Bradish BILLINGS and Lamira DOW
First settlers (1813) in Gloucester Township, Ottawa, Canada
Billings Bridge

Painting by Ruth McMillan in 1976
Shows the Head of the Rideau Canal Locks in Ottawa, Canada in 1893

March 1, 2008:

Bradish Billings was the first settler in Gloucester Township. His house and property were
on the south-east corner of todays Bank Street and Riverside Drive (Billings Bridge).

October 31, 2002:
Also from Joan McEvoy Rooney:
Hi Al,

I have been working for the friends of the Billings Estate the last 3 years,
so I have the entire Billings family tree and a lot of info about his
neighbours - in fact we are in the process of trying to publish a booklet on
Billings area.- a slow painful process.  Let me know what info you need.

Source: Posted to on October 30, 2002

March 3, 2003:
Here is a great web site regarding Bradish Billings and Lamira Dow.

also posted on March 3, 2003:
Am looking for info on above Billings relatives,
If any info available from history ,yourself or the Billings Heritage Home I 
would greatly appreciate it.
I live in Northern Ontario,and have no idea who to contact.
Thank you,

Visit the web site of the Billings Museum.


and thanks to Mary Cox for the following interesting document!

Hi Al, 

I was going through yet another family file and I found the attached.   

In case you are not able to read it the most important fact as far as I am concerned is:

“The first recorded burial here was that of Mrs. Berry, mother-in-law of Isaac Firth 
of Bytown, 1820.  The last name was that of John Roger Billings in 1961.  A Billings 
child, Cynthia, died in 1818; she was probably buried down by the river’s edge at the 
original family settlement site.  There are thought to be about 20 family graves, and
many more marked and unmarked, in the section devoted to Billings Bridge families.  
The graveyard was vandalized in the late 1960s.  Final decisions have yet to be made as 
to its future appearance.

Al, I remember reading in one of my books that Andrew Berry had a sister and that 
Isaac Firth had married her.  I don’t really know if that is true.   

... Mary
(other names for search engine: Berry, Charles Murray, Maria Murray, Amelia Traveller)

Billings Cemetery

April 9, 2008:
Map of Billings Bridge, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 1879 Source: McGill University Digital Maps Billings Bridge in 1879
The Prescott Road on the map is now Bank Street. Long Island Road is today called Riverside Drive.
January 16, 2009: Joan McEvoy Rooney has written an interesting paper called The Settlement of Billings Bridge and Junction Gore.
August 17, 2009: New e-mail address for Mary Cox:
August 31, 2010:
Text Source below: Ottawa, The City of Big Ears, page 51 Bradish Billings Canoes over the Hogs Back Falls Keywords: Lamira Dow (from Merrickville), Philomen Wright, Hog's Back and Dow's Lake, Voyageurs

May 3, 2011: Early Commuting from Ottawa South to Downtown Ottawa Before the arrival of Street Cars, the early civil servants commuted by Stage Coach between Billings Bridge and the Post Office Department. At the time, Post Office was the largest Department of the Federal Government. Ottawa was a "Civil Service town" beginning with Canadian Confederation in 1867. I worked for 30 years in the federal Department of Finance. If you visit their web site, keep your hands on your wallet. (Just kidding!) ... Al
Source of Ticket Image, below, is Gloucester Roots, page 79 Stagecoach Ticket between Billings Bridge and the Post Office in Ottawa, Canada
Name for Search Engine: W. Whiten
July 18, 2014:
Bradish Billings House Bradish Billings Plaque

October 12, 2014: Taylor Kennedy has sent along an interesting document containing a lot of old photographs of the Billings family members. These are high-quality photographs taken by the Ottawa professional photographer William Topley. By going to Taylor's MS-Word document, you will be able to enlarge the photographs by hovering your cursor over a corner of any picture and then drag the cursor to enlarge.
April 22, 2016: There is a lot of information regarding the Billings family at the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society web site.
New July 29, 2019: Text Block and photograph below are from National Capital Region Heritage: School House built by Bradish Billings c. 1835, Keywords: 2087 Riverside Drive, Ottawa
School House Built by Bradish Billings 2087 Riverside Drive, Ottawa, Text

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