Edgar Gerard BOX
British Home Child, From England to Canada in 1913

July 31, 2012:

Good afternoon, 

I am researching my grandfather, Edgar Gerard Box, who came to Canada from Father Hudson Homes on The Corsican in May 1913. 
He sailed to Quebec. 

We know that from 1913 to 1918 he resided / worked at the following addresses:- 

c/o Mr T Sweeney, Caledon, Peel County, Ontario

c/o Thomas O’Malley, RR No. 2, Teeswater PO, Bruce County, Ontario

c/o Mr Gersham Johnston, Glenannon, RR No 1, Co. Huron, Ontario. 

We know that my grandfather ran away from Mr Johnston in 1918 – but lost track of his whereabouts after this. 
He returned to England in 1925. 

I am really hoping that you will be able to help me – perhaps add my name to a list of people searching for families, or 
whether there is someone who can help me trace the addresses/companies above? 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

Kind regards

... Julie Brick

Hi, Julie:

Greetings from Ottawa, Canada.

To give you some perspective, Ottawa, Canada is located in what used to be Carleton County, Ontario, which is number 39 on the map at the link below.

Peel County, number 20 on the map, is part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is about 225 miles or 350 Kilometres from Ottawa.
Bruce County is number 16 on the map and Huron County is number 15.

Hopefully someone will recognize your grandfather`s name and will be in touch with you.

Map of Ontario Counties

... Al Lewis
New August 2, 2012: Thanks to John who has provided the following research / detective work with the following information regarding Edgar Gerard Box: Hi Al I was reading the info on the Edgar Gerard Box. (Home Children) Just for fun I checked a few things. I think I have the person. Born 22 July 1901 Wolverhampton , England In the 1911 England census (8 Apr 1911) "Large Enumeration Book for Large Establishments" Garston Green Homes for Children, Coleshill, Coleshill, Birmington, Eng. This orphange had about 500 children in 18 Cottages a total of 157 rooms plus infirmary. The Superintendent at that time was Mr. James Rhondes On passenger list for the Corsican - Arrival Quebec 12 Mat 1913 (Catholic Group) depart Liverpool, Eng. There were about 56 boys on this list for the group. Their destination was Ottawa. Edgar returned to England on the ship "George Washington" departing New York Arriving Plymouth, England, 30 Feb 1925. It mentions an address Chapper Rd ?? London The last passenger listing I found was Edgar departing Southhampton on the "Queen Mary". Arriving 3 Jan 1946 in New York. I don't see his return to England. He appears to have died in 1971 England.??? I think I also found Edgar in some voting polls from about 1953-61 with his wife. - Doris L. Box Residence Lewis Trust Building - Warner Rd Block A #2 - Southwark. John ____________________________ Hi, John and Julie: This is interesting in that your Grandfather arrived in Quebec City and then went to Ottawa, since his placement was in Peel County (Toronto). Usually the boys who were sent to St. George's Home on Wellington Street in Ottawa and from there, would have been sent to a local farm family closer to Ottawa. My own grandfather, Edward John Lewis, arrived in Montreal from Liverpool in 1901 and from there he was sent, by train, to St. George's Home in Ottawa and from there was sent to a farm family in Nepean Township, now part of the city of Ottawa. There is a memorial stone monument in Ottawa on our web page for British Home Children, along with some information regarding St. George's Home. ... Al

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