Merchant and Mayor of Ottawa

August 28, 2006:

I don't know if I am at the proper place, but I will try my question! 
Would you be able to help me in my research regarding a cast iron pot with 
the information below on it: 

 Thos. Birkett & Son Ltd, Ottawa, Ontario 
 There is a no.14 on it, I think it means 14 gallon 

Is it possible to know if somebody from yours, that can tell me something about that man! 
Would like to know the years that were produced that kind of cast iron pot! 
Also where in Ottawa that the merchant was in business! 
Thanks for your time and hope you will be able to clarify my research! 
Thanks again and have a nice week end!  

Thomas Birkett, Birkett (February 1, 1844-December 2, 1920) was a well known 
merchant, Member of the Provincial Parliament and mayor of Ottawa.

His former home at 306 Metcalfe Street, nicknamed Birkett's Castle, is now used as 
the Hungarian Embassy. By clicking here, you can see his photograph and a picture
of his home.
... Al
New April 29, 2012:
Birkett Street in Barrhaven Source: Google Maps Birkett Street in Barrhaven, Ottawa, Canada
Thomas Birkett was a member of Ottawa's first Lacrosse Team in 1865. Here is a photograph of the team from The Hub and the Spokes by Anson Gard, 1904. Thomas Birkett, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Lacrosse Team in 1865
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