William John Woodman BRADFORD
British Home Child

New January 31, 2014:

I would like you to add my grandfather to the list you keep here; my grand father was William John Woodman Bradford. 
He was from Croydon, Surrey, England and arrived here in Canada May of 1920 aboard the Melita. His version 
of the farmer he went to in Quebec had the man as being very cruel (I had traced the farm and the farmer as well as 
some of the kids he had been there with he originally went to the Gibbs Home in Sherbrook QC...
no golden bridge for him ... he had been shipped without his mother’s knowledge and she had to fight to find out 
where he had been sent...he never forgave his mother for what she thought was a temporary surrender of her son. 
My grandfather is buried at Beechwood cemetery in Ottawa. I do not agree that no apology is necessary...
my family continues to suffer because of what he had been put through plus the loss of family it has taken me 
10 years to piece together what we did because the birth certificate they shipped him with does not match 
immigration records or the family lore. I have found what I think some of our family but still am not sure 
because of that birth certificate he had....would be nice to have the truth. 

 Sincerely Jeanette (nee Bradford) Lodge 

P.S My Uncle claimed there was also another fellow in Ottawa with the same name that he had to switch his first 
name with his middle name because it caused bank mix ups but I have not been able to find record of a 
different William Bradford...grandfather claimed his own first name was really John and William his middle name. 
I have some of his brother and his records from the Waifs and Strays now the Children’s Society they all say 
his first name was William...the records hint at the real reason a couple of her children were surrendered 
but don’t come right out and say. Grandfather’s brother was separated from him and stayed in Wales which is 
where they had been shipped from England to the Boy’s Home close to Swansea. I had traced the farm and farmer 
info where my grandfather was shipped I will have to look for it again and I have a picture of him and his brother 
taken at the Boy’s Home when he was taken in by the Waifs and Strays in England I plan to send copies to the 
museums for the Home Children. I think the government should help us to reunite with our lost families and 
help us get as much family medical histories, etcetera... I think we are entitled and we shouldn’t have to pay 
to get it. Grandfather is listed in the Gibbs Home records available online.

... Jeanette Lodge 

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