Possible Heritage Buildings Threatened by
Development in the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area

November 27, 2013:

It has come to our attention recently that construction of new subdivisions is threatening some of the very early homes
in the Ottawa area.

Ian White and Karen Prytula have looked into the Hugh Davidson home in the western part of Nepean Township.

Glen Gower is researching the Boyd farmhouse at 173 Huntmar Road: Here is his e-mail to us:

Hi Al.

Thought you might be interested in a series of blog posts I've written about the history of Boyd House. They are collected here:


Please feel free to share the link on your web site - perhaps some of your readers will be able to help answer some of the mysteries!

Thank you,

Glen Gower

Let us know of new development threatening "heritage" homes in your neighbourhood!
We'll add a new web page for you on "Bytown or Bust".

... Al Lewis
New August 31, 2015: Thanks to Glen Gower for the following links: The Boyd House on Huntmar Road has been the victim of some severe vandalism over the summer: See http://stittsvillecentral.ca/developer-exasperated-by-vandalism-to-heritage-home/ and also: Hi Allan. Here's another piece that might be of interest: http://stittsvillecentral.ca/site-of-demolished-home-was-once-glen-eden-home-to-champion-clydesdales/ ... Glen Gower Glen's Web Sites: OttawaStart.com and StittsvilleCentral.ca

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