Book - A History of Old Bytown and Vicinity
by Andrew Wilson, 1875

New December 7, 2012:

Hi Al; Hope you had a good Christmas and managed to avoid all the snow that Montreal is enduring!  I found this fantastic site 
online called "Open Library" and searched for Bytown and found this amazing old book which you can read online, download, whatever.  

It's from 1896 and obviously written by someone who lived there for many years and knew many of the early caucasian pioneers
(as opposed to the natives who lived there all along!) .  You have to join this site, which is free, and it is well worth it - 
books about every place in the world - just enter where you want them to be about and up they pop - the following is 
chockerblock full of firsthand information.  Enjoy.
... Sue

Here is the URL:

And the cover page:

Book about Bytown by Andrew Wilson, 1875

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