William BRADLEY and Jane Ann DOWNEY
to Huntley Township, Ontario, Canada, and later to Eardley, Quebec

December 20, 2009:

I have traced my Bradley family back to William and Jane Ann Downey.  They are buried in Eardley, Quebec, where my grandmother was born. William was 
born in Huntley (according to census) and Jane came from Ireland.  William was born around 1832 and after marriage lived in March Township on 
Lot 23 Conc. 3. (1861 Census)   He is mentioned in the Carleton Saga with regard to the great fire along with his 
brother in-law John Downey / McEldowney. William and family moved to Eardley, Quebec, sometime after the fire and are shown 1881 Census for 
Ottawa County, Eardley Quebec.
My problem is that I can not find out who his parents were.  In the 1852 Census I found a John and Sera in Huntley who had a son named William 
who was born abt. 1832. Also many of the other silblings names are in the family.  I have also checked William and Janes marriage at the
Anglican Church records and there is no mention of any parents or relatives as witnesses. I sent for Williams burial cert. from Quebec and 
it didn't show any info either.  William and Janes Children are John, William, Samuel James, Sarah Jane, Thomas, Elizabeth Ann, Jacob and Benjamin. 
There are a few Bradley families in the area with similar names in the family and it makes it more difficult to trace them.  I have pretty well
eliminated the John Bradley in Marlborough Twp. and the Capt. Bradley Family in Carp area based on religion and family names etc. 
If you could help me find any information to confirm William Bradleys parents I would greatly appreciate it.
A Bradley I found on a family tree seems to have a relative Andrew Bradley and Thomas (mentioned above) who they believe is related to a 
Henry Willard Bradley and I think Martha Ann Jewel from the USA who came to Canada and lived in Oxford Norwich ??.  After researching that 
line, I didn't feel they were related. But I may be wrong.
... Cindy Timmons

Cindy, do you know what religion they were? Have you checked the Carleton County Wesleyan Baptism Register, a copy of which is in the OGS
Ottawa Branch Library which resides at the City Archives in the old Ottawa City Hall on Sussex Drive? This won't help you unless they were Protestant. 
Have you checked the Ontario Registrations which reside at the LDS Family History Centre. I know they don't begin before 1869 but if you could find 
William & Jane's marriage date it would give the name of the parents. I assume you know their approximate marriage date since you know the names 
of their children from the census.

The Huntley Historical Society have done some profiles of early settlers in Huntley. You should check them out as well. These are just suggestions of 
records you may have already thought to check. Even if you have checked out all these records a visit to the City Archives might still come up with something.
Good luck, 
Norine Wolfe

Hi Cindy,
Not sure if you are aware of the following Bradley family.  There is a Jacob Bradley in this line, so may connect with yours as well.
Here's what I have from "work in progress" and by no means complete!
All the best,
Debbie Prince

Descendants of Jacob Bradley (only first and second generations shown, Debbie sent mor details to Cindy. Thanks, Debbie !)
	1  	Jacob Bradley	1800 -
..		+Ann Tetlock	1800 -
........	2  	Samuel Tetlock Bradley	1832 - 1910
............		+Margaret Alexander	1840 - 1893
...................	3  	William Francis Bradley	1868 - 1926
.......................		+Adelaide Victoria Wilson	1861 - 1938
........	2  	Lucind Bradley	1846 -
............		+William Morris	1842 -

... Debbie Prince
December 21, 2009: HI Al: Just a bit of follow-up on the Bradley family & publications by the Huntley Township Historical Society. There are 5 references to Bradley families in their publications “Pioneer families series”. Vol. 1 contains Jacob Bradley & Nancy Little; William Brown Bradley (see below, dated January 8, 2010) & Catherine Clements, Francis Henry Cunningham & Florence Emily Bradley; Samuel Tetlock Bradley & Margaret Alexander. Vol 3 contains Abraham Wilson & Georgiana Bradley. Here is the link for all names published in the Pioneer series: http://www.huntleyhistory.ca/pubs/PioneerIndex.html These pamphlets can be purchased from the Huntley Township Historical Society. ... Linda Falls
New January 8, 2009:
Here is Captain William Brown Bradley wearing his uniform from the War of 1812 (104th Regiment): He was born in Savannah, Georgia, USA, in 1771. In 1817 he was retired to half pay and was granted 800 acres of land in the Ottawa area. Photo Source: Our Times: A Pictorial Memoir of Ottawa's Past, page 6 Captain William Brown Bradley

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