louis Burns Jr. 1850-1941 and Elizabeth Jane Hamilton 1847-1907. Martin was a farmer at Navan, Ontario. ... Laurie Martin Lewis Burns, WW1 photo

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