John BONELL and Margaret MOORE
Shropshire, England to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1834

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

January 4, 2010:

Thank you for replying and yes I would like to be added to your Henry McDonald web page. 
My information and connection are as follows . 
Henry McDonnel and Ann McQuade had 7 children. 
Elizabeth was the 5th child born April 11, 1853 in Goulbourn Township. 
She married Amos Robert Bonell - Nov 1875 in the Ottawa area ( although I have not been able 
to find a record of the marriage )Amos Robert's parents were John Bonell who immigrated from 
England in 1834 as part of a group of families brought to Canada by William Farmer (this group 
settled originally at Farmer's Rapids in the Gatineau Valley).
His mother was Margaret Moore  who had immigrated from Ireland. The Bonell family settled in Bytown. 

... Darlene

Good morning, and Happy New Year!
Well, it is a small world. You and I would seem to be related through the Bonell family.
My stepfather is also descended from John Bonell who came over with the William Farmer group 
who settled originally at Farmer's Rapids in the Gatineau Valley.
Somewhere here, I have a short history of the Bonell family, compiled by Professor Bruce Elliott.
I'll add your original inquiry to the Henry McDonald page and will start a new web page on 
our web site for the pioneer Bonell family.
Thanks again for this.
... Al Lewis
March 24, 2010:
Frederick Robert Bonell and Bertha Russell Bonell Robert Frederick Bonell and Bertha (nee Russell) Bonell
December 8, 2013:
Bob Bonell and Bernice (nee Burns) Bonell Obituary for Robert Frederick Bonell, 1925-2010 Obituary for Bernice Bonell, nee Burns, 2013
Good morning My name is Robert K Bonell, my father's name is Robert Amos Bonell named after his grandfather my great grandfather. My grandfather William Bonell was the son of Robert Amos Bonell and Elizabeth McDonnel and I believe we may have a picture of Robert and Elizabeth somewhere. Our family has a King James version of the bible that was my grandfathers with some information about some births and deaths in the family. I can't remember what information is contained in it. My grandparents William and Mary Bonell lived with us until they died. My mother knows some of the family history from what my grandfather told her. Robert K Bonell __________________________________________

Good morning, Mr. Bonell: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your Bonell ancestors in the Ottawa area. I believe that we are related by marriage. My stepfather was Robert Frederick Bonell. Unfortunately, he recently passed away. He died on January 27, 2010 in Burlington, Ontario. His parents were Frederick Robert Bonell and Bertha Russell. I have just this morning added photos of them (above) to our Bonell family history web page. Do they look familiar to you? Is it OK with you if I add your e-mail to the above web page as a contact for other Bonell (and related) families? Please let me know. If you have a picture of Robert Amos Bonell and Elizabeth McDonnel, it would make a nice addition to the web page as well. The Bonell family were pioneers in the Ottawa area. Thanks again for contacting me. ... Al Lewis ____________________________________________ My deepest sympathy on the death of your father. Frederick Robert Bonell your grandfather looks like my Grandfather William, even my dad and mom see the family resemblance. Here is a photo of Robert Amos Bonell and Elizabeth McDonnel Bonell. And it's ok to add my e-mail. Thank you ... Robert K Bonell
Robert Amos Bonell and Elizabeth McDonnel Bonell Robert Amos Bonell and Elizabeth McDonnel

March 28, 2017:
Obituary for Verna Stella Winnifred BONELL

May 10, 2017: Thanks to Ken Bonell for the following: "Please find attached a picture of our grandfathers (John Alexander and Robert Frederick Bonell). I assume that it is a class photo taken in the early 1900s. There was only a little over a year's difference in age between them. J.A. Bonell was born 08 May 1886. R.F. Bonell was born 17 Jul 1887." ... Ken
John Alexander Bonell and Robert Frederick Bonell, photo, early 1900's

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