John BULGER and Helen (Ellen) POWERS
Ireland to the Ottawa, Canada, area

September 12, 2002:
Hi there, 
 I am trying to research my grandmothers family her name was Mary Anne Bulger 
B. Sept 11,1863 D Feb 14, 1945-
Her father  John Bulger B 1817? mother Helen (Ellen) Powers she had 5 siblings 
Catherine,John,James,Bridget, Moses.
 I do not know where she or any of her siblings were born but they lived in Quebec 
 around Val de Monts (Perkins Mills) She married Jean Alexander Bary (Berrea) 
 July 1,1885 in Gatineau Point , St Francis Church. She is buried in the parish 
 church in Perkins
I would appreciate any info, I have my grandfathers family tree but nothing on the 
Thanking you in advance       
Gail Brule    (nee Barrie)

Note for Search Engine: Alternate spellings Bolger and Power
November 17, 2002: I saw your email for Gail Brule...I clicked on the return email but perhaps it is incorrect because I couldn't respond to Gail's question about her grandmother Mary Anne Bulger. I was at the National Archives on Friday morning and copied the census of 1901. I'd be happy to photocopy it and send it to you for your records. I believe that Mary Anne Baril (married name)may be the same Mary Ann. This is how it is listed in the census of 1901 in Templeton West, Quebec. (the name that Perkins was previously known) John Baril (husband) born Jan 1, 1855 Mary A. Bail (wife) born Sept. 11, 1861 children: James - born April 3, 1887 (son) Catherine - born April 30, 1889 (daugher) Ellen - born April 30, 1889 (daughter) Maud - born March 12, 1890 (daughter Arthur - born October 30, 1892 (son) (my grandfather) Patrick - born Sept. 20, 1894 (son) Francis - born May 18, 1896 (son) Alexander - born March 16, 1900 (son) there is also a "lodger" as listed as living in the home at the time of the census by the name of Patrick Bulger. This census would not include any births after 1901. I find it interesting that the lodger has the same name as the Mary Anne that you are seeking. My sister currently lives on the farm that my mother Maureen Berrea was born and her parents Evangeline Clare Laverty and Arthur Berrea lived. I have been told by my mother that this to be the family homestead as it was passed along through the generations. It is located in Perkins. I will be going back to the archives at some point over the next month or so, I am seeking out the family history of my grandmother (Evangeline Clare Laverty) and her parents who came from Ireland. They also appear on this same census and as living in this same area in Quebec. I assume that is how Evangeline and Arthur met. I hope this is helpful. Caroline Hicks
March 24, 2008: Thanks to Mark Cullen for the following information: Here is some information on the John Bulger family. In the 1861 census, John (36) and Ellen (33) are listed. John is a labourer, living in a log house. His children are Patrick (8), John (6), Moses (4), Anne (3) and Mary (1). John and Ellen were married in 1851 presumably in Ireland. Their children are all shown as born in Lower Canada. I couldn’t find a listing for John in the agricultural census for that year, but I assume he was living on Range 6 Lot 11 as shown in the 1871 census. He had 2 cows and 2 pigs valued at $45 and he had $100 capital invested. In the 1871 census for Templeton Township, John (age 50) and Ellen (44) are listed as farming on 50 acres on range 6 Lot 11. Their children are Patrick (18), John (16), Moses (13), Annie (12), Mary Ann (10), Catherine (8) and Ellen (5). Son Patrick is also a farmer. In this census he is shown as being born in Ireland. The rest of the children were born in Canada. My guess is the family came to Canada c1852. John died at age 73 on July 2, 1890 and is buried at St. Anthony of Padua, Val des Monts. Ellen died at age 62 on February 1, 1888 and is buried in the same cemetery. There were a number of Power families living as neighbours in 1871 and are likely related. Nicholas Power and Elizabeth Hayes lived on 100 acres at range 6 Lot 10. Martin Power and Anastasia Power (her maiden name) lived on 100 acres at Range 6 Lot 10. Lawrence Power and Mary Moray (parents of Martin and possibly Ellen) lived on 100 acres at Range 5, Lot 13. All these Power families are believed to have come to Canada c1852 and may have been from County Wexford. I have more information on the Power families for anyone interested. ... Mark Cullen
February 23, 2009: Hello Mark: I am researching the Power Family and would be very interested in any information you may have. My Great Grandmother was Ellen Power married to Patrick Ward in Cantley, Quebec. Ellen had a sister Mary married to James Jones, the family lived in the Templeton Area. James and Mary's son Tom Jones drove a team of horses for the CPR in 1920. Tom was 7' 4" tall and weighed 467 Lbs. Tom's sisters were: Nellie (Helen) Jones married James Finley. Stella Jones married Kearns and moved to Vancouver. Mary Anne married John Blais - No children. Julia married Paddy Maloney - No children. Julia died 6 weeks after her marriage, Paddy never remarried. Mark, I would really appreciate any information on the Power Familes that you have. Thanks again. ... Maureen Jamieson

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