Last Trip: The Death of Alfred Bonenfant
An article by Mr. Norman Beattie

April 16, 2014:

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Here is some very interesting and well-done research which tells an interesting story but also gives us 
a good insight into of many of the social and economic conditions in Ottawa and Hull in the year 1908.
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Last Trip: The Death of Alfred Bonenfant (Ferdinand Bonenfant)

Shortly after 10:30 p.m. on June 11, 1908 Ottawa cab driver Alfred Bonenfant was fatally injured on the main street 
of Hull, Québec when he tried to stop his runaway horse. 

The accident initially looked like homicide and it took a police investigation to clear up the mystery. In the meantime 
Bonenfant became the focus of rumours and speculation that gripped the two cities for days. 

A sad story that might otherwise have merited a newspaper paragraph or two became a sensation whose every detail was 
subjected to intense scrutiny. 

As a result the tragic circumstances of Alfred Bonenfant’s death have given us a rare window on the daily working life 
of a horse cab driver at the turn of the twentieth century. 

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Here are the names mentioned in the article. These folks will likely all be found in the 1901 and / or 1911 Census records. Alfred Bonenfant -- name was actually Ferdinand Bonenfant, Mederic Landreville, William McMillan of Finch, Ontario, Malcolm McMillan, George Boivin, Ezra Butler Eddy (E.B. Eddy), Emile Boileau, George Duncan, Brading's Ale, Henri Fern, Dr. Urgele Archambault, Alphonse Perras, Charles Montgomery Wright, Charles O'Connor, Dr. Joseph-Eloi Fontaine, William Gascon, Dr. George A. Beattie, Dr. Kenneth M. McVey,Louis Cyr, Dr. Rufus Parent, Dr. Ezra Haist, Dr. John E. Craig, Detective O'Meara, Uwanta Lunch, Thomas W. Chisnall, Jewel and Hinton (Cab Company), Alfred Nadon, Napoleon D'Aoust, Pierre Bureau, May Flood, Francis Flood, Fallowfield.
New April 23, 2014 Thanks to Judy Scott for the following information; Hello Al, I was just reading the story of BONENFANT and found it extremely interesting and enjoyed seeing the pictures included on the site. I have no connection to the family but was curious as to the victim's wife. I thought it may interest you that she appears to have been from Nepean. I found their marriage (May FLOOD born Fallowfield) 5 April 1899 (Ancestry) which listed her father as Francis FLOOD. Further searching found her birth as follows: Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 Name: Lily May Flood Date of Birth: 25 May 1880 Gender: Female Birth County or District: Carleton Father's Name: Francis Flood Mother's name: Eliza Kerr Archive Name: Archives of Ontario Archive Series: MS929 Archive Reel: 42 Looking at the image it says father was a yeoman, Nepean Concession 4 Lot 23. Isn't that one of the areas in which you had family? Just thought I would pass this on to you for your use. No need to add me to further discussion should decide to use the info on your site.
Original Church record at St, Jean Baptiste, Ottawa Source: Drouin Records at Marriage, Ferdinand Bonenfant  and May Flood

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