William BOYD

ML# 419 on the McCabe List

 January 30, 2002:
A namesake of my ancestors brother, one William BOYD, appears on the McCabe List.

He could be the same person.

I know the exact day/month and close year of my William Boyd's birthday from some
census data.

If he were the same, the McCabe list solves my problem of "Where did they come
from in Ireland?", as the list says "Ballyeaston, Antrim".

Problem: How to find the birthdate of the William Boyd of the McCabe List? Then, it is
either the same or different, etc.  

(why/how the connection? 

1- The major history book (Thomas*) for the area lists my James Boyd and his brother
William Boyd as early pioneers of the Gore area.

2- The local History book for the Holy Trinity Church, Lakefield, Gore, Argenteuil, 
says that many of the men went off to work on the canals including Rideau etc.)

Can you suggest how I can find out the birthdate of William BOYD of the McCabe List? 

Many thanks for taking the time to read this an answer.

Robert Boyd Block
Santa Barbara California

*Thomas, C. History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Que., & Prescott,
Ont., From the Earliest Settlement to the Present. Montreal: John Lovell
& Son. 1896

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