Richard BISHOP and Margaret DYMOND
Paymaster for Colonel By, 1826-1832

Hi Al

Found your web site while searching around trying to confirm some family
history that says my ggg-grandfather (Richard Bishop) was the "paymaster" for Colonel John By.

I thought I would send an excerpt of our family history and a link to
my web site which contains the full story as well as family tree data (to
current generation).(under the "ancestors/siblings of John" section.

Any help you may suggest in finding any further info would be appreciated. I
am in the process of going to the local library to obtain copies of the books
by Bruce Elliott to see if there is any mention of Richard Bishop.

A gedcom file of any number of generations is available if requested.

Garry Bishop

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Excerpts from family history:

Richard Bishop Sr. 1790 -1868

Richard Bishop Sr. Was born in 1790 in Kilfinnane, Ireland. Richard was
educated in both England and Ireland. It is thought he joined the British
Army in circa 1810. He married Margaret Dymond in 1811. It appeared he
liked army life and would make a life time career of it. He was an officer
in the Royal Engineer Regiment.

Sometime in 1826 his former Commanding Officer, Colonel John By, requested
Richard be transferred to Canada, to help in a project the British Army was
involved in, the building of the canal.

He and his wife Margaret and their six children set sail for Canada
sometime in 1826, arriving the same year, after six weeks at sea.

Upon his arrival in Canada, Richard was made Chief Army Paymaster for the
troops engaged in the construction of the Rideau Canal. The canal was 130
miles long, with 47 locks. It connected Lake Ontario with the Ottawa River.
The building of the canal took seven years to complete.

The town in which Richard and his family resided, was established in 1827
by Colonel By and was named Bytown. The name was later changed to Ottawa in
1854. The name Ottawa was taken from the Ottawa Indian tribe, who occupied
the surrounding area. As a point of interest. Thomas Mckay and John Redpath
of Montreal, who were the civilian contractors, were at the completion of
the canal, paid in Mexican silver dollars, which they carted back to
Montreal with a team of horses and wagon.

In 1833 Richard obtained his discharge from the army, after 23 years of
service. He and his wife now had eight children. It is reported that he
was the first teacher in Nepean Township, which is part the city of

Richard died October 6, 1868, at the age of 78 years. His wife Margaret
died in 1875 at the age of 84 years. Both are buried in the Anglican
Cemetery in South March, Ontario

Richard John Bishop  1859-1923--son of the first Richard.
Richard helped his father clear the farm of forest, also planting and
harvesting the crops.  As the family grew to nine children, the farm was too
small and his father bought a large farm near Galetta, and later bought a
200 acre farm on the 11th concession of Fitzroy Township, known at that time
as Lot 15.

Hi Garry: Thanks for your e-mail regarding your GGG Grandfather, Richard Bishop. Your website tells an interesting family story containing a lot of familiar names and places. I've checked a few of my books on the Rideau Canal. Most of them detail the construction process, etc. and do not have a lot of names in them. There are no Bishop's mentioned in Bruce Elliott's book "The McCabe List" although there are some in his book "Nepean, The City Beyond". See: bibliography for ISBN info, etc. It talks about the families who lived in the Westboro area. The Barber connection is mentioned in the Fitzroy Harbour book, also listed at the above web page. Thanks again. We're both looking for more detail on Colonel By's people and if I come across anything I'll let you know. ... Al
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January 30, 2012: Hey Al I made a posting on your site about 10 years ago re Richard Bishop being paymaster for Colonel By. I have been searching ever since to confirm this. I just found the attached which shows Richard Bishop as paymaster for “Volunteer Militia Field Batteries of Artillery” Can you post this on your site to see if anyone can explain what the above Volunteer Militia Field Batteries of Artillery refers to? Thanks, ... Garry Bishop
Ottawa Volunteer Militia Field Batteries of Artillery, 1855
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