John BURKET and Elizabeth KINSELLA
County Wicklow, Ireland to Quebec in 1847 and then to
Sheffield Township, Ontario, Canada, c. 1851

April 18, 2008:

Dear Anne, Joe and Al, 

I was pleased to see my ancestors, John Burket and Elizabeth Kinsella, listed on your 
page regarding Irish immigration to Ontario, Canada. I was wondering if you might have 
some information on the date of their passage and the ship they took. I know only that 
they got to Canada in 1847 and settled in St. Johnís, Quebec before moving to Sheffield 
Township. I was intrigued to see that they settled among neighbors. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 


Ellen Birkett Morris
Thanks very much for writing, Ellen.
I've attached the Fitzwilliam emigration record page for your family, but unfortunately 
no date of emarkation or ship's name was given.
I was interested to hear that your family spent some time in Quebec before moving on 
to Sheffield. Is there any oral history in your family to suggest a reason for moving 
to Sheffield (other than to join other emigrants from Aghowle parish)? I've heard vague 
stories of there being free land in Camden / Sheffield, but have no documentation for that.
It was good to hear from you.
Anne Burgess

Fitzwilliam Tenants - Family Group 
    ID:  81 Parish     Aghowle 
          Year Listed:   1847 
   Surname   Burket 
         Reference No.     214 
   Group Members: 
   John 52, Betty 50, Robert 27, Sarah 25, Ann 23, John 21, James 19, Mary 17,
Elizabeth 15, Fanny 13, William 11, Laurence 9. Son-in-law John Walsh 22, grandson
Joseph 6 mths. 
   Voyage       Townland 
  Ship          As spelt in the Emigration 
   Departure            Killinure 
   Arrival          Official 
   Other Information    Holding 
            4 acres from Mr. Montford. 

Source: Companion CD to Surplus People by Jim Rees

Hello again, Ellen:
I've just had another look at the CD of the Fitzwilliam emigration records, and I can 
see that while ships' names were given for those families travelling from Killinure 
in 1848, 1849, 1853, etc., that detail is missing for the pages of those who were to 
leave in 1847.
I'll list the 1847 families below, in case that helps you at all:
John Bryan, Thomas Cassidy, John Cassidy, Wm. Cassidy, Margaret Codd, Bryan Conners, 
James Deegan, James Deegan #2, Pat Doyle, Pat Doyle #2, New William Fenlon, Pat Fleming, 
Pat Gafney / Gaffney, Jer Gafney, Lawrence Healy, Ann Kavanagh, Margaret Kavanagh, 
Pat McGrath, Michael McGrath, Michael Murphy, Thomas Nowlan / Nolan, Joseph Welsh, 
and Sarah Welsh / Walsh.

My friend Marg Thompson has just reminded me that there was ONE ship mentioned for 
the 1847 group: her Thomas Cassidy came on the Standard.
Marg thinks all the Cassidys came together, so maybe your people came on the Standard 
as well. It's at least a place to look.

Thanks so much for this information. I am trying to find a passenger list for The 
Standard and not having much luck. I am so new to genealogy and full of questions. I 
am a poet who received a grant to write about my paternal grandfather. It will be a 
biography in verse and start back as far as I can go. I am really interested in this 
group who emigrated together. Can you tell me more of their story? This has been such 
a grand process of discovery. I was thrilled to find your work Ė what a godsend.

The newspaper account I have says that they settled at St. Johnís at the foot of Lake 
Champlain where they lived for 4 years. They lost two children to Black Fever there 
and then moved to Sheffield. 


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