Early Buckley Births (Corkery):
Child			Father		Mother		D.O.B.
Buckley, Judith		Buckley, James	O'Brien, Mary	6/1/1839
Buckley, Mary		Buckley, John	McDermott, Ellen	7/14/1858
Buckley, Timothy		Buckley, James	O'Brien, Mary	10/29/1841
Buckley,Eliz. Suzannah	Buckley, John	McDermott, Ellen	7/4/1860

January 24, 2002 Hello Al, Happy New Year. Your web site has really grown! Lots of wonderful new information and web pages. This query concerns the John McAuliffe and Margaret Fitzgerald, also Patrick Maley page you added to your site last December. I was recently searching your list 'Some Births in Huntley Township 1837 ? ' and noticed four postings for the name Buckley. Would you please do a look up and see if John McAuliffe or Margaret Fitzgerald are godparents in any of these entries? I'm interested in any baptismal records you may have which show the McAuliffe's as godparents. Many thanks. Dorothy ============= Dorothy: Here are the Buckley Baptisms and GodParenting: Child...Father...Mother...Date of Birth...Godparents Brown, Elenora Brown, Thomas Russell, Ellen 6/14/1839 Bresnahan, James & Buckley, Honora Buckley, Judith Buckley, James O'Brian, Mary 6/1/1839 Bresnahan, John & O'Brien, Judith Buckley, Mary Buckley, John McDermott, Ellen 7/14/1858 McDermott, John & Buckley, Ellen Buckley, Timothy Buckley, James O'Brien, Mary 10/29/1841 Sullivan, Carroll & Manion, Anne Buckley,Eliz. Suzannah, Buckley, John McDermott, Ellen 7/4/1860 McDermott, Michael & O'Brien,Mary Cadigan, John Cadigan, Cornelius O'Brien, Hanoria 5/3/1845 Foley, John & Buckley,Judith Cavanagh, James Cavanagh, Edward Curran, Mary 1/25/1874 Buckley, Thomas & Curran, Bessy Cavanagh, Julia Anne Cavanagh, William Curran, Mary 8/19/1885 Buckley, Timothy & O'Keefe, Ellen Corbet, Mary Corbet, William Melon, Catherine 11/24/1842 Buckley, John & Kelly, Catherine Curran, Sarah Curran, James * O'Brien, Julia 12/6/1848 Keefe, Edmond & Buckley, Mary * of Ramsay Falley, Bridget Falley, Michael Corkery, Elizabeth 9/25/1843 Slattery, Pat & Buckley, Judith Gleason, Mary Gleason, Patrick McManus, Bridget 10/1/1866 Dowling, Edward & Buckley, Judith Gleason, Michael Gleason, William Sheehan, Anne 2/27/1864 Sheehan, Patrick & Buckley, Mary Gleeson, James Gleeson, Patrick McManus, Bridget 5/21/1862 Gleeson, William & Buckley, Mary Gleeson, Mary Gleeson, William Sheehan, Anne 2/22/1861Ryan, John & Buckley, Ellen Gleeson, Patrick Gleeson, Patrick McManus, Bridget 9/10/1870 Ryan, Patrick & Buckley, Ellen Gleeson, Patrick Gleeson, William Sheehan, Anne 4/8/1870 Grace, Thomas & Buckley, Julia
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