BLAKENEY, Ontario, Canada
previously known as Rosebank and Snedden's Mills

Lanark County, Ramsay Township

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

July 7, 2011:

The area around Blakeney was settled primarily by Lowland Scots starting about 1820.

Photograph by Lynne Wilson Historical Plaque, July 2011 Blakeney, Ontario, Canada, Historical Plaque
Surnames mentioned on the Plaque: Glover, Fenlon, Marshall, Coxford, Gomersall (see July 28, below) and Littlewood Brewery, Merilee, Peter McDougall, Usher, York, Harry James
Map Source below: McGill University Digital Map project (search for Lanark County, Ramsay Township) Rosebank / Blakeney area in 1879 Blakeney, Ontario, Canada, Historical Map, 1879
Names on the map above: (also from the McGill Digital County Atlas Project) Last Name First Name County Township Town Occupation Birthplace Barker James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Barker James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Black James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Deputy Reeve of Ramsay Tp. Glasgow, Scotland Bond J.H. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Tinsmith Lanark Co., Canada Bowland John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Wicklow Co., Ireland Coffey John F. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Roman Catholic Priest Ottawa, Canada Fumerton Archibald W. Lanark Ramsay Appleton General Merchant; Hotel Proprietor, Appleton Ramsay Tp., Canada Galbraith Daniel Lanark Ramsay Almonte Member of Parliament Glasgow, Scotland Gemmill James D. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Retired Merchant; Major of Militia Lanark Co., Canada Gilmour John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Butcher Lanark Co., Canada Gilmour William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Scotland Kitson William Lanark Ramsay Lang John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ramsay Tp., Canada Lynch D.P. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Physician and Surgeon Allumette, Quebec, Can Marshall Robert Lanark Ramsay Farmer; School Trustee Lanark Co., Canada McCreary Joseph Lanark Ramsay Farmer Ireland (McCreary's Beach on Mississippi Lake?) McDougall Peter Lanark Ramsay Blakeney Woollen Manufacturer, RoseBank; Postmaster, Blakeney Perthshire, Scotland McFarlane David Lanark Ramsay Farmer Glasgow, Scotland McIntosh John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Perthshire, Scotland McPhail Donald Lanark Ramsay Farmer Argyleshire, Scotland Metcalf James Lanark Ramsay Farmer Renfrew Co., Ontario, Canada (Metcalfe) Miller Duncan Lanark Ramsay Appleton Carriage Manufacturer Lanark Co., Canada Mostyn William Lanark Ramsay Almonte Physician and Surgeon Ireland Naismith Peter Lanark Ramsay Farmer Lanarkshire, Scotland (Dr. James Naismith invented the game of Basketball) Patterson Henry Lanark Ramsay Almonte Chief Constable, Counties of Lanark, Renfrew and Carleton Sligo, Ireland Patterson James Lanark Ramsay Almonte Physician and Surgeon Patterson John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Glasgow, Scotland Paul John Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Lime Burner Ramsay Tp., Canada Rae James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Tax Collector Ireland Raines Thomas W. Lanark Ramsay Almonte Dentist Alabama, United States Robertson James Jr. Lanark Ramsay Farmer; former School Trustee Lanark Co., Canada Robertson W.P. Lanark Ramsay Almonte School Teacher Stirling, Scotland Scott James Lanark Ramsay Manufacturer of Carriages, Buggies Prince Edward Island, Canada Scott John Lanark Ramsay Almonte Retired from Business Glasgow, Scotland Scott William Lanark Ramsay Farmer Armagh Co., Ireland Shirreff Archibald Lanark Ramsay Almonte Formerly Superintendent of Rosamond Woollen Co. Scotland Sneddon Alexander Lanark Ramsay Farmer; ex-Township Councillor Ramsay Tp., Canada (Snedden) Sneddon James Lanark Ramsay Farmer; Lumberman Lanark Co., Canada Steel John Lanark Ramsay Farmer Renfrewshire, Scotland Stewart Duncan Lanark Ramsay Farmer Perthshire, Scotland Syme Peter T. Lanark Ramsay Farmer Dunning, Scotland Teskey W. Rufus Lanark Ramsay Appleton Manufacturer; Township Councillor Lanark Co., Canada (Palatine family) The Teskeys came in 1823 from Rathkeale, County Limerick, Ireland, as part of the Peter Robinson group settlement. Teskey Wilton Lanark Ramsay Proprietor, Appleton Flour Mills, Appleton Ramsay Tp., Canada Usher John Lanark Ramsay Blakeney Proprietor, Rose Bank Mills Antrim Co., Ireland

Another photo by Lynne Wilson On the map, you will see that there are a lot of mills on this stretch of the Mississippi River. The Scots chose this location to settle because of the availability of the rapids in the river to supply power to their textile mills. The Mississippi Valley in the 1800's was one of the textile centres in Canada. The Mississippi River at Blakeney, Ontario, Canada

New July 28, 2011: Hello, I was excited to see the photograph of the historical plaque 'Blakeney, Ontario: Over 150 years ago' on the Bytown or Bust web site. My great grandfather was George Gomersall who married Ann Haley and they lived in Fergusons Falls, Ontario. I'm sure that he is the Gomersall that established the tannery shown at number 11 on the plaque. I know that George was in the tannery business but I am unaware of him being involved in brewing business (number 9) though he may have been. The Gomersall family left Canada in 1868 and settled in Australia after returning briefly to England. Both George and Ann were born in England. My grandfather Seymour Gomersall, and his siblings, were born in Canada. Thank you for putting the photo on the website. Do you have any further information or photos related to the plaque or history of the area that you would be willing to share? It's fine for you to add my e-mail address to your web page and I will locate some pictures of George and Ann Gomersall for you. Unfortunately I don't have any photos at all of the tannery or their home in Canada. I will keep an eye on your web site too. Regards, Brian Gomersall, Australia ____________________________ Brian: Here are two more photos taken by Lynne at Blakeney. ... Allan The Mississippi River at Blakeney, Ontario, Canada The Mississippi River at Blakeney, Ontario, Canada
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