Bromley Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
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December 18, 2009:

The Township of Bromley is located in central Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada. In the mid 1800's, it was an important source of
white pine and red pine, the staples of the Ottawa Valley lumbering industry. Located west of Renfrew
and south of Pembroke, there was a minimum of settlement until the 1850's. However, by the 1830's, crude shanties had already 
been erected and migrant forestry workers were already cutting wood. As early as 1831, births, marriages and deaths are recorded
in the records of Notre Dame Cathedral in downtown Ottawa. The Bonnechere River was the main transportation corridor through
Bromley Township. Logs were cut in the winter and floated down the Bonnechere to the Ottawa River in the spring. (see map below).

Map Source: The Upper Ottawa Valley - A Glimpse of History, page 148. Map showing Bromley Township, Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada
Hi Al, An interesting thing about the few names I've found on Annette's list of those assisted to leave the Fitzwilliam Estate. Of Lucy Broughan's sons, all but James (who settled in Ramsay) settled up in Renfrew County, working in the lumbering trade. Until now, I really hadn't found any Wicklow families in Renfrew County. Today I've seen in Bromley an Andrew Rathwell, b c1796, and family, and a Joseph Donegan, both names on Annette's list - yet to be proven, of course, in terms of birthplace. But have a look at the interesting note towards the bottom of the attached 1851 census page for Bromley. Two of the people were actually residents of Lanark and Ramsay - a fair distance away, it seems to me. ... Anne Burgess
Extract from the 1851 census for Bromley Township Source: Part of Bromley Census, 1851, Ontario, Canada
More good stuff, Al. I like the little essay by the enumerator! Anne
Extract from the 1851 census for Bromley Township Source: Part of Bromley Census, 1851, Ontario, Canada

December 19, 2009: In 1847, Hugh Falls, a Provincial Land Surveyor recorded, in his diary, his experiences in surveying the western part of Renfrew County. And here is a record from St. Philip's Church in Richmond, Goulbourn Township, dated 1846, and showing an early connection between Ramsay Township and Bromley Township: 22 February 1846 Married James McCarty / McCarthy of the Township of Bromley to Joanne McManus of the Township of Ramsay after due publication of banns. The witnesses were John McManus and Bridget Brady. Source: Drouin Records at more to come ... Al
New September 7, 2013: The main village in 1879 in Bromley Township was Douglas. Osceola was nearby.

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