Thomas and Margaret BORTHWICK
Scotland to Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

March 24, 2007:

Hi Janice, 

Just wanted to let you know the book on the Borthwicks is ready for sale ($40.00).  
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Also of interest is Ann Carson, Australia, who has a one name study on 
the Borthwicks. Her e-mail address is & she 
would be happy to hear from anyone interested.
... Dawn 

(The above correspondence resulted from some e-mails regarding the Masson
family, from Scotland to Nepean Township, Australia and New Zealand)
... Al

1881 	Census Place:	Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist E  Div 3  Page 53  Family 230
			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Occ	Religion
Thomas BORTHWICK	M	M	73	Scottish	Scotland	Farmer	C. Presbyterian	
Margret BORTHWICK	F	M	66	Scottish	Scotland		C. Presbyterian	
Alexander BORTHWICK	M		31	Scottish	Ontario			C. Presbyterian	

1881 	Census Place:	Gloucester, Russell, Ontario, Canada
	Source:	FHL Film 1375865  NAC C-13229  Dist 104  SubDist E  Div 3  Page 54  Family 232
			Sex	Marr	Age	Origin		Birthplace	Occ	Religion
Thomas BORTHWICK	M	M	38	Scottish	Ontario		Farmer	Presbyterian	
Margret BORTHWICK	F	M	29	Scottish	Ontario			Presbyterian	
Hugh H. BORTHWICK	M		10	Scottish	Ontario			Presbyterian	
Ana M. BORTHWICK	F		12	Scottish	Ontario			Presbyterian	
Thomas R. BORTHWICK	M		3	Scottish	Ontario			Presbyterian	
Mary A. BORTHWICK	F		2	Scottish	Ontario			Presbyterian

March 27, 2007: Hi All, Saw this post today and thought I'd add a bit. As I have mentioned to Al and Dawn before my interest in the Borthwicks is their connection to so many other early Gloucester / Bytown families including my own through the Templeton, Moxley and Johnston families. The 1851 Census entry for Thomas and Margaret is here You will find the 1881 Census entry for William Borthwick, Jane Blyth and family here: I found this by searching the 1881 Ottawa Directory: on the LAC (Library and Archives Canada) site, then entering the heads of household for each of the next door neighbours in Familysearch. Al, maybe you could compare this to what you have on your disc of the 1881 census. Its worth noting that the age of Mary born in California, USA, is consistent with the biographical sketch of William, which I believe can be accessed through Ann's site. Regards Allen Craig
January 28, 2008: Thanks to Bruce Hurley for this photograph of William Borthwick, mayor of Ottawa in 1898. Picture of William Borthwick, Mayor of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
November 12, 2008: Hi Al et al My cousin Ruby Moorhead died last January at age 105 years. This is a photo I found in Ruby's things. She had attached one note in her own handwriting. "Borthwick family Topley Ottawa Photographer." A second note in someone else's handwriting "Stony Monday: Monday 17 Sept 1849 David Borthwick was killed in the fracas between the Tories & Moderates re Governor General's visit, Lord Elgin having passed a bill, proposed by the Reform Party, that indemnified everyone (except those convicted of treason) for losses sustained in an uprising in 1837." Ruby said that her mother Lizzie Brooks Moorhead and Mrs. Borthwick (a widow) were friends and neighbours at one time in Sandy Hill, St. George's Ward on the 1901 Census. I think this may be the family. I noticed that they had photos on the wall, piano and one on a stand, likely of others in the family. Diane Moorhead
New November 24, 2013: The following painting resides in the Art Gallery of Ontario. It was painted by William Cruikshank and is titled "Anne Cruikshank" The resemblance between the photograph above and the painting, below, caught my eye. Source: Cover page of Painting in Canada: a History, by J. Russell Harper
Anne Cruikshank, Portrait by William Cruikshank
1901 Census of Canada Page Information District: ON OTTAWA (City/Cité) (#100) Subdistrict: St. George (Ward/Quartier) E-1 Page 15 Images are from National Archives Web Site Details: Schedule 1 Microfilm T-6488 Transcriber: Judith Harper 37 114 Borthwick William M Head M Feb 13 1848 53 38 114 Borthwick Jennie F Wife M Apr 2 1849 52 39 114 Borthwick William G. M Son S Jul 6 1877 23 40 114 Borthwick Ethel F Daughter S Nov 18 1879 21 41 114 Borthwick Jennie F Daughter S Mar 20 1881 20 42 114 Borthwick Earnest M Son S Jun 16 1885 15 43 114 Borthwick Annie F Daughter S Jul 3 1887 13 44 114 Borthwick Hazel F Daughter S Dec 1 1891 9 45 114 Borthwick Gordon M Son S Apr 23 1895 5 1911 Census of Canada Home / 1911 / Ontario / Ottawa / 51 Wellington ward / page 19 split view Transcribed by: Jamie Deacon 16 198 Borthwick Wm M Head M Feb 1849 62 1901 17 198 Borthwick Jane F Wife M Apr 1848 63 1901 18 198 Borthwick Ethel F Daughter S Nov 1879 31 1901 19 198 Borthwick Hazel F Daughter S Dec 1891 20 1901 20 198 Borthwick Gordon M Son S Apr 1894 17 1901 1852 Census, Canada West / Carleton (county) / 25 Gloucester township / p. 30d, 31a, (61) Line Name Occupation Place of Birth Religion Residence if out of limits Age Sex 1 Grey, John Canada Church of Scotland 6 M 2 Grey, Jane Canada Church of Scotland 1 F 3 Borthwick, Thomas Farmer Scotland Church of Scotland 48 M 4 Borthwick, Margret Spouse Spain Church of Scotland 40 F 5 Borthwick, Margret Canada Church of Scotland 14 F 6 Borthwick, Agnes Canada Church of Scotland 13 F 7 Borthwick, Thomas Canada Church of Scotland 11 M 8 Borthwick, James Canada Church of Scotland 9 M 9 Borthwick, William Canada Church of Scotland 5 M ... Diane Moorhead
March 2, 2010:
At the beginning of the last century, Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) was used as an anaesthetic for medical and dental procedures. Death of Charlotte (Lottie) Borthwick Ottawa Citizen Digital Archives, September 22, 1904 Death of Charlotte (Lottie) Borthwick

November 22, 2011: Thank you all for the information that I have found on-line. I am descended from Thomas and Margaret Borthwick of Ottawa and Scotland. I have a public tree, including photographs, on (Borthwick Family Tree) ... Ken Borthwick
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