William Fredrick BRENNAN and Miriam SNOW RICHARDSON

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March 13, 2003:

Hi Al-Learning a lot from your website...! I am interested in finding ANY 
and all info on William Fredric Brennan or his brother Thomas, who we believe 
emigrated to Bytown to work on the Rideau sometime prior to 1829. 
Upon arrival in Bytown, William met and married Miriam Snow Richardson, reportedly 
born in Bytown in 1804, the daughter of David Richardson and Polly Dearborn, 
both also residents of Bytown who moved from America, where I believe they 
were Revolutionary War resistors, who later died and are apparently buried there. 
William and Miriam had their first children, twins Eliza Ann and Mary Ann in 
1830 in Bytown. William, according to his will, was a tavernkeeper and a town 
coucilman, or selectman, after the Rideau was completed. He owned 300 acres of 
land that he purchased from a William Peter Frazer, who gave him a deed signed 
by King George III that is still in the family, unfortunately, not my end of it. 
William and his wife Miriam are both buried in Bytown, William in 1842, Miriam 
at an unknown time, both are reportedly buried together in a single grave?? 
Some years ago, my second cousin donated a pocketwatch that William had carried 
to the Ottawa Historical Museum. I have a receipt for that watch to this day. 
Thomas Brennan, his brother, married someone named Mary, from William's will, 
that's all I have. 
I am trying to verify that William and Thomas emigrated from Curballa (Corbally) 
County Sligo, now redistricted to County Mayo, although Thomas may have come from 
nearby Ballina in County Mayo. 
At one time, I was contacted by a lady who told me there was a William Brennan listed 
on the McCabe's List. She gave me the info on Ireland-that is what I'm trying to verify 
as my son is currently in the British Isles and will visit Ireland next week. 
I see you also have a listing for a Brennan, no first name, on the Rideau Front in the 
list of early pre-1834 settlers of Gloucester Township...
I am hoping you can help me with any and all birth and death dates and locations, 
dates of emigration, additional family members, locations of emigration...anything 
at all...I will be happy to donate my family tree to your website...perhaps I will 
locate more family somewhere. 
At the moment, there appears to be something wrong with my family tree program, it 
won't get me to the links for family reports, but I will be happy to do this by hand 
and send it to you...
Hope to hear from you,
Linda Brennan Gallagher
also posted on March 13, 2003: Thanks to Ellen Paul who searched her great database of Notre Dame records: Good Morning, Linda: Al asked me to look through my databases to see what I could find on your Brennans. I've included the results below. The entries for Thomas Brennan are all over the board since it's not clear who his wife was. Best, Ellen Paul 13 Sep 1829 Baptism of Mary Cornelia, aged 10 wks., lawful daughter of William Brennan and Marian Richardson Sponsors: Antony Cullen and Mary Cullen Angus McDonell, P.P. 13 May 1832 Baptism of Mary Ann, two days old, daughter to William Brennan and Mary Ann Richardson Sponsors: Richard O'Connor and Anna Hosey M. Lalor, P. 13 May 1832 Baptism of Eliza Anna, two days old, daughter to William Brennan and Mary Ann Richardson Sponsors: M. Lawlor and Elizabeth Fallon M. Lalor, P. 18 Apr 1833 Baptism of Maria, daughter of Thomas Brennan and Margaret Dopson Sponsors: Owen Meloney & Ann Kelly J. Cullin, P. 26 Mar 1834 Bytown - Baptism of James Frederick, son of William Brennan and Marianne Richardson Sponsors: William Tormay & Elizabeth Fitzgibbons John Cullen, M. Ap. 28 Jan 1840 Baptism of Matilda, aged 2 yrs. on 26 February next and David William, born 29 December last, of the marriage of William Brennan and Marie Anne Richard Sponsors: Ph. Cahil & Mrs. Corcoran / Nc Corcoran & Mrs. Roan / Rowan J. J. Connor, P. 10 Mar 1842 Burial in the R.C. Cemetery of Mr. William Brennan, one of the new church wardens of this place, who died the 8th, aged 53 yrs. Witnesses: George Patterson, Philip Cahill & several others Ths. Cannnon, P. 20 Aug 1844 After the publication of two banns, marriage of Michael Tompkins of Bytown, adult son of John Tompkins and Mary Kehoe, to Bridget Brennan, minor daughter of Thomas Brennan and Margaret Moony of Bytown Witnesses: Edward Brennan & Bridget Lawler D. Dandurand, P.O.M.I. 1 Nov 1845 After two publications of banns, marriage of Thomas Brennan, widower of Margaret Mooney and son of James Brennan and Margaret Cahil to Julia Mullins, daughter of Thomas Mullins and Ellen McDonahue Witnesses: John McLouglin & Eliza Higgins M. Molloy ___________________________________________________________________________ Again, on March 13, 2003: Ellen-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...This is WONDERFUL!! I've been working on this family geneology on and off for almost 30 years now, and it's just amazing to me the wonderful progress we've made since the Internet and everything that's now on the web... Might I bother you with a couple more questions? i also have some information for you... what "board" are you speaking of? Are you just talking about your hardcopy databases or is there some information on this somewhere on a message board somewhere? What was the name of the church that William belonged to, if you don't have that, do you have the denomination? I'm sure you noticed the twin daughters, but I didn't know about the first baby, she must have died in infancy...she did not live to adulthood, and I have nothing on her. I'm sure you've also noticed the various spellings of William's wife's first name...it was Miriam Snow Richardson, and I have her entire geneology all the way back to 1500, the Richardson Memorial... James Frederick was my great grandfather, and I have his photo here... I never knew when William was born-THANK YOU... I wish I knew more about this Thomas Brennan, I can't tell which one is my relative that you've got listed...William's will lists a "Mary" as Thomas's wife, and no mention of children...but I think the one that was the son of James Brennan is my ancestor, William's brother...William named his son James, rather than after himself or his brother, so it makes sense that he named his son for his father...let's hope...it sounds like there was yet another brother, Edward, or perhaps a nephew of William? Again, many many thanks, and if you know of some way that I could verify William and Thomas's origin in Ireland, I would deeply appreciate it...we believe they were from Corbally, now County Mayo, I was at one time told that by someone (I didn't keep the note, like an idiot)...I believe I recall this fine lady telling me she got that info from the McCabe's List... Again, my deepest appreciation, and that of my entire family..I have a 92 year old cousin that is in ill health who has followed the family history all of her life...she's failing, but I hope she will be cognizant of the information you've provided...she will be thrilled...if I can only verify the Brennan's home sod, I am hoping that my son, who's taking college classes in the British Isles, will be able to visit the area and take photos for her. Linda Brennan Gallagher Al-I would like to thank you for referring me to Ellen, I gained much info, now all I need is verification of William Brennan's origin in Ireland, and I can die a happy woman. I have the Family Tree Maker software here, I made up a generational family report for you, but have no idea how to get it into some semblance of order from that program, so, I simply saved it to my hard drive in text format and here it is, as correct as I know at the moment, of course, I am hoping that I will be able to confirm the county and village in Ireland soon. Please feel free, in fact, I encourage you, to post this on your website...perhaps I may hear from other Brennans in Ottawa, with the possibility of at least two other brothers there, that would be a real possibility... Again, many thanks, Linda Brennan Gallagher
Descendants of William Frederick Brennan
Generation No. 1 1. WILLIAM FREDERICK2 BRENNAN (JAMES1) was born 1789 in Corbally, County Mayo, Ireland?, and died March 08, 1842 in Ottawa, (Bytown) Ontario, Canada. He married MIRIAM SNOW RICHARDSON 1828 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, daughter of DAVID RICHARDSON and POLLY DEARBORN. Notes for WILLIAM FREDERICK BRENNAN: From an early book of Irish immigrants, William Frederick Brennan's name is listed as having been hired by the Canadian government to work on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, coming from the parish of Curballa in County Sligo, Ireland, now known as Corbally in County, Mayo, joined a year or so later by his brother Thomas, who it is believed lived in Ballina, County Mayo, Ireland. There he married Miriam, produced 6 children, and became an innkeeper and town councilman. He also purchased 300 acres of land on the Canal from a William Peter Frazer, who had been deeded the land by King George III of England. The deed, which has the signature of the king, for the land that was later sold to the Canadian government for construction of the current day Parliament buildings, (later proven to be a fond family legend only) is in the possession of Linda Gingrich, Sallie Brennan Minck's granddaughter. William is buried in Ottawa in a single grave with his wife and mother-in-law Polly Dearborn. Just prior to his death he was selected as a church "warden". A watch belonging to William was donated by Ruth Brennan Tawney Williams to the Ottawa Historical Collection. Death witnessed by George Patterson, Philip Cahill & several others. Could Philip Cahill be a relation to William's mother? (If that is indeed his mother, listed as Thomas Brennan's mother at the time of his second marriage) There is also evidence of at least one other brother, Edward, also in Bytown, who married Bridget Lawlor. Many thanks to Ms. Ellen Paul for much info received on March 13, 2003. More About WILLIAM FREDERICK BRENNAN: Fact 1: March 08, 1842, Buried in R.C. Cemetery, Ottawa Children of WILLIAM BRENNAN and MIRIAM RICHARDSON are: 2. i. JAMES FREDERICK3 BRENNAN, b. January 02, 1834, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; d. June 20, 1919, Mt. Clemens, MI. ii. ELIZA ANN BRENNAN MCVICTER, b. May 11, 1830, Ottawa(Compton) Ontario Canada; d. Wisconsin. iii. MARY ANN BRENNAN GRAY, b. May 11, 1830; d. Wisconsin. iv. MATILDA BRENNAN NEWTON, b. February 26, 1838; d. Massachusetts. v. MARY CORNELIA BRENNAN, b. August 1829. 3. vi. DAVID WILLIAM BRENNAN, b. December 29, 1839, Ottawa ( Bytown) Canada; d. 1881, Malone, New York. Generation No. 2 2. JAMES FREDERICK3 BRENNAN (WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born January 02, 1834 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and died June 20, 1919 in Mt. Clemens, MI. He married MARY AUGUSTA TRAVER March 13, 1860 in Mt. Clemens, MI, daughter of JOHN TRAVER and LUCINDA SHOOK. Notes for JAMES FREDERICK BRENNAN: it is unknown when James Brennan arrived in Michigan, but he settled in Mt. Clemens, working on the railroad connecting Detroit and Port Huron for many years, where family stories have it he knew Thomas Edison as a boy. He was here at least by 1860, when he wed Mary Augusta, whose family had settled in the area some years before. For many years the Brennans lived at 134 Jones in what is now downtown Mt. Clemens. James later owned a livery stable, and is buried, along with his wife and much of her family, in Clinton Grove Cemetery in Mt. Clemens, MI. Baptized in Bytown on March 26, 1834, Sponsors: William Tormay & Elizabeth Fitzgibbons John Cullen, M. Ap. Children of JAMES BRENNAN and MARY TRAVER are: 4. i. ROBERT JOHN4 BRENNAN, b. July 1865, Mt. Clemens, MI; d. October 22, 1941, Bloomfield Hills, MI. 5. ii. JUDGE FREDERIC WALTER BRENNAN, b. 1861, Mt. C;lemens, MI; d. 1929. 6. iii. ARTHUR BRENNAN. iv. BELLE(MRS. FRED KAY). 3. DAVID WILLIAM3 BRENNAN (WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born December 29, 1839 in Ottawa (Bytown) Canada, and died 1881 in Malone, New York. He married (1) LAURA C. SMITH in Malone, New York. He married (2) LAURA C. SMITH. Notes for DAVID WILLIAM BRENNAN: much data was lost in a computer glitch about David, a Civil War hero, who emigrated from Canada at the age of 18 to Malone, New York, where he later married and settled. Lost a leg? at the battle of Chapin's Farm, later elected to the NY State Senate, retired due to political scandal, and committed suicide from arsenic in 1881. Buried in Malone, New York. Children of DAVID BRENNAN and LAURA SMITH are: i. LAURA ELIZABETH4 BRENNAN, b. May 29, 1874. ii. DAVID WILLIAM BRENNAN, b. November 24, 1877. Generation No. 3 4. ROBERT JOHN4 BRENNAN (JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born July 1865 in Mt. Clemens, MI, and died October 22, 1941 in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He married (1) JESSIE MCQUEEN May 1896. He married (2) MARGARET MACDONALD 1912 in Detroit, MI, daughter of ANGUS MACDONALD and JANE ROSS. Notes for ROBERT JOHN BRENNAN: Named after his mother's brother, Robert Traver, a very successful entrepreneur of men's clothing in Detroit, Robert graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in civil engineering, working for many years with the US Army Corps of Engineers on the work to dike Lake St. Clair and the Clinton River. Married first for love and money(his first wife Jessie McQueen listed, among others, the lieutenant governor of Ohio as a relation and hailed from monied Saratoga, New York), second for a mother for his two daughters after Jessie died of the influenza epidemic. Retiring to the family home he built in Bloomfield Hills, Robert enjoyed hunting trips out west, fishing and hunting in northern Michigan, English Setters, some minor farming, and his second family, until his death from heart trouble in 1941. Robert John is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Detroit with both of his wives and some of his first wife's family. Children of ROBERT BRENNAN and JESSIE MCQUEEN are: i. SALLIE BRENNAN5 MINCKS. ii. MARY TRAVER SMITH. Children of ROBERT BRENNAN and MARGARET MACDONALD are: 7. iii. ROBERT DONALD5 BRENNAN, b. January 14, 1917, Bloomfield Hills, MI; d. November 01, 1988, Sterling Heights, MI. iv. MAXINE BRENNAN, b. Bloomfield Hills, MI; d. 1975, Bloomfield Hills, MI. Notes for MAXINE BRENNAN: After suffering some sort of nervous breakdown as a teenager at school, Maxine was kept close to home for the remainder of her life, caring for her mother and their home, with no friends or life whatsoever. She dabbled in some oil and water painting, but was either never allowed to have her own life, or never wanted one, dying alone at home of malnutrition and dysentery a year after her mother's death. Buried in Woodlawn with both of her parents. 8. v. ARTHUR BRENNAN. 5. JUDGE FREDERIC WALTER4 BRENNAN (JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born 1861 in Mt. C;lemens, MI, and died 1929. He married VERNA BEECHER. Child of JUDGE BRENNAN and VERNA BEECHER is: 9. i. HAROLD ARTHUR5 BRENNAN, b. July 07, 1894, Flint MI; d. February 20, 1953, Flint MI. 6. ARTHUR4 BRENNAN (JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1). Children of ARTHUR BRENNAN are: i. KATE BRENNAN(MRS. JOHN5 MARA). ii. RUTH BRENNAN TAWNEY WILLIAMS. Generation No. 4 7. ROBERT DONALD5 BRENNAN (ROBERT JOHN4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born January 14, 1917 in Bloomfield Hills, MI, and died November 01, 1988 in Sterling Heights, MI. He married (1) MARY HAZEL HOGAN February 28, 1938 in St. Charles, MO, daughter of JOHN HOGAN and LILLIAN TRACY. He married (2) STELLA WILAMOWSKI 1980 in California. Notes for ROBERT DONALD BRENNAN: Growing up on a farm in the country was fine for Robert Donald, who years later fondly recalled his pet crow that killed itself eating cherries from the orchard, a Shetland pony named Mothy, and planting a blue spruce that still stands 80 years later. Attended Adams Elementary and barely graduated from Baldwin High School in Birmingham, preferring his Harley Davidson and high school sweetheart Mary Hogan, whom he later married against the wishes of his family, alienating himself from his father and mother, who never really forgave him and refused to have anything to do with Mary, even years later. Attended and graduated from Parks Air College in St. Louis, then enlisted in the US Navy in California just after the start of World War II, serving as an airplane mechanic in the South Pacific, including Saipan, where years later he remembered the Japanese strafing, night time grenade bombings, and kami-kaze attacks. It was apparent years later that he loved being in the Navy and would have happily remained there until retirement, but his wife had other ideas. For a time the couple lived in Connecticut, where Robert worked at Pratt-Whitney Aircraft, again very happily, but Mary was unhappy, so in 1948 the couple returned to Detroit, where Robert went to work for the Ford Motor Company Tractor Division. In 1955, after 18 years of marriage, and many miscarriages, the couple's only child, Linda Ellen, was born. Another daughter, Julia, was stillborn a year later. A series of medical problems began in 1968 with Robert's first heart attack, of which he suffered five, the fifth of which ultimately caused his death. Robert also suffered from a rare circulation disease known as Beurger's Disease, which previously had only been diagnosed in Jewish people. This resulted in the eventual loss of both lower legs. Two years after the death of his first wife from alcoholism, Robert married again, again with the disapproval of his family. The marriage was apparently happy, despite the rift it caused between Robert and his daughter and her family. In his later years, Robert enjoyed winters in Florida, summers in northern Michigan, and his two adored grandsons, whom he would be extremely proud of today. Robert D. is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Birmingham, with his first wife and much of her family. Child of ROBERT BRENNAN and MARY HOGAN is: 10. i. LINDA ELLEN6 BRENNAN, b. November 04, 1955, Pontiac, MI. 8. ARTHUR5 BRENNAN (ROBERT JOHN4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1). He married MARILYN. Notes for ARTHUR BRENNAN: Youngest of the 3 Brennan children, Arthur also served in the US Navy during World War II, seeing duty on the battleship Independence. Little is known about Arthur because of a family feud between Robert and his brother, during which they didn't communicate with one another at all for 20 odd years.It is believed this feud also had something to do with Robert's wife Mary, but also may have been caused by Art, who also had a very nasty temper and a drinking problem in later years. Employed by the City of Rochester for many years, where he married and had one child, a daughter Patricia, who married as an adult in Denver, Colorado. Child of ARTHUR BRENNAN and MARILYN is: i. PATRICIA6 BRENNAN, b. 1957. 9. HAROLD ARTHUR5 BRENNAN (JUDGE FREDERIC WALTER4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born July 07, 1894 in Flint MI, and died February 20, 1953 in Flint MI. He married FLORENCE MARGUERITE BROWN June 27, 1923 in Flint MI. Children of HAROLD BRENNAN and FLORENCE BROWN are: 11. i. CORINNEELIZABETH BRENNAN(MRS. THOMAS6 MILLER), b. September 23, 1926, Flint MI. 12. ii. BARBARA JOAN BRENNAN (KERCHNER), b. March 17, 1924, Flint MI; d. January 14, 1955. Generation No. 5 10. LINDA ELLEN6 BRENNAN (ROBERT DONALD5, ROBERT JOHN4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born November 04, 1955 in Pontiac, MI. She married JAMES TIMOTHY GALLAGHER November 25, 1974 in Bloomfield Hills, MI, son of JOHN GALLAGHER and MARY ROAN. Notes for JAMES TIMOTHY GALLAGHER: Roman Catholic marriage date April 25, 1976 Children of LINDA BRENNAN and JAMES GALLAGHER are: 13. i. TIMOTHY PAUL7 GALLAGHER, b. March 11, 1976, Pontiac, MI. ii. JAMES ROBERT GALLAGHER, b. March 12, 1980, Royal Oak, Michigan. 11. CORINNE ELIZABETH BRENNAN(MRS. THOMAS6 MILLER) (HAROLD ARTHUR5 BRENNAN, JUDGE FREDERIC WALTER4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born September 23, 1926 in Flint MI. She married THOMAS MILLER June 19, 1948 in Flint MI. Children of CORINNE ELIZABETH MILLER) and THOMAS MILLER are: i. VIRGINIA JOY7 MILLER, b. January 31, 1951. ii. DALE GORDON MILLER, b. December 06, 1952. iii. KENNETH ALLISON MILLER, b. September 16, 1957. iv. KATHLEEN MARGUERITE MILLER, b. July 23, 1960. 12. BARBARA JOAN BRENNAN6 (KERCHNER) (HAROLD ARTHUR5 BRENNAN, JUDGE FREDERIC WALTER4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born March 17, 1924 in Flint MI, and died January 14, 1955. She married JAMES PHILIP KERCHNER August 04, 1945 in Port Austin, MI. Children of BARBARA (KERCHNER) and JAMES KERCHNER are: i. RONALD LEE7 KERCHNER, b. July 29, 1946. ii. SCOTT BRENNAN KERCHNER, b. April 28, 1948. iii. WENDYJEAN KERCHNER (FERREL), b. June 03, 1949. iv. KEITH ALLEN KERCHNER, b. May 28, 1953. Generation No. 6 13. TIMOTHY PAUL7 GALLAGHER (LINDA ELLEN6 BRENNAN, ROBERT DONALD5, ROBERT JOHN4, JAMES FREDERICK3, WILLIAM FREDERICK2, JAMES1) was born March 11, 1976 in Pontiac, MI. He married YOLANDA MAE MCPHERSON April 18, 1996 in Ogden, Utah, daughter of ELDON MCPHERSON and JUDY AUSTIN. Child of TIMOTHY GALLAGHER and YOLANDA MCPHERSON is: i. HUNTER JAMES8 GALLAGHER, b. December 01, 1997, Ogden, Utah.
New March 20, 2003: Here's the transcription for the Brennans from the McCabe List: William Brennan from County Sligo, parish Castleconnor, town or townland of Curballa. In 1829 in Bytown there were two males and two females in the family (including the parents I believe). Many of the men signed with an "X" but William was able to sign his name. "William Brennan has a brother, Thomas, having a family, residing at Curballa, near Ballina in the Parish of Castleconnor, County of Sligo; he is well known to and can procure a good character from the Revd. James Burrowes." (The spelling may not be exact for today ... Al) There's also a William Brennan, age 39, on the 1828 Militia List as living at Hog's back. Not sure if this is the same William Brennan or not. ... Al _________________________________ also posted on March 20, 2003: from Linda: Al-I've been blowing the dust off all weekend, and ran into something today that I thought you might find of interest. Dug through some old Richardson family papers, found that the David Richardson family emigrated from New Hampshire to Bytown in 1801. A connection with the Philemon Wright party? - Philemon was from Woburn, MA, which David's ancestor Samuel with his brothers Thomas and Ezekiel co-founded in 1631-2. The Richardsons WERE the town of Woburn MA for many years. Anyway, at some point between 1801 and 1849, when he died, David Richardson founded a village nearby known as Richardson's Village. BTW-David Richardson, also, was NOT a Revolutionary War resister, that was another branch of his family...in fact, both he and his father Zebediah were veterans of the American Revolutionary War. I am still wandering on the Brennan end, but thanks to you, my son is headed for Corbally this Friday. I ordered a McCabe's List today, am hoping to learn something more about a "James Brennan", who I believe may be my William's father. Your thoughts are most welcome, and again, thank you for your kind assistance so far... Linda Brennan Gallagher _________________________________ There is a village called "Richardson", mainly a cross-roads, on the road between Franktown and Perth. This may be a bit far to have a connection with David Richardson (probably 50 miles from downtown Ottawa). There is still a Richardson stone farm home on the Richardson Side Road, built in the 1820's. This is now within the city of Ottawa but would have been in Huntley or March Townships in the 1800's. I believe that this Richardson family came directly from Ireland. ... Al

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