County Carlow, Ireland to Eastern Ontario, in 1820

New October 28, 2009:

Dear Carol, 

Yesterday I saw on the Internet where you wanted to hear from descendents of ancestors whose names were on the Elly Brothers 
list from Ross, County Wexford, Ireland.  No. 71 listed as farmer and mechanic, is my great great grandfather Henry Bradley, widower 
of Susan Garrett.  Susan Garrett was the daughter of Jane Garrett of Mount Pleasant, Carlow.  Henry was a member of All Saints Church 
of Ireland (Anglican) in Fenagh Parish, County Carlow.  He was appointed as a yeomanry captain in the first Carlow corps of infantry in 1810.  
His silver yeomanry belt buckle, engraved with a harp and crown, is still in my family.  He came to Ontario in 1820 (perhaps on the 
ship Trafalgar.)  The ship's captain was Hugh Cochrane.  Henry came with six children:  Margaret, William (my great grandfather), Maria, 
James, George and Henry.  On August 21, 1821, he swore an oath of allegiance before James Fitzgibbon at York, Ontario.  He was hoping for 
wastelands of the Crown free of fees.  Henry Bradley died between August 22 and Dec. 31, 1821.  Cause of death and burial place are unknown.  

I have spent 30 years with my own efforts and those of professional researchers trying to find his burial place. After his death, his oldest 
son, my great grandfather William, worked at Chesser saw mill from age 12 to age 28, at Plantagenet, Ontario (Prescott County).  In 1836,
he bought a farm nine miles west of Vankleek Hill, Ontario.  My two brothers continue to till that land today in Prescott County. 
I wish I had known much sooner of your future book "Leinster to Lanark".  Please put me on your mailing list to let me know when the book is
available.  I have your books "Woman of Ireland," "Valley Irish," and "Peter Robinson Settlers."  I would be happy if some of my family 
information could be included in your book.  Please contact me if you would like any further information.  

Yours truly, 

... Richard Bradley  
PS  In 2001 I went to Kirklington, North Yorkshire, England as we may have left this area with the Wandesforde family who needed coal miners 
to work in their mines in Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, Ireland in 1636 and then we moved to County Carlow to farm. 

Good morning, Mr. Bradley:
Just to let you know that we have a new web page for your Bradley ancestors. 
I notice that your ancestors came to the Castlecomer, County Kilkenny, area in the 1600's. There were several Bradley families who came 
from there to the Ottawa area in the 1820's. Perhaps they were related to your family back in Ireland.  If you go to the bottom of 
this page, try a search for the word Bradley. Also, try (separately) the word Castlecomer. You may find other researchers who are 
researching your various surnames. There were also a few Garrett families who came here.
Thanks again for this.
... Al

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