Roscrea, County Tipperary to Gloucester Township in 1819

October 10, 2003:

A Thomas Birch came to Canada in 1819. Here is a tombstone at Trinity
Anglican Church in Cumberland Township (Bearbrook). This may be the Thomas Birch 
who was in Montreal early and came to the Richmond settlement.

He may also be connected with the Talbot Party of 1818.
December 2, 2003: Hi Al The "Birtch Family" history is fascinating here in Canada and back in Tipperary My Great Grandmother was Elizabeth/ Margaret Birtch. Her father was George. This is the line that eventually moved to St Marys, Ontario. Heaven help me there are so many named Thomas, George, and Robert and with some of the multiple marriages and the progeny it gets even more interesting. Elizabeth's brother Thomas actually is my Great uncle and my Great great uncle through marriage. I would really like to come to the Ottawa area and walk the walk so to speak of all these ancient relatives. Thanks Donna Crawford
April 3, 2004: Hello Donna, I found your email on a posting you made to the Bytown or Bust site. I am researching the BIRTCH line in the Ottawa area. Two BIRTCH brothers? married two MATCHET sisters in Billings Bridge, Ottawa. John BIRTCH married Jenny MATCHETT in 1880, and George BIRTCH married Anne MATCHETT in 1881 in Billings Bridge. I know it's a long shot, but wondered if these names sounded familiar to you. Thanks in advance, Steve Street
June 30, 2004: Hello, My name is Stephanie Elwell, I am also researching the Birtch family history. I'm from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, and just got back from Canada doing research with my sister. As luck has it we found our James Birtch the last day. He is the son of Robert Birtch who came into Montreal from Quebec in 1819 with his 2 brothers Thomas and Geroge. The boat was the "Swiftsure". I see Thomas is Buried in St. John's Anglican Cemetery in Richmond. Do you by chance have any information on his brother Robert? My connection: Robert Birtch - son James Birtch - to daughter Sarah Birtch who married Adam Fredrick Prentice - son Adam F. Prentice Jr.- (Stephanie has later generations ... Al) I also have connections to the Talbot Party through John and Ann Colbert. Their daughter Ann Colbert married Daniel Prentice (father to the above Adam Prentice) Also William Hodgins and Robert Young were married to the other Colbert daughters. All on the same boat. In 1871 some of the later Birtch children were living with them (the children of James and Deborah Birtch). I hope you can help me or I can offer any information to you. Its always fun to find new family. We have found several cousins since starting our research. Thank You Stephanie Elwell
January 13, 2004: Hello Everybody, I am a descendent of the Birtch Family, and I among the many who still live in the Ottawa area. My recent research has put me into contact with other local members of the family who have compiled considerable information on the family. Oddly, they had no information on our branch of the family so I have some work to do to fill in at least part of that. The family tree I was given goes back to the 18th century in Ireland with the parents, George Birch and Dorothy Witford of the three brothers who immigrated to Canada. The brothers were Robert, Thomas and George and they were among the first settlers in Richmond, Ontario where they settled in 1819. Fairly early, branches of the family moved to Billings Bridge, southwest Ontario, and east of Ottawa. There is still a Birtch living in Richmond today. I have also received information on the beautiful limestone building in Richmond which still today bears a weathered sign 'Birtch Bros'. I took a picture of this building last fall. I live within close to the burial location of my great grandmother, Jane Birtch, her husband Timothy Cutts (Cutt) and a few descendents. As I have embarked on a historical account of a small Anglican church in the former Gloucester Township which includes that cemetery, I have also discovered some information on a few unmarked graves. One of those unmarked graves is for George Birtch, and his second wife, Elizabeth Robinson. His first wife was Anne Matchet. Jane Birtch's parents, George, and Mary Ellen (nee Fawcett) are buried in the Anglican cemetery in Richmond with a few other members of the family. Personally, I am a descendant of Robert Birtch and the family tree I was given relates to him. Apparently, a similar family tree has been developed for Thomas Birtch. Glenn Clark
January 15, 2005: Hi Glenn and all other cousins. My sister forwarded your email to me. We were in Canada this summer researching the Birch family and were able to find quite a bit of information that we would be happy to exchange with you. I am fron California and my sister is in Minnesota. We are related to Robert Birch (b.1785) through 2nd son James (b.1815) through his oldest daughter Sarah (b.1843) who married Adam Prentice from the Nepean Prentices. I would be particularly interested in the parents George Birch and Dorothy Witfords information from Ireland. We had suspected that Thomas and Roberts father was a George since both of their oldest sons were named George. We look forward to chatting with all of you! Johni and Steph ____________________ also posted on January 15, 2005: Hi everybody, The information given to me indicates that the parents of Robert, Thomas and George were: George Birch, Limerick Street, Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland, born 1754, died in Roscrea Nov. 18, 1834 married to Dorothy "Dorah" Witford, born 1760, died in Roscrea, January 12, 1835. I am looking over the family tree that was given to me, and appears that most of the children of George Birch and Dorothy Witford came to Ontario at various times, not just the three brothers. I will gladly share any family history that I have. Glenn Clark
September 5, 2005: Hello: Recently I read your internet correspondence regarding your Roscrea origins and think that our families are related. I have attached our rather long nine generation BIRCH GENEOLOGICAL RECORD. Your Thomas Birch is, I think, the Thomas Birch appearing in the 3rd generation of that record. My grandfather, Alfred Birch came to Canada with his two brothers, Walter and Charles in 1880, but the family permanently left Roscrea and sold their home, "Monaincha" only in 1933. I am retired and now live in BC. Best regards, John Birch _____________________ Hello John, My name is Stephanie Elwell I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. My sister Johni and I have been doing a lot of research on my father's side. We just got back from Canada where we found a report on the Birch family written by Eleanor J. Burch. In her report she talks about the 3 Birch Brothers who came to Canada in 1819. This would be Robert, Thomas and George. Also in her report she states that their parents are George Birch and Dorothy Whitford. I have been told this from someone else - Mrs. G. Simser (not her directly however). A lot of Eleanor's sources are from Bruce Elliott and his books - Irish Migrants in the Canada's and The City Beyond. In his books he doesn't talk about the parents of the 3 Birch boys. She also lists Mrs. G. Simser as a source, if I had to bet that is where the parents name came from. We will call this Birch family #1. She also talks about the 2nd Birch family in Ireland. This would be your Birch family. She is strong in stating there are 2 very seperate Birch family's in Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland. I find this hard to believe. How can you live in the very same area at the same time and not be related. I'm having a hard time excepting George and Dorothy as the parents currently. no proof. I have all the information on the Birch Boys, their wife's and children, also the names of their sisters (Jane, Eliza, Margaret, Eleanor and Johanna) I will share it with you if you wish. We hired a researcher in Ireland to research George Birch and Dorothy and found them in a Baptism record for their daughter Jane born March 18,1787 (Church of Ireland). There is also a death record for a Dora Birch January 12,1835. Of course our researcher had a lot to be desired. One good thing they did send, which now makes since to me, is all the headstone inscriptions from the St. Cronan's Church in Roscrea. I have William and Jane's along with their son's William (with wife) and John with his wife. If you would like this please let me know and I will share. I loved the information you sent - what a great find. What are your sources? In looking through your information there is a William H. Birch and Jane Bridge found in the 2nd generation. They had a son named Thomas Birch (3rd generation) with unknown wife. They had 2 son in your records named Thomas and Robert (4 generation). These are 2 of the 3 Birch brothers in Birch family #1 listed above. Robert Birch married Eleanor Hodgins from Borrisokane and they lived there until moving to Canada. All 3 boys were from Roscrea, Tipperary, Ireland. Thomas Born March 3, 1789 and Robert Born 1785. Do you have pictures of the headstones in Monaincha? If not you can get them at Best photos I wrote to them and they said there is a Henry Cedric Birch buried inside. I just had to get back to you tonight because you offered some light on a family I was going to write off. There is so much to say but I'm so tired - forgive any errors - hands and mind are not working the same anymore. If you have a fax number or address I could send you the info I have if you wish it. My sister says the scanned copys are bad when I send them through the computer. Hello Jan and Jane are you keeping up? If not let me know and I will fill in the blanks. I think the Attachment is with this email if not let me know and I will send it. Hello Mark I didnt know if any of this was new to you so I just sent it. You now have another family member. :) _____________________________________ Dear Stephanie: Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is rather complicated, but I think families #1 and #2 must be related. The question is just how. You ask where my information came from. It is from a variety of sources within our family. We lived in a house called "Monaincha" just north of Monaincha Abbey from about 1785 to 1933. It must have been a sort of family museum surrounded by several other Birch family homes (Corville, Birch Grove, Racket Hall, Derryvale, and Sheehills, Dungar, and Kilcremin and Inane for a while) most of which were situated on the same original 5000 acres and built around the same time. There were a lot of branches of the family and many intermarriages which complicated the relationships. Most of the information which I have was gathered by my now dead uncle, Richard Garnet Birch who made this subject the hobby of the latter half of his life and made many trips to Ireland. He corresponded with Mrs. Gail Clothier about the Ontario Birches, your Family #1. Yes, I do have photos of the graves in Monaincha Abbey, most of which are of direct ancestors. I do not have all the headstone inscriptions or those at St. Cronan's Church of Ireland in Roscrea. As you will have noted from the frighteningly long genealogical report which I sent, we believe that our family came first to Kilkenny, and then probably after two or perhaps three generations there, moved to Roscrea (Rev. William Birch). Mrs. Lanigan, who when my uncle contacted her, was president of the Kilkenny Archeological Society was the daughter of a Birch and the second cousin of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Ossory, Peter Birch. She believed that Thomas Birch had financially supported Oliver Cromwell's invasion of Ireland in 1649 and in return was granted land in Kilkenny where he moved with his family about 1660. George his older son stayed on the family estate in Kilkenny while Henry, our ancestor went up to Trinity College Dublin to study theology. George became an Alderman and later Mayor, but when he was found to have married a Catholic and perhaps to have secretly converted, he was removed from office and from the good graces of the family. This is probably the case, I think, because our ancestor, Rev. Henry Birch seems to have tried to terminate their relationship and to have inherited more than his share of the family property. George's family of Birches went on to become a prominent and respected Catholic family still in place in Ireland. Our family, on the other hand, retained their protestant Crowellian and Orange connections, never fully embraced Irishness and gradually filtered out of Ireland to Canada, the US, Australia, England and South Africa. We visited the last close family member, Colonel John Sidney Smith in Nenagh close to Roscrea in 1967 and he has now died. We will be back again in Ireland next spring and may visit Roscrea again. I would enjoy getting information from you on Birch Family #1. If I get more information that might help solve our mystery relationship, I will let you know. Kind regards, JOHN BIRCH ____________________________________ Hello, I have a question. I am wondering if anyone knows of a Eleanor Hodgins from Borrisokane, Tipperary, Ireland? She was born around 1785 and married Robert Birch. They lived in Borrisokane until 1819 when Robert and his 2 brothers, with the families, moved to Canada. She died in Canada 17 Sept 1856. Also, Is William Hodgins related to the group talked about in the Bytown web site? He came with the Talbot party in 1818. He was married to Susan Colbert. I am a relation to her. I have a picture of the headstone in Canada. I'm Stephanie Elwell ____________________________________ Hello everybody, My cousin and her husband will soon be travelling to Ireland and would like to visit the family ancestral home. Does anybody have directions from Roscrea to Birch Grove, and Monaincha, or other places of particular interest. best regards, Glenn Clark
September 13, 2005:
Hi I have a Thomas Birch in a family tree. Believe it is the same as the Thomas that came from Borrisokane. I am trying confirm wife as possible Sarah Robinson. I also have a James Hayes (b: abt 1825) from Carp area married to a Rebecca Jane Birch (b: Abt 1826). Could you give any assistance with his ancestors? Ron Wilson Alberta Much appreciated __________________ Note: Robert Sample ( has kindly sent some early Hayes material to Ron.
September 30, 2005: Hi fellow Birtch Researchers. My Great Grandmother Elizabeth / Margaret Birtch was born August 15, 1841 in Woodstock or area. Her parents are George Birtch and ??. She is a descendent of one the three brothers who arrived in Canada, in 1819. She married her husband James Rumford on January 18, 1860 in or near St. Marys. I am aware of two brothers Thomas and Robert and other siblings. I have a copy (handcopied) of the will of another brother Eli who had lived in Michigan and it mentions all of his siblings and some of their children and grandchildren in the will. In the Michigan Census of 1910 it mentions that Eli was born in Canada and that his father was Irish and that his mother had come from Pennsylvania, USA. I have a copy of an article that was in the newspaper, the "Journal" printed in St Marys, Ontario, Canada dated August 24, 1899 written by the above Robert indicating that he and his brother had had made the first attempt at clearing land in Blanshard on lot 18 in the 19 concession , which is now St Marys. Robert, Thomas and their father George had arrived there in the spring of 1841. Robert settled in St Marys. I have a picure of the home as it stands today. Thomas married, settled in St Marys, had a number of children and eventually moved to Huntsville in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada, family in tow where he purhased quite a bit of the mainstreet of Huntsville from one of the founder's of Huntsville a Mr. Cain who had fallen on hard times. He helped his sons get settled on to farms in the area and became the owner and proprietor of the Toronto and Nippissing Hotel. In Thomas's obituary it says that he was born April 1820 in the Ottawa Valley and was of Irish parentage. His first wife died before him and he remarried my Great Aunt Hannah Bennett who is the sister of my grandmother Fanny who married Percy Bamlet Rumford the son of the above mentioned Elizabeth Birtch and James Rumford. Hannah was a great deal younger than Thomas. Here are my questions. Did George marry some one that was a UEL? Did George marry twice? Can anyone help me positively identify my Elizabeth? I would like to get a primary piece of evidence to support Elizabeth's birth and parentage. ie birth certificate. However I cannot positively identify her mother. At this point in time the names mentioned or documented however haphazardly are Mary, Sarah, Jane and even Ann. Thanks ... Dona Crawford
October 10, 2005: Thanks to Taylor Kennedy for the following: Hi Folks Just adding my two cents in. I was searching for a connection of my James Burtch, but none. This will be more directed to Dona's latest email but all may want the 1841 census information. From the 1841 census for Carleton County NEPEAN TOWNSHIP Thomas BURCH arrived circa 1819, claims he has been here for 21 years. At the time of the census, there were 2 from Ireland and 10 born in Canada. There were 3 males under the age of 5, one female under the age of 5, three males between 5 – 14 years, two females between 5 – 14 years, one married male between 30 – 60 years, one married female between 14 – 45 years and one single female between 14 – 45 years. Twelve of them are of the Church of England. Listed as a Farmer. GOLBOURN TOWNSHIP Robert BIRTCH arrived in Canada in 1817, claims he has been here for 24 years. At the time of the census, there was one person from Ireland, two from Scotland, and one from France or of French persuasion. There was one male 5 – 14 years. Two males between 14 – 18 years. One male 18 – 21, two married females between 14 – 45 and one married female over 45 years. Seven of them were Church of England, one Church of Scotland and one was Roman Catholic. He is listed as a shoe maker. These were all the names of Birch, Burch, Birtch and Burtch in the 1841 census. So it appears that Thomas arrived with wife and started a family here. Robert arrived with his daughter, wife and mother-in-law which explains the Scottish connection. George headed straight to Blanchard (St. Mary’s) which is based on Dona Crawford’s storyline. Both Thomas and Robert remained in Carleton until their death. The George Birch mentioned by Steve Street and John Birch that married the Matchett sisters, were sons of Thomas Burch of Nepean. George is seen in the 1881 census in Goulbourn Township with wife and family. He is 63 and she is 52 and born in Quebec. George Burch, the third brother appears to have family in Blanchard Township, as seen here ; From Wilson’s Marriage Notices of 1844 – January 18th, Abraham Burch, of Blanchard & Miss Elizabeth Wilson by Rev. S.C. Philip – page 112 On the same page 112 – March 14th, Thomas Burch of Blanchard & Lavina Carrol by Rev. S. C. Philip. From the Ontario Register for Marriages, page 236 By Rev’d Samuel C. Philip, Weslyan Methodist - Abraham Burch & Elizabeth Wilson, 14 January 1844 in Blanchard. Wit; Robert Burch & Daniel Carrol - Thomas Burch & Lavina Carrol, 14 March 1844 in Blanchard, wit; Abraham Burch & Elizabeth Burk From the Ontario Register for Marriages of Huron District, page 235 - Robert Burch, of Blanchard, farmer, and Nancy Vanslyke, of Downie, spinster, 17 June 1844. Witnesses Scott German, farmer and Robert Willson But sadly, from The Ontario register, page 52 shows: At his residence, Villafield, near Woodstock, on the 31st ult., 1841, William Burch, aged 22 years, 11 months and 15 days. Also at the residence of her father, in Woodstock, on the 4th inst., Sarah, widow of the late William Burch, of Villafield, aged 22 years, 11 months and 14 days. This may be very well the son of George Burch and brother to Thomas, Robert, Eli and Abraham. Thomas married Lovina Caroll and had nine children, the last one being JOHN WESLEY BURCH who married Hannah Bennett in Huntsville, Ontario on May 16, 1883. She was born on July 24, 1865. As stated by Dona, Thomas ended up marrying her after his son died. Yes there was a large gap in age, about 30 years. However in my research, not one child is mentioned as being the sons of George and Sarah Burch except Eli Burch as seen below. In short – Thomas and brother Robert stay in Carleton. George and Sarah head further west and his sons marry. He must have died there. Just wanted to add my two cents worth as I was tracking my James Burtch who married Ellen Phillips in Simcoe County and I thought there might be a connection, but as it turns out, ours came from Townsend in Haldimand County. Take Care ... Taylor Kennedy PS Here are some added marriages for ELI BURCH 8757-1876 (Perth Co): Eli BIRTCH, 39, widower, gentleman, Woodstock, St. Marys, s/o George & Sarah, married Phoebe Morgan DASH, 36, [registration says spinster], Somerset England, St. Marys, d/o William & Mary MORGAN, witn: Hattie GOULD of Oshawa & Eli BIRTCH of St. Marys, 13 Jan 1876 at St. Marys [this may be the ELI that went to Michigan, USA] 016240-1907 - Eli BIRTCH , 49 , widower , farmer , St.Marys , West Zorra , s/o Robert BIRTCH & Nancy VANSLYKE , married Catherine S. ROSS , 34 , Embro , same, d/o David ROSS & Alexina MacDONALD , witn: Maude PORTER & Ida LANGFORD both of Embro , 6 March 1907 at Embro 9347-1881 (Perth Co): Eli BIRTCH, 26, farmer, St. Marys, West Zorra, s/o Robert & Nancy, married Eliza WHETSTONE, 21, East Nissouri, St. Marys, d/o Josiah & Sarah, witn: John McKAY of W. Nissouri & Nellie WHETSTONE of St. Marys, 28 Dec 1881 at res of Mr. WHETSTONE, St. Marys ... Taylor Kennedy
October 12, 2005: Thanks Taylor Interesting Information. It will be so helpful. I am sharing two documents with everyone... One is Eli Birtch's Will which mentions his siblings and their children. The other is a article about John Wesley Birtch. I am not aware of him being married to Hannah Bennett. I understand his wife was Annie Gilchrest. You are the second person that has referred to a marriage between J.W. Birtch and Hannah Bennett. Thomas Birtch and Hannah Bennett had one son together Eli Birtch born in 1893. Regards Dona _____________________ Hi Dona That was interesting reading. Make a note: Off Roots website, World Connect, a subscriber Cheryl had John W. Birch married to Hannah Bennett. I personally don't have a record of such but I thought I would mention it. I reside not far from Blanchard, so if you want some cemeteries checked out, just let me know. Now below are some other marriages I had yesterday, one in particular, Addie Munro, stated in the Will of Eli. London Ontario and Brantford are sons and daughters of Loyalists. I have been checking my CD of Loyalists to tie in what you were looking for. There was one, Mary Skyring who was the daughter of a Loyalist that died at her brother-in-law's house, Col. Birtch, of the Dublin Artillery. The date was 1843 but no where near Blanchard, so I have over looked it. The next time I'm at the Archives, I want to pull up the Burtch records and check on J.W. Burtch marriage and death for interest sake only. Here are some more marriages. Take care for now Taylor Kennedy 8757-76 (Perth Co): Eli BIRTCH, 39, widower, gentleman, Woodstock, St. Marys, s/o George & Sarah, married Phoebe Morgan DASH, 36, [registration says spinster], Somerset England, St. Marys, d/o William & Mary MORGAN, witn: Hattie GOULD of Oshawa & Eli BIRTCH of St. Marys, 13 Jan 1876 at St. Marys 016240-07 - Eli BIRTCH , 49 , widower, farmer, St. Marys, West Zorra, s/o Robert BIRTCH & Nancy VANSLYKE , married Catherine S. ROSS, 34, Embro, same, d/o David ROSS & Alexina MacDONALD, witn: Maude PORTER & Ida LANGFORD both of Embro, 6 March 1907 at Embro 9347-81 (Perth Co): Eli BIRTCH, 26, farmer, St. Marys, West Zorra, s/o Robert & Nancy, married Eliza WHETSTONE, 21, East Nissouri, St. Marys, d/o Josiah & Sarah, witn: John McKAY of W. Nissouri & Nellie WHETSTONE of St. Marys, 28 Dec 1881 at res of Mr. WHETSTONE, St. Marys vol 2 pg 217 (Perth Co): John M. BEATTY, 26, commercial traveler, Toronto, Hamilton, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Mary BIRTCH, 21, St. Marys, same, d/o Robert & Nancy, witn: Robert DICKSON & Kate EATON, both of St. Marys, 14 Sept 1869 at res of bride’s father, St. Marys 008936-91 ( Oxford Co) William A. BIRTCH, 23, farmer, West Zorra, same, d/o Robert & Nancy , married Mary H. McBURNEY, 22, West Zorra , same, d/o Hugh & Mary , witn: George FENELL of Woodstock & Mary SIMPSON of Toronto, 27 May 1891 at West Zorra. 8644-80 - James MUNRO, 32, farmer, New York City, West Zorra, s/o Hugh & Isabella, married Adelaide BIRTCH, 20, Ontario, West Zorra, d/o Robert & Nancy, witn: Wm. MUNROE & E. SALMON both of Embro, 22 Jan 1879 at West Zorra Robert BURCH, of Blanshard, farmer, & Nancy VANSLYKE, of Downie, spr, 17 June 1844, witn: Scott GERMAN, farmer, & Robert WILLSON, ref # 7 Abraham BURCH & Elizabeth WILSON, 14 Jan 1844 in Blanshard, witn: Robert BURCH & Daniel CARROLL, ref # 9 Thomas BURCH & Lavinia CARROLL, 14 March 1844 in Blanshard, witn: Abraham BURCH & Elizabeth BURK, ref # 9
January 31, 2006: My name is Larry Birch and I recently began researching my father's side of the family. We have some records, but not many. My paternal great-grandfather was named George Birch. He resided in the St. Mary's, Ontario in Blanshard Township. By my calculations, he died sometime in the 1870's. We have no idea when or where he was born or where he came from before settling in Blanshard. Since stumbling across this website, I am wondering if he was the son of Robert Birch who emigrated to the St. Mary's area. He and his wife Catherine had 12 or 13 children, among whom was an Elizabeth (b. 1865, d. after 1940), who married a man named Throrton and moved to Aloha, Michigan, USA. We have evidence in the form of a letter which suggests that Elizabeth was in the Aloha area as late as 1916. Donna, I wonder if this is your great-grandmother. My grandfather George Richard Birch (1861-1916) was Elizabeth's older brother. I would be very grateful for any info which any of you may have. Larry Birch
February 6, 2006: Hi, This is Eleanor J. Burch checking in. Just happened upon this website and group of messages. Nothing much has changed in my knowledge of early ancestors. We were in touch by mail with Richard Garnet Birch in 1985. He kindly sent us a copy of his family history. His work documents the descendants of Rev. William Birch and Jane Bridge. It eliminates them as the parents of the three Birch brothers who came to Canada in 1819. Bruce Elliott concludes that these three brothers were sons of George Birch and Dorothy or Dora Whitford of Limerick St. in Roscrea. The names given to some of their grandchildren seem to confirm the relationship: Robert's eldest son George, and a daughter, Dora Ann. Thomas's eldest also George, third son Thomas Whitford Birch, and a daughter, Sarah Dorothy. It is hard to believe that two families with the same surname, living in the same community in Ireland would not be related. However, no one has been able to offer proof of a relationship. Currently, I have been adding to my list of descendants of the three brothers and would be happy to add your lineage to my database. I would also love to hear from a descendant of one of their sisters. ... Eleanor (Note: Eleanor is researching other surnames in the Bearbrook area).
March 20, 2007: Hi, I note a reference to a Birch who was an officer with the Dublin Artillery & a reference to a Mary Skyring who died while visiting. This is the information that I have which I am sure relates to your entry. Lt.Col.R.H.Birch,Royal Artillery;b,2.2.1775 Dublin,Ireland;d,29.6.1857 Dublin,Ireland. Mrd:1st May 1817 by Garrison Chaplin,Gibralta - Protestant Church. (probably Kings Chappel) Georgiana Skyring; 2nd daughter of Maj.George Skyring & Mary Claringbould; b,about 1800. There was no issue. Mary Skyring; b,Feb 25th 1798, St Marys Alphage. Canterbury,Kent,England; died Dec 12th 1843 at the house of her brother in law, Col.Birch, RA, Dublin, eldest daughter of the late Col. George Skyring RA. Col.Birch became a General (Major General I think ) Mary Skyring was one of about 10 children. One brother was Capt. William George Henry Skyring who, for a short while in 1827 was in command of HMS Beagle (Charles Darwins ship of discovery). Another brother was Major General Charles Francis Skyring Royal Engineers, He was the head of all Royal Engineers in Scotland about 1865. Somewhere I have General Birchs Royal Artillery record. Hope this is of use to you. Mary was not the daughter of a "loyalist" as such. Her father died in Gibraltar in December 1822. Regards, John Leslie.
March 22, 2007: This may be of interest. Marriages performed by Rev. Ephriam Smith, Communion Baptist Church. RETURN# 175. 1834,March 15th William H.Landen, Burford, to Belinda Burch, Oxford, by Licence.Witness: George W.Clarke; Ann Skyring. I think you will find it by Googling: LONDON DISTRICT-PART4. I think this Ann Skyring had recently arrived with John French Skyring, 43; brother John French Skyring 13, & sister Jane French Skyring ,17---to New York 29th Oct 1833 on the Brig, William Osborne. I think they moved to Canada soon after arriving. Jane French Skyring married Frederick Chase Capreol who was a passenger on the same ship. He was an important man in the Railroad business. Jane was born at St. Leonards, Shoreditch, London 10th Feb 1817 to John French Skyring & Anne ?. I have not been able to find the other births but they were in England. Anne must have died before 1833. John (senior) may gave married Amanda ??? as they are shown living in Thorold, Welland County in the 1851 Canada census. She is 81 in the 1871 census.If you come across anything on this family I'd much appreciate it. I have not basically been doing any research in Canada so not too sure where to look for things. Regards, John Leslie.
December 14, 2007: Hello Everyone, I am belatedly catching up with your discussion on Thomas Birch who emigrated to Canada 1819. My branch of the Birch family is descended from William Samuel Birch, son of George of Monaincha, Roscrea. Most of the family history in my possession was researched & compiled by Dick & Muriel Birch of Vancouver – doubtless the same source for John’s “Birch Geneological Record” – so I have very little of the Birches descended from Thomas. I would much appreciate any information people could give me on these Canadian Birches. If anyone is interested, I have obtained a copy of the will of Sarah Sayce (1770-1851, sister-in-law of Thomas above) which I am happy to pass on, as well as other family history, of course. Regards, ... Chris Birch _______________________________ Hello Al, Yes, please add my name to your web page. I’m afraid that for Thomas Birch and his relatives I am more a taker than giver of information, though maybe I can be of help for those trying to push back to their Irish roots & cousins in England. Also – this maybe outside your scope in terms of date – I am interested in information on another relative, John Langton 1808-1894, who was Auditor General and living in Ottawa for the years 1865-1878. There is a great deal written about him & his sister Anne, but mostly concerning his early days in Canada (see for example My interest is in learning more about John – his correspondence & activities while in Ottawa, as well as contemporary events that directly affected him. Regards, Chris Birch __________________________________ Chris, Thomas Birch of Roscrea, Tipperary, who emigrated to Canada in 1819 is the son of George Birch and Dorothy (or Dora) Whitford of Limerick Street, Roscrea. He is not a descendant of Rev. William Birch of Birchgrove. The two families may be related but nothing has turned up yet. Dick and Muriel Birch’s family is descended from Rev. William Birch of Birchgrove. I can’t add to the information Dick provides about that family. Information on the descendants of Thomas Birch of Roscrea and his brothers, Robert and George, is very extensive! Where do you want to start?? ... Eleanor Burch
May 3, 2008: Although I have not kept up the genealogical Birch/Birtch/Burch family tree as Eleanor has, I was very extensively involved in the initial background searches and discussions with Bruce Elliott, church registries, births/deaths/land grants etc. I do recall at one time reading in a notarized document by Thomas Birch that his two brothers had changed the spelling of their names because of confusion with postal and other deliveries. Eleanor – I would love to get a copy of your recent research. Eleanor and I met at family reunion in Carberry Manitoba and I was fortunate to meet many other decendents at a reunion held in Bearbrook prior to that. At both reunions, there were decendents of all three brothers in attendance. Really neat! ... Lorrie
New July 26, 2008:
Family Reunion, to be held on August 16, 2008:
Hello all, A family reunion for relatives and descendants of Timothy Cutts and Jane Birtch, formerly of Ellwood in Gloucester Township (now part of Ottawa) and Charles David Clark and Eliza Ann Fisher, formerly of Ottawa East is being held in the Ottawa area on Saturday, August 16th, 2008. For further information, please e-mail ... Glenn Clark

E-mail Dona Crawford, Steve Street, Stephanie Elwell, Glenn Clark, Johni, Ron Wilson, Taylor Kennedy, Larry Birch, Eleanor Burch, John Leslie, Chris Birch, Lorrie Birch and Al Lewis

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