BRITT family from England
John BRITT, 58th Regiment of Foot
Early Settlers in Osgoode and Gloucester Townships, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

New August 19, 2011:

Hi Al and Taylor... 

Al, you already have my email as and of course please share any and all the information I have on 
the Britt family ... I have new information on the Britt's... My GGG grandfather was the first to arrive here in Ottawa and 
was awarded land in 1832 ... but our name was not BRITT it was actually BRATT.  I have attached a copy of the petition for 
the land in Osgoode (Lot 1 Concession 6) which is the farm that my GGrandmother Annie Stanley Britt and Great Grandfather 
John Britt lived and farmed... it was the family farm and was passed down to the eldest sons.  Taylor Kennedy is descended from 
Patrick who was our original ancestors' grandson I believe.  My father has spent half his life researching the Britt's here 
in Ottawa and I have so much information to go through, I am probably the sole person with the most information and pictures 
on the Britt family here in the Ottawa region. 

I have loads and loads of pictures and documents that my Dad has researched and collected over the last 50 years, Britt / Stanley, 
Ferguson / Tallon and Kitts / Tallon.  My mother's side of the family are Fulford / Soubliere.  Fulford from Aylmer and Soubliere 
of course of the Ottawa area.  The Soubliere go back to the 1600 and pioneered a town called Contreceour, Quebec.  

Kitts/Tallon were from Vinton Quebec and the Ferguson from Richmond Ontario... they also worked on the Canal.  
I have a long long history in the beautiful land of ours. 

... Kelly Ellis

Original Land Grant Petition by John Bratt / Britt to Sir John Colborne, Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada in 1832 Land Grant Petition of John Britt / Bratt in 1832
Copy of Land Petition of John Britt / Bratt in 1832
John Britt / Brattfamily in Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada Britt Family Farm, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada
Excerpt from the Britt Family Bible, including Annie Stanley Britt Family Notes, Osgoode and Gloucester Townships, Ontario, Canada Excerpt from the Britt Family Bible, Osgoode and Gloucester Townships, Ontario, Canada June 22, 2003: 30 Aug 1840 Baptism of Michael, aged a fortnight, son of John Britt and Ellen Tierney Michael Tany / (Terry or Tierney) & Ally Flynn (Alice, wife of Thomas Tierney, Dozois Road) 21 May 1842 Baptism of Thomas, born the 17th of the marriage of Patrick Britt and Johannah Brennan John Britt & Catherine White 25 Jul 1842 (My GGGrandparents ... Al) Baptism of Edward, aged 7 days, son of Patrick Christopher and Mary Fitzgerald of Bytown John Kealey & Helen Britt _____________________________ The BRITT family was in Bytown before 1830. Many church registers in the area show various family members over the years. They were concentrated in Gloucester Township by the 1840's. _____________________________ 1881 Census Place: Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada Source: FHL Film 1375865 NAC C-13229 Dist 104 SubDist E Div 3 Page 45 Family 188+ Sex Marr Age Origin Birthplace Occ Religion William BRITT M 65 Irish Ontario Farmer Church of England Catherin BRITT F W 38 Irish Ireland Church of England Sarah BRITT F 36 Irish Ontario Church of England ______________________________
September 5, 2006: Hi, my name is Kelly Britt and it looks like we might be related. My G.G. grandmother was Annie Britt and she married John Britt who died and then married his brother...the family were from Ireland and farmed in Gloucester. My father has most of the information and Im trying to get more for him. Kelly Britt (see next entry)
October 2, 2007: Hi there....My grandfather was John Stanley Britt, his brother was William Britt who died in the WWI. I thought you might be interested in knowing that there is a cemetery on Bank Street, Protestant, right beside the Jewish cemetery just past Albion Rd...not sure of the name. It is very very small and no longer in use but there is our family plot of 'BRITT'. My ancestors are buried there, my great grandmother was Annie Stanley and she was married to two Britt died and then she married his older brother. I know my father has much more information on our family and hope to get copies of it all. My grandfather, John Stanley Britt and his wife, Mildred Britt (nee Ferguson) are all buried in Notre Dame Cemetery on Montreal road. My grandfather changed religions from protestant to catholic to marry my grandmother. My Scottish grandmother was catholic and my Irish grandfather was protestant. Kelly Lynn Britt ________________________________ Good afternoon, Ms. Britt: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Britt and Stanley ancestors. If you go to the search engine at the bottom of this page you will likely find other researchers who are also researching their Britt ancestors. Then try the name Stanley in the search engine (although this may show a lot of persons with the first name of Stanley). I haven't looked into these families for a while, but, off the top of my head, I think that they were likely from the South Gloucester area. Before 1850 there were Britt and Stanley farms in that area, so they would likely have known each other. ... Al
April 20, 2009: Edward Britt and Ellen Curran lived at 59 Poplar Street in Ottawa in 1901 beside his brother Michael Britt who was married to Elizabeth Carroll. Edward is the youngest of the Britt family that arrived in Carleton about 1839 - 1840 timeframe. He was born June 20th, 1862 and married Ellen Curran 10 Sept 1885 in South Gloucester (Our Lady of the Visitation parish), she was the daughter of John Curran and Catherine Fox. Witness on the register show Hugh Curran and Ellen Donett. Once I finish the Britt family, I will send it on. Taylor ________________ I do believe this Ellen is John Britt's and H.Ellen Tierney's daughter and sister to Patrick judging from the 1842 census and parish records of Notre Dame. Patrick's first wife was Johanna Brennan and she died on route, possibly at Grosse Isle. Patrick re-married Anasatsia O'Brien in 1841. Thomas was born in 1842 but the mother was listed by someone as Johanna Brennan when it was actually Anastasia. The witnesses were John Britt and Ellen Tierney, grandparents to Thomas. John and Ellens last born was witnessed by Ellen Britt and William Stackpole. Taylor
August 27, 2010: Hi Since I recently found out that Elizabeth Carroll is my Great Grandfather's sister I have been trying to read all about her on the Bytown Site. I've been trying to use different search engines and I came across an article in the 20 Aug 1940 Ottawa Citizen entitled "Old Letter Gives Clue on Reunion with Ottawa Kin" which tells all about Patrick Britt not knowing that he had relatives in Canada. Most interesting article and it looks like his father remarried again before he went to the USA. Does anyone know who he married. I started checking this evening and found Patrick married Catherine Mullen and believe he had 5 children. Can anyone verify this. Sandy Sinnock _______________________________ Hi Sandy I can give you that info and a living contact in Boston if you would like. You can contact me at this address Take care PS I also have pictures, finally

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