John McGEE and Bridget BURNS
County Limerick, Ireland to Osgoode Township, Ontario and Western Quebec

An e-mail from Debbie Lopez:
 All the information came from my
grandmother, Alena (Lena) Mary McGEE no documentation, but she seemed positive
about it. She married Edgar Leo PALMER b. 9-6-1894 in Metcalfe, Ontario and his
father was Henry Palmer. Guess where he was born - Osgoode Township near Vernon
6-12-1855, Is that the same Osgoode?  If so they all lived around each other.
Alena went to Eardley High School (Aylmer, Quebec).  Here is all the information 
I have: Alena
had a brother John Mathew McGee b. 5-1-1892 d. 12-8-1972 married Mary Flint or FLYNN
children: Madonna McGee  & Gloria.
another brother Robert Joseph McGee b. 12-25-1900 died 2-10-1902 of pneumonia.
a third brother Bernard George McGee b. 6-27-1896 Married Evelyn GORMAN
(called Aunt Ebbie), they had children of Mary YOUNG, Audrey, Pat and Bernard
James.  Grandma always talked about her family in Metcalfe and in Ottawa.  The
McGees, Burns and LARKIN s  all seemed to be farmers the way grandma talked. I
know grandma said it was Limerick, Tipperary was never mentioned.  I wish I
had Bernard's address at the farm. I have
never been able to find a drop of information about any of them.  Grandma said
Bridget Burns married John McGee, they were both from Limerick, they had at
least one son Robert McGee who was my grandmothers father and he married
Maryann Larkin b. 3-13-1856 in Goulbourn. Mary ann Larkins parents were
Bernard Larkin born in Ireland and he married Ellen WITHERS or WIETHERS born in 
Goulbourn. (They're buried at St. Phillips in Richmond.)
Thats all the information I have.  Hope some of it helps you untangle it.  
February 17, 2002: Hi Al: I don't know where my McGee's came from in Ireland. I am looking for John McGee (Magee) b. 1800 in Ireland, d. 1884 Luskville, Quebec. married to Bridget Burns b.1820 Ireland, d. 1895 Luskville also. From the ages of their children on the census reports, I figure they came to Canada around 1835. This is my paternal grandmother's line and would love to find out more about their families in Ireland. Do you have any info on this family in your records? Thanks for any help you can share with me. Sue ============= Note: I'm not sure if John McGEE was related to my McGEE ancestors or not. John met Bridget Burns on the ship coming to Canada from Ireland. She was a widow with a young son. Her first husband had been George Hanrahan. At the same time, I'm not sure if Bridget Burns was related to my Burns ancestors. How did this couple and Bridget's young son end up together in Ottawa? Almost certainly, one or both of them, had relatives here already. There were Burns, McGees and Hanrahans already here by 1830. There are church records at Richmond (and a connection to the name Withers there). They spent time in Osgoode Township. They also were in Luskville and Eardley on the Quebec side. ... Al See also the web page for Patrick McGEE
January 12, 2004: Hi Debbie & Al: I am trying once again to find my John Magee/Bridget Burn's and can connect them to your Robert McGee / Maryann Larkin line, Debbie !!! John & Bridget are the parents of Robert. He is one of 10 children. His brother William (married Hannah Walsh) is my great grandfather. Hope to hear from you. Sue Duval (formerly Page) __________________________ Notre Dame, Bytown: 27 Apr 1840 After one publication of banns, marriage of John McGee, yeoman, of this place, and Bridget Burns, widow of George Hanrahan James Leamy , Rose Tayne (Teahan) & others 29 Mar 1841 Baptism of Mary Jane, born 8 January last of the marriage of John McGee and Bridget Burns John Darcy & Rose Teahan 8 Mar 1843 Baptism of Richard, aged 1 mo., son of John McGee and Bridget Burns of Nepean Michael Darcy & Catherine Teahan Source: Drouin Records at
May 22, 2009: Great to hear from you Al, Please call me Mike. My Grandfather, Andrew James McGee, was born in Eardley, Quebec in 1897. When he joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1918 it showed him living in Beechgrove, which from several people Iíve talked to up there, is just a small group of homes near Luskville. Iíve heard Aylmer also. Anyway, his Grandfather, John McGee, married Bridget Burns in Ottawa at Notre Dame Cathedral in 1840. (I believe you know the story from your website). His son, William McGee is my Great Grandfather and married Hannah Walsh. My Grandfather Andrew moved to St. Louis, Missouri, USA, in the 1920ís along with several friends to look for work. He met my Grandmother, Velma Cleveland there and were married. Sometime in the late 20s/30s they moved to Memphis, Tennessee, USA. Unfortunately he passed away here in 1989. My father, William McGee was born here and is still living. And here I am (1967). This all started after my Grandmother passed away in 2005 and I realized I never verified any of the stories my Grandfather told us growing up. I posted a story on a Canadian Genealogy website and received a census from a man named William Hartley showing my Grandfather on the 1901 census and William McGee on the 1881 census. That gave me something to work from and after searching on the internet, I found your site. BTW, I absolutely love it! I found a post from Sue Duval (Page) on your site mentioning John McGee and Bridget Burns and on a whim emailed her. Ends up her Grandmother, Emma McGee, is my Grandfather Andrewís oldest sister. Sue grew up around Kirkland Lake, Ontario and moved to Vancouver Island, British Columbia about 30 years ago. We have spoken several times and emailed hundreds. I know in one of her posts that she mentioned she and Debbie Lopez were related thru Robert McGee. I donít know if you ever were able to link to my McGees or not but I was hoping you could. Funny, I have not found another McGee living in Canada that I can link to me. Iíve found several cousins; Ken Charbonneau (Gatineau) and Jim Moyle (Ottawa) who unfortunately passed away last year. There were all one generation up from me. I will forward you a couple of emails I got from Ken and Jim if you would like to read them, maybe you can get a connection from them. Iíve included the census I received also showing Andrew on the 1901 and his father William on the 1881 census. His 2 younger sisters, Sarah and Helena were not born yet on the 1901 census. Once again, great to hear from you, ... Mike McGee 1881 and 1901 Canadian Census: Source: That 1901 Census I gave you was for - (should have included that) District: QU WRIGHT; Subdistrict: Eardley Here is William on the 1881 Census - Household: John MCGEE (Sr.) M Male Irish 75 Ireland Farmer Catholic Bridget (Burns) MCGEE M Female Irish 60 Ireland Catholic Robert MCGEE Male Irish 30 Quebec Farmer Catholic William MCGEE Male Irish 28 Quebec Farmer Catholic George MCGEE Male Irish 22 Quebec Farmer Catholic Daniel MCGEE Male Irish 20 Quebec Farmer Catholic Mary Jane MCGEE Female Irish 30 Ontario Farmer Catholic Catherne MCGEE Female Irish 28 Quebec Farmer Catholic Bridget MCGEE Female Irish 22 Quebec Farmer Catholic James HENDREGEN (Hanrahan?) Male Irish 42 Ireland Farmer Catholic ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Census Place Eardley, Ottawa County, Quebec Also - Richard MCGEE M Male Irish 37 Quebec Farmer Catholic Annie MCGEE M Female Irish 31 Ontario Catholic William John MCGEE Male Irish 4 Quebec Catholic Catherine Bridget MCGEE Female Irish 2 Quebec Catholic ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Census Place Eardley, Ottawa, Quebec John MCGEE (Jr.) M Male Irish 30 Quebec Farmer Catholic Margaret MCGEE M Female Irish 22 Quebec Catholic Mary Teressa MCGEE Female Irish <1 Born: Feb; 2/12 Quebec Catholic ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Census Place Eardley, Ottawa, Quebec Could this be your Grandfather's family on the 1901 Census - birthdates and ages listed Name Sex Status Birth Date Age Occ McGee William M - Head M Aug 16, 1853 47 Farmer McGee Hana F - Wife M Oct 12, 1863 37 McGee Emma F - Daughter S Oct 26, 1887 13 McGee George M. M - Son S Mar 7, 1889 12 McGee Danniel R. M - Son S Mar 16, 1891 10 McGee William R M - Son S Dec 6, 1893 8 McGee Edward J. M - Son S Dec 19, 1894 6 McGee Andrew J. M- Son S Oct 12, 1897 3 ... Mike
June 2, 2009: Hi Al, I thought you might want this picture that was sent to me by my cousin Sue Duval. It is a picture of my Grandfather, Andrew James McGee (Eardley, Quebec) when he enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in 1918. It is the oldest picture we have of him and the only one weíve ever seen from his younger years in Quebec, Canada. It happened to be hanging in her Uncleís house for years and I was able to add a whole other line to her family tree by telling her what happened to him after leaving Canada for the US. Thanks to her, we now have this picture hanging in our home.
Andrew James McGee in 1918 from Eardley, Quebec, Canada Canadian Expeditionary Force (WW1) Andrew James McGee in 1918
... Mike McGee

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