Bernard McKENNA and Margaret CORRIGAN
from County Tyrone to South Gloucester

Hi Al:

All the McKennas in the region came from one county in Ireland...Co. Tyrone.
However, the Parishes (Townships) differ - Clonoe, Armagh and Clogher.

I am trying to ascertain if Hugh McKenna and Bernard McKenna were related
and what Parish they may have come from. There's also a Michael McKenna
(Clogher)in Osgoode in the 1871 Census.

Anybody with any ideas of their relationship and possible Parish in County Tyrone?

Best regards
Jim McKenna
In the Census of 1871 we find old Hugh McKenna (85) and wife Catherine Duffy (65) 
living with widow Bridget Downey (63) all from Ireland and two single Ontario born 
people William Downey (35) and Margaret McKenna (30).

I can't seem to find any connection for the McKenna's and Downey's through marriage.  
Did she just take them in as boarders? Hugh & Catherine had plenty of offspring to stay 
with in the area.  Children usually  housed and cared for elderly parents in those days.  
Just curious if anybody knows what happened.

Jim McKenna 
March 13, 2002: Hi Kevin & Al: Reading Violet Davy's story she talks about a "Mrs. Moore" as being Bernard's sister who came to keep house for her widowed brother after the Great Fire of 1870. Does anybody know anything about her? The only Moore I come up with in the Census of 1871 is a William Moore, 70 who lived in the same sub-district as Bernard in Gloucester. Barnard had two lots on Concession 1/ lots 7 & 8 while the Moores were just a few farms over on Lot 11 of the same concession. William is the only RC Moore in Gloucester in the Census of 1871. Does anybody know anything about this Mrs. Moore? Thanks JIM (additional keywords DAVY DAVEY)
March 21, 2003: Hello Ellen: Kevin Collins passed your email address along to me. You were so helpful in finding the marriage at Notre Dame of one of his ancestors - Timothy Collins. I have spent the last two years doing family genealogy research and, of course hitting the usual brick walls. The one key ancestor is my Gr, Gr Grandfather Bernard McKENNA who married Mary Collins (yes a relative of Kevin's) somewhere between 1871-1876. In the Gloucester Census of 1871 Bernard is a widower and when we check the Census of 1881 he is now married and the father of a five year old son. So somewhere after the spring of 1871 (when the Census took place) he must have gotten married. Unfortunately Our Lady of the Visitation in S. Gloucester does not have any marriage record for them which is unusual since both were RC's from Black Rapids and are buried in the church cemetery. Why their marriage record may prove crucial to us is that some churches recorded the names of the parents of the bride and groom. Since Bernard was born in Ireland in 1815 that marriage record (hopefully at Notre Dame) would provide us our last link back to County Tyrone and his townland. My only other source may have been the RC church at Billings Bridge but I believe it was founded long after their marriage in the mid 1870s. I didn't want to impose upon you but Kevin told me you are really versed in old Ottawa/Carleton records and I sincerely hope you can help me with suggestions. Best regards Jim McKenna _____________________________________ Also posted on March 21, 2003: Good Morning, Jim: I have the register of Notre Dame, Ottawa from 1825 to 1855. The next volume is missing. The remainder of the volumes (into the 20th Century, I believe) are on microfilm, but it does take a line by line search sometimes to find that kernel of missing information. That's why I transcribed my copy. If Bernard McKenna was born in 1815, it seems odd that he was 56 at the time of his first marriage. It's true that the Irish tended to marry late, but 56 is pushing it. So here's what I found: 23 May 1841 Baptism of James, born the 22nd of the marriage of Bernard McKenna and Margaret Corrigan. Sponsors: John McGuigan & Mrs. Connors. Ths. Cannnon, P. 15 Nov 1848 Baptism of Ann, born 12 October of the marriage of Bernard McKenna and Margaret Currigan of Black Rapids. Sponsors: James Lester & Ann Doolan. J. Ryan, P.O.M.I. 2 Apr 1853 Baptism of Margaret, born 23 March of the marriage of Bernard McKenna and Margaret Corrigan of Bytown. Sponsors: William Keeley & Elizabeth McGuigan Francis McDonagh 15 Nov 1855 Baptism of Michael, born at Gloucester, son of Bernard McCann and Margaret Corrigan. Sponsors: James McBride & Mary Collins. M. Molloy, P.O.M. There's no way of knowing if this is your Bernard McKenna and, unfortunately, there is no record of his marriage to Margaret Corrigan which might give additional information, but there are some good indications, that he is yours. He seems to be from Gloucester and look at the sponsor at Michael's baptism. Best regards, Ellen Paul (more from Ellen) Kevin, I took a look at St. Philip of Richmond's register and found this: 3 March 1862 After the publication of one bann, marriage of Thomas McKanna, son of age of Bernard McKanna and Margaret Corrigan (deceased) of Gloucester, and Ann Maguire, daughter of age of James Maguire and Ann Smith of Nepean. Present: John Nash and Jane Catharine McKanna. It might be worth your while to search Our Lady of the Visitation's register for Margaret's death record sometime between 1855 amd 1862. If she died there, perhaps, the stone might show place or origin in Ireland. Hey, that's a good idea for Bernard as well. Is that cemetery transcribed? Good luck, Ellen _______________________________ March 21, 2003: Morning folks: Here are the relevant Our Lady of Visitation tombstone recordings (done c. 1985): Someone associated with the Osgoode Township Historical Society is in the process of photographing and transcribing the markers as of 2003. There are many early graves for which there are no markers, however, and the only records are on microfilm at the LDS. Our Lady of Visitation (called St. Mary's in the 1800's) was built c. 1848. Before then the marriages were recorded at Notre Dame or at St. Philip's. Some also show up in the registers of St. Catherine's at Metcalfe. #225 Margaret wife of Barnard McKenna, July 2, 1856, age 35 years, also James, their son died Nov 29, 1868, aged 25 years May their souls rest in peace, Amen Also Bernard McKenna died Dec 11, 1890, aged 77 years #94 In memory of James McKenna died March 25, 1894 aged 18 years. Mary Collins wife of Bernard McKenna died March 25, 1923 aged 91, his aunt Norah Collins died Nov 21, 1911, aged 69 years There are an incredible number of ties between all of our early families. ... Al
September 9, 2003: E-mail to Joan Rooney from Jim McKenna: The Michael Nolan was one of the witnesses (along with John McCarthy) in the church record for my Great gr, Grandfather Bernard McKENNA's funeral at Our Lady of the visitation 14 Dec. 1890. I notice on the Atlas their farms almost bordered on each other. Bernard's properties included lots 7 & 8 (Concession 1) while Michael's were lots 7 % 8 (Concession 2). There was also a Patrick Daly who married one of Bernard's daughters Ann which you clarified in an email to me (after checking with Kevin Collins). From weddings to funerals it would appear that there was a strong McKenna-Nolan-Daly connection. Are there any surviving pictures of Patrick and Ann or any of their descendants? Many thanks JIM
June 8, 2004:
McKENNA Reunion
Looking for descendants of Bernard McKenna and wife Margaret Corrigan who came from County Tyrone, Ireland and settled in the Black Rapids area of Gloucester Township in 1840. Their children's names and spouses are: Thomas - Ann McGuire (Nepean) Jane - Timothy Collins (Gloucester) John - Kate McFee or McPhee (Cumberland) Ann - Pat Daly (from Ireland) Elizabeth - Mathew Collins (Carlsbad Springs) Margaret - John Davy (Gloucester) Or descendants of George Gerald McKenna born Montreal 1898. If you are part of this family tree, we'd love to hear from you. The reunion will take place Saturday, Sept. 4th, 2004. For more information contact: Pat McKenna-Mason E-mail:

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