Joseph BOUCHETTE, Surveyor-General of Canada, 1803-1814

June 27, 2010:
Painting of Joseph Bouchette Source: Terra Nostra, 1550-1950, The Stories Behind Canada's Maps, page 137 Joseph Bouchette, Surveyor General of Canada, 1803-1814
"Hull Township, Lower Canada / Quebec, was surveyed by Joseph Bouchette in 1802. Land grants totalling 12,000 acres in all parts of the township were allotted to eleven men - Philomen Wright Sr., his three sons Philomen Jr., Tiberius and Ruggles Wright, James McConnell, Luther Colton, Isaac Remic, Edmond Chamberlain, Harvey Parker and Daniel Wyman. Encouraged by the prospect of inexpensive farm land, other settlers arrived soon after." Source: History and Genealogy in the area of Ottawa, Canada: Philomen Wright.
Here is an example of the cartography performed by Joseph Bouchette: Map Source: The Lochaber Emigrants to Glengarry, 1802, page 58 Survey of Western Quebec, Canada Townships
New November 23, 2010: Google has digitized some of the original works of Joseph Bouchette. In 1815, Joseph Bouchette wrote A Topographical Description of Lower Canada. Read it online, here. In 1831 he published the British Dominions in North America. Read it online, here.

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