Lot 5, Concession 3, Osgoode Township, Ontario, Canada, by 1863

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893
June 7, 2003:

There were several Bresnahan families in the Ottawa area beginning with some
Peter Robinson settlers. See another Bresnahan page.

A John Bresnahan owned 200 acres in Osgoode Township in 1863. He owned Lot 5, Concession 3.
Some of the Bresnahans became related by marriage to the Cahill family. A Cahill farm was
across the road from the Bresnahan farm in 1863. There was no house on the Bresnahan property 
and by 1879, the farm had been severed into two lots of 100 acres each and belonged to
the Piper / Pyper family and the family of Hugh Morrison.

The Bresnahan's are not in the 1881 census for Osgoode. A William Bresnahan, probable son of
John died in 1864 at age 4 years. He is buried at Our Lady of the Visitation at South Gloucester.

March 28, 2009: When this family left Osgoode Township, they moved to Allumette Island. Note: The above sentence is incorrect. See next posting dated January 18, 2012. ... Al

New January 18, 2012: Correction: Bresnahan / Cahill Thanks to Barrie Bresnahan for the following correction: Can't remember if I commented to you folks on page at: You note through link to Cahill pages that Catherine Bresenham widow married Thomas Cahill at Allumette Island in 1862, and by linkage are suggesting a link to the John bresnahan who still owned a farm in 1863 and who's son was buried two years after Catherine left for Allumet island. The dates don't work here for this John being the same one that was married to Catherine. This John (the Gloucester one) is probably unrelated to the one that was previously married to the Catherine you mention as marrying Catherine and Thomas Cahill. By all means use stuff I send to you for your website. Specifically, John Bresnahan who owned acreage in Osgoode in 1863 cannot be the same one who was married to Catherine Leahy as it would mean he was working a farm long after he was dead. Catherine Bresnahan (nee Leahy) remarried Thomas Cahill in 1862 per: St.Alphonse,Allumette Island May 8,1862--Thomas Cahill and Catherine Leahy widow of John Bresnehan witnessed by David Leahy and Ellen O'Keefe The logic of this is that John had to be dead before she could be a widow and so died sometime around 1860 - 1861.
Their son Thomas was born in 1856, at Ramsay Township per your site c/o Diana Cockwill: Renfrew, Thomas BRESNAGNE, Mary Mathilda MICK, marriage, 7 Nov 1885, John Bresnagne, Catherine Bresnagne, b. 1856, Ramsay Township son of John B. & Catharine Leahy, Which makes it far more likely that they were farming somewhere to the west of Corkery, Ontario. Around about 1860-61, John died and Catherine moved to Chapeau (Allumette Island) to live with her brother David Leahy and presumably met and married Thomas Cahill there. That they lived at Waltham (Allumette Island) Quebec for a while is certain as they had a sone there, per your website: MARY3 HEENAN (THOMAS2, MICHAEL1) was born 18 April 1872 in Alice Township, Renfrew County, and died 26 December 1966 in Bromley, Renfrew County. She married DAVID JAMES CAHILL 14 June 1893 in Pembroke Cathedral, Renfrew County, son of THOMAS CAHILL and CATHERINE LEAHY. He was born 5 November 1864 in Waltham, Quebec... Catherine Cahill (nee Leahy) died in Osceola, per Margaret Sinclair: THOMAS Cahill b: Abt. 1838 in Ireland d: January 28, 1932 in Bromley twp, Ontario CATHERINE Leahy b: Abt. 1825 in Ireland d: February 10, 1913 in Osceola, Ontario You site has her dying in Waltham Quebec per: THOMAS2 CAHILL (THOMAS1) He married CATHERINE LEAHY 8 March 1862 in St. Alphonse, Alumette Island. She died 10 February 1913 in Alumette Island. Anyway, the point here is that your note on does not line up. Wife of Bresnahan in Osgoode did not meet up with Cahill boy across the street and then move to Allumette.
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